The Gambling Investigation Scrutinizing Xi Jinping’s High

The Life: Hong Kong betting syndicates

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[Sports] - Unsuccessful betting syndicate gets Aussie ‘bucks’ to Hong Kong for Sevens ... six years later

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[Sports] - Unsuccessful betting syndicate gets Aussie ‘bucks’ to Hong Kong for Sevens ... six years later | South China Morning Post

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How do the big syndicates bet into tote pools?

I'm more so referring to Australian or Hong Kong horse racing where the race doesn't always start on time and horses can be withdrawn from the barriers etc. Isn't it impossible to get your bets on at the right time and right price? Also what happens when all the big syndicates pile into a horse in the last seconds and it ends up well below what is considered 'value'?
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Friday assorted links

  1. Balaji on heterogeneities and data integration.
  2. Citizen’s handbook for nuclear attack and natural disasters. Do we need a new version of this?
  3. The Amazon: “We show that, starting at around 10,850 cal. yr BP, inhabitants of this region began to create a landscape that ultimately comprised approximately 4,700 artificial forest islands within a treeless, seasonally flooded savannah.”
  4. How much distance do you need when exercising? And against crowded spaces.
  5. Dan Wang letter from Beijing in New York magazine.
  6. Trump pushing to reopen by May 1.
  7. Lots of new testing results from Germany, consider these as hypotheses but still a form of evidence.
  8. Good and subtle piece on Tiger King (NYT). And betting markets in everything.
  9. The Vietnamese response seems pretty good so far.
  10. Joe Stiglitz discusses his love of fiction (NYT)
  11. Sourdough status-seeking.
  12. Ronald Inglehart on the shift to tribalism.
  13. Explaining the Fed lending programs.
  14. MIT Press preprint of new Joshua Gans book on Covid-19, open for public comment.
  15. What will the restart process be like?

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[EVENT] Allah's Cocaine

Status Quo

Illegal? Obviously. Ethical? Doubt it. Profitable? Bet your butt it is. Ever since the nationalization of European assets in the cocaine business, the processing and distribution of cocaine leaves and the actual product has been a headache for the Republican government.
Now, with elections finally having taken place, the new cabinet, once again being led by Sukarno as Prime Minister, stands at a crossroads: go down the path of a destructive but firm 'guided democracy' or the path of a progressive but slow 'liberal democracy'. In the end, the latter has prevailed, with the Islamist factions having been largely left to bite the dust, though they still remain a key player in Indonesian politics.

A New Status Quo?

Problems have not vanished overnight though. One of the major problems are the cocaine plantations being run by state-owned companies. Islamist politicians and even some members of the PNI, the current ruling party, have expressed their disgust in the fact that the government is working together with Triads in Jakarta. In order to curb criticism from the opposition, Prime Minister Sukarno has ordered the plantations to be nationalized once again. Seeing if would be a waste of good infrastructure, the plantations will remain open so rubber, bananas, spices and the like can be cultivated within them more efficiently than in the rural areas of Sumatra and Java.
This decision is received with mild praise from the Islamist factions within the government, seeing it was a morally questionable choice to be working with crime syndicates to begin with. In the end, however, this decision will only legitimize the Republican government in the long run.
The national police will hand over evidence towards Chinese, Portuguese and British authorities which can be used against Triads operating in Southern China, Macau and Hong Kong. Meanwhile, military police personnel will take matters into its own hands and get rid of Triads located within Jakarta which are linked to the distribution of cocaine.
It is unknown as to why Sukarno has taken such a twist on the whole affair. Local media in Jakarta, however, report that Major General Bambang, commander-in-chief of the military forces on Sulawesi, was subsequently hospitalized after an overdose of cocaine, though this remains to be a mere rumour.
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[EVENT] Portus Ostium

Macau since 1949:

Since the end of the Chinese Civil War, Macau has grown tremendously in regional significance, shifting from a valuable entrepôt to one of the largest hubs in the Far East. The vast majority of refugees who fled to the territory have been allowed to stay, with 150,000 having already secured territorial residency (the closest thing to citizenship for non-ethnic Portuguese in the overseas territories at present), bringing the total resident population up to 350,000 (the remaining 150,000 have ten-year work permits). Of the 300,000 residents who have arrived since 1939, approximately 100,000 have settled on the Macau Peninsula, 50,000 on Colaone Island, and 150,000 on the previously under-populated Taipa Island (see map as attached). This has left much of the territory covered in slums, although a central government-supported programme to provide interest-free mortgages to refugees and new residents has led to the establishment of medium-quality, high-density housing across much of Taipa Island and the Peninsula. Small scale industry and locally-owned businesses have also taken off across the territory, as migrants attempt to start a new life in the bustling city.
The Macau of 1957, therefore, finds itself with an affluent centre of business on the Peninsula, flanked by emerging neighbourhoods and slums in the south and east, a highly-populated emerging cityscape on Taipa Island, with a central nucleus of emerging neighbourhoods (predominately featuring high-density, apartment-style housing) surrounded on all sides by slums and small scale factories, and a still under-populated Coloane Island, which presently boasts some slums, farms, factories and traditional villages.
The vast majority of small scale industry in Macau consists of textiles manufacturing in factories set up by the migrants. That said, larger-scale industry has also emerged, including a major bicycle factory near the border with China and a rifle manufactory on the southern tip of the Peninsula. This is emblematic of the territory’s economic ascendance, as is the arrival of new waves of ethnic Portuguese, who have brought the European population of the territory up to 13,000 since 1949.

Commercial opportunities:

The signing of the Sino-Portuguese Free Trade Agreement (SPFTA) in 1956 has dramatically improved the economic prospects of Macau. Indeed, the near-complete removal of Chinese import tariffs on Portuguese luxury goods has resulted in the establishment of a number of luxury goods production facilities on the Peninsula, as well as the proliferation of dozens of prestigious vendors in the affluent portions of the isthmus. In addition to the basic textile manufactories set up by the migrants, a number of fashion outlets have also been established for upper-class visitors, and for deliveries to customers in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and Southeast Asia. Jewellers, shoemakers, watchmakers, tailors, cordwainers and bag markers have all set themselves up in the territory, where they create their products, sell them to visitors and also export them abroad. Distilleries have also become popular, with the territory developing a positive reputation for its fine, locally-distilled whiskey, rum, gin and baijiu. An emerging brand of dark rum, known as ”Ventos Orientais”, has grown particularly popular. The rum is recognised for its distinctive flavour, being the only major rum brand to use Timorese sugar. Tobacco companies have also established high-end stores on the Peninsula, where they sell a number of recognisable international cigarette and cigar brands.
Otherwise, with the significant reduction of Chinese tariffs on precision-made products, a number of manufactories have popped up on Coloane Island, producing measuring equipment, precision medical supplies and levelling tools.
The Banco de Macau, meanwhile, has left a permanent mark on the territory by becoming the first enterprise to construct a ‘skyscraper’ (as they’re being called) in Macau, building its new corporate headquarters on the western side of the Peninsula. It has been joined by the Macau-Beijing Investment Bank and the Banco Afro-Eurásia, which have also begun construction on smaller, albeit impressive skyscrapers. Regrettably for the Banco Português do Continente e Ilhas and Montepio Geral Bank, who do not have enough capital for a skyscraper, three-storey office buildings have had to suffice.
In many cases, these banks have been instrumental in financing the recent expansion of the Macanese economy. The Banco de Macau and the Banco Afro-Eurásia, however, have sought to increase their regional presence even further by expanding into Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia. The Banco de Macau, in particular, is expected to make major investments in Japan, Thailand and Indonesia in the coming years.

Tourism and entertainment opportunities:

The recent introduction of Western gambling to Macau, along with the Banco de Macau’s heavy investment in new casinos, has led to a proliferation of the gambling industry across the territory. Dozens of small to medium, high-end, Western casinos now dot the Peninsula, while a number of traditional casinos have emerged on Taipa Island. Along with the emergence of a luxury shopping culture, the new casinos have proven extremely popular with affluent visitors from China, Hong Kong, Japan, the West and Southeast Asia. Many new hotels are being founded on the Peninsula to meet this demand, as well as a new, game-changing casino known as Casino Lisboa, which shall open its doors in 1960. Quite expectedly, the proliferation of gambling across the territory has only poured fuel on the metaphorical fire that is the gambling syndicate rivalry. New syndicates are now competing for an increased market share as outside factions interfere with the rivalry (see: the banks and Triads) and older syndicates desperately battle to preserve their local hegemony. Already, this rivalry has been given a morbid monicker, becoming known as the ”Bloody Game (残忍赛)”. This name is quite deserved, given that syndicates of all sizes have gained a reputation for sabotage, death threats, murder and murky alliances with the Triads as their deadly rivalry spirals out of control.
Beyond the casinos, new bars, restaurants and nightclubs have been established across the territory, catering almost exclusively to high-end visitors and the Macanese elite. The combination of modern, dimly-lit bars, domestically-made liquor, prestigious fashion brands, international visitors and high-stakes games of poker have given Macau a distinct flavour, with the city increasingly being known as the ”City of Jazz (爵士城)”. Regular ferry trips between Hong Kong and Macau, coupled with daily/weekly flights to Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, Manila, Shanghai and Bangkok are only improving this reputation.

Future infrastructure:

The huge population increase on the Taipa and Coloane islands have put immense strain on the intra-Macau ferry service. Hoping to alleviate this strain, the Macanese territorial government has announced a new project to connect Taipa Island to the Peninsula with a new bridge. Inspired by the Ponte de Liberdade in Lisbon, and designed by the same engineers, the bridge is expected to be completed by 1965 (marked in red on the map). The bridge is to be named in honour of the territory’s outgoing Governor, Joaquim Marques Esparteiro, being called the Ponte da Esparteiro.
Otherwise, recognising the strain which Macau’s rapidly-increasing population has had on the geography of the territory, a major land reclamation project is to be undertaken on both the Peninsula and Taipa Island. Zoning will take place ahead of time for the planned land, allowing preemptive property sales to help fund the project. Dutch engineers will be brought on for the project as a result of their vast land reclamation experience. Additionally, the Portuguese Navy is to assist with the project by providing auxiliary vessels where relevant. The new Peninsula-Taipa bridge will only extend across the stretch of water between the reclaimed land, with the connecting road that passes over the reclaimed land simply being raised several metres above the ground. (Land reclamation areas are marked in blue on the map, along with their planned year of completion).
Finally, in order to prevent a potential bottleneck of manufactured goods produced on Taipa Island from blocking Macau harbour and the Ponte da Esparteiro, a new industrial dock is to be constructed on the island, to be completed by 1964 (marked in orange on the map).

Vice and crime:

As previously noted, the expansion of the gambling industry has also spawned an intense rivalry between the syndicates. Indeed, the increased prevalence of vice across Macau has created an opportunity for the Triads, who already enjoyed a strong Macanese presence before the territory’s expansion, particularly on Taipa Island, the Peninsula casinos and in the slums/emerging neighbourhoods in the north. As the "Four Major Gangs (四大黑幫)” of Shui Fong, Wo Shing Yee, 14K and the Big Circle Gang have grown in importance, they have gained large footholds in the new neighbourhoods, where they run extortion rackets and loan shark operations, targetting small businesses, nightclubs and traditional gambling dens. Human trafficking has also emerged as a dangerous front, as the Triads seek to smuggle in illegal workers and, in the case of the nightclub sector, “waitresses”. Finally, the counterfeiting of patacas (Macau’s currency) has increased prolifically, as the Triads seek to use fake currency to make large bets in the casinos.
Though Indonesia’s provision of detailed intelligence on Triad drug smuggling operations in Macau has resulted in a massive crackdown on that particular area of organised crime activity, the Triads appear to be gaining ground on almost every other front, creating a complex interplay between Macanese businesses, rival gambling syndicates, law enforcement, local politicians and the Four Major Gangs. Hoping to assist the struggling territorial police in eradicating bribery, human trafficking, extortion, loan sharking, murder and counterfeiting, the SIS (basically the Portuguese FBI/secret police) and the Customs and Finance Intelligence Service (CFIS) have created a joint task force known as Operation Varrer Profundo (Deep Sweep). This operation will see the two agencies create large, permanent offices across the territory, cracking down on the Triads and illegal gambling syndicate activity by sending in hundreds of agents. Thus begins what many expect to be a years-long cat and mouse game between Portuguese authorities, the Triads, the gambling syndicates, corrupt politicians and the business sector
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Accurate soccer betting tips from Goalshandicapper

GoalsHandicapper is a company committed to offer exclusive yet lucrative soccer betting tips. We provide 2 various types of betting guidelines, Asian Handicap betting pointer and Correct Score wagering strategy. Both the pointer is based on Match Fixing games. GoalsHandicapper is the only source that get in touch with all major Match Fixing syndicate throughout the globe, from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Germany as well as UK. Because of such high demand for the unique news and also the high rolling quantity, there were countless resources trying to get the syndicate first-hand news on Match Fixing games. Nevertheless, we are the just one that able to obtain the news as well as connected with the resources all over the world because of our steady economic as well as assistance from one of the most significant risk punters pool.

For every single wagering guideline, the game entails numerous money. In order to make the tip exclusive, we required to establish a specific number of participants for each pointer. Asian Handicap guideline able to be at greater bet restrictions because of the choice is easier, either A or B so although we launch the pointer and significant amount of bets on it no person will feel questionable. Nevertheless, the Correct Score is very delicate if we deliver the guideline as well as the wager amount on the precise score is too large then the source of the Game Fixing will deal with a dangerous scenario. Therefore, we set the deal for our Correct Score to a particularly high rate and will have a limitation on the individual that able to buy that. Also, we will certainly not entertain if anybody requesting for a test tip or cost-free pointer.

We recommend that if you are serious about football betting, please do not take it as betting, take it as an investment. Handle your betting bankroll, the cash left for investment after deduction of your month-to-month costs. Deduct the expense to purchase a reputable betting suggestion, then set the balance to a minimum of 5 components. Place 1 part for each bet and let your wagering money rise, do not rush things by positioning a wager outside of our tips. Do not go for the right score if your betting bankroll is too tiny, place extra bets on our Asian Handicap tips till your money development to a specific amount.
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Kumite in Shadowrun or Bloodsport: a love letter

I am a martial arts junkie. I love everything but I grew up on trashy American 80’s junk and it will forever have a terrible place in my heart.
Among these amazing shitshows, the movie Bloosport has a special place among these remarkable pieces of film.
The film centers around an underground fighting tournament called the “kumite”. That part of the fiction has always stuck in my mind - I can’t shake the idea of a secretive underground and illegal fighting club made up of the world’s best fighters.
There are no rules. There are no weight classes. To be invited is an honor, to die is expected. Heavily augmented fighters square off against physads to prove whose cuisine reigns supreme.
I would like to scratch this particular itch by sharing it with you all doing a collaborative thing. I want to create a broad outline and fill it in with whatever. Sponsors, locations, fighters, other various NPCs of interest, the organized crime element - everything that has anything to do with this idea is open and accepted.
So, let me sketch this out in brief terms by restating the above to give us a framework. Assume this comes from a Contact in the know, passing it along as a small favor for making sure to snag him some mezcal when you got stupid enough to think fighting on the side of “good” in a jungle war was a fun way to make a living.
I heard there’s this underground fighting ring, invitation only, happens once a year.
They somehow scope out and invite the fighters they believe to the “the best”. No one’s sure how they get the info or make the determination . Scuttlebutt is magic but scuttlebutt’s always “magic” when none really knows what the fuck I going on.
Anyway, the invitations all supposedly arrive the same way - delivered by hand and it’s an actual swear-to-god parchment scroll in kanji. Good buddy says it’s all Spirits because the couriers all look the same - older Asian men - and all vanish the moment the recipient of the letter looks away from them.
Anyway, they hold this thing once a year. Usually Hong Kong. It’s complexity illegal so the whole thing is kept under very tight wraps. Needless to say, tickets to be a spectator are really expensive. There’s also quite a lot of money that changes hands in bets over the fighters.
Bets mean syndicates and in this case we are talking the Traids and the Yakuza and both of them use this event to settle old scores. Most of the time that just ends up making new scores for next year.
There’s a whole Shadow society attached to this thing, of course. Ticket holders tend to be the mega-wealthy and as the kumite is a week-long event, there’s a lot of odd jobs to be done. Some people need tour guides, some need bodyguards and some need joytoys. There’s also all those riches noses that need a few lines of nova coke to keep them so loftily raised into the air.
Lot of business this year as they getting ready. I heard there’s a local boy done good this year, a Troll named Jamal Jones. He was a nobody, had just had his first semi-legit fight and next day, boom, he has a scroll to the big game. Lots of people though that with the Japanese in charge they’d never bring in a mega but there’s been a few. Needles to say, Jamal’s gonna need some major league help to be able to survive going from the Barrens to Hong Kong and back in one piece.
So, that’s what I’ve heard, what about you? Think we can find an “in” on this deal?
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The Last of Boston Comedy Shows For September (X-Posts from /r/BostonComedy)

Rick Canavan hosts at The Comedy Studio in Cambridge Friday, 09/26/14
Featuring: Caitlin Bailey Peter Bowers Shawn Carter Adam Langlois Emily Ruskowski Christa Weiss and your monthly Comic in Residence Ryan Staples
The Comedy Studio is located at 1238 Massachusetts Avenue, on the third floor of the Hong Kong restaurant. All shows start at 8pm, doors open at 7:30pm.
8pm, Tickets are $12 & can be purchased by clicking here
For more info call 617-661-6507
Sherrod Small at Laugh Boston Sept. 26th - 27th
Sherrod Small, one of the top stand-up comics coming out of New York City today, appears at clubs and colleges across the nation. With his witty commentary on politics, culture, and city life, Small has been quoted in The New York Times and on Fox News. He has appeared on numerous popular shows on VH-1, including “Best Week Ever,” and is currently seen on G4’s “The International Sexy Ladies Show,” TBS' "Are We There Yet?,” and VH-1's "Undateable."
Featuring: Chris Pennie
Laugh Boston is located at 425 Summer Street Boston, MA 02210 Fri: 8pm $25/$35 Sat: 8pm, 10:15pm $25/$35 To purchase tickets click here For more info click here or call 617-72LAUGH (617-725-2844)
Paul Hooper at Nick’s Comedy Stop Sept. 26th - 27th
An only child with OCD, Paul Hooper channels his dysfunction into a cathartic harangue. He has an undeniable likability that he plays to the hilt through his bullet proof rants. This native of Charlotte, North Carolina, now residing in New York City, has been featured at the HBO Comedy Festival in Vegas, the Boston Comedy Festival, Michael Moore and Jeff Garlin’s Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival, the Vancouver Comedy Fest and was a finalist in the 30th Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition. A seasoned headliner, Paul has performed in forty one states and ten countries, including two armed forces tours. His debut solo album, “Tense and Uncomfortable” was released in October of 2013 with Stand Up! Records, and is available on i-Tunes.
Nick’s Comedy Stop is located at 100 Warrenton Street Boston, MA 02116 Fri: 8pm $20 Sat: 8pm $20 To purchase tickets click here For more info click here or call 617-830-2551
Stephan Donovan at Dick Doherty’s Comedy Den Sept. 26th - 27th
Stephen Donovan doesn't know what to do. He's been doing morning radio since 2003 the #1-rated "Jen & Steve Show" on 104.5 WXLO. He's hosted television shows, earning three Emmy nominations for his hosting of "The Batter's Box" (NESN) and "Community Auditions" (syndicated). He has acted on stage ("Shear Madness") and has appeared in several local TV commercials. But he just can't seem to keep away from the standup comedy stage, be it here in New England or around the country. Apparently, he'll just do everything.
featuring: Taylor Connelly
Dick Doherty’s Comedy Den is located at 184 High St. Boston, MA 02110 (Below Howl at the Moon) Friday: 8pm, $20 Saturday: 7:30pm, $20 For more info and to purchase tickets click here
Comedy Night at The Shanty Rose in Plymouth Friday, 09/26/14
featuring: Scotty Lombardo Jenny Chalikian Adam Abelson and more Hosted by Nonye Brown-West Flyer
The Shanty Rose is located at 16 Town Wharf, Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360 8:30pm For more info click here
Karaoke or Die at Laugh Boston Friday, 09/26/14
Will you fly or will you die? Karaoke or Die takes Karaoke to a whole new level. Singers compete in front of the audience and a panel of comedians for a cash prize. The bigger the audience, the bigger the prize. Part American Idol, part Gong Show, Karaoke or Die combines some of Boston’s best (and worst) singers with local comedians for a hilarious and entertaining variety show vibe. Interested in performing?
Click here to sign up for any of our upcoming shows and for your chance to win a cash prize!
Judges: Norm Laviolette Jeremy Brothers Hosted by Trevor Livingston
Laugh Boston is located at 425 Summer Street Boston, MA 02210 For more info click here or call 617-72LAUGH (617-725-2844)
Rick Jenkins host at The Comedy Studio in Cambridge Saturday, 09/27/14
Featuring: Caitlytn Bailey Peter Bowers Bill Campbell Shawn Carter Nikki Luparelli Dan Martin Mike Mulloy and your monthly Comic in Residence Ryan Staples
The Comedy Studio is located at 1238 Massachusetts Avenue, on the third floor of the Hong Kong restaurant. All shows start at 8pm, doors open at 7:30pm.
8pm, Tickets are $12 & can be purchased by clicking here
For more info call 617-661-6507
The Mendoza Line: A Comedy Show at The Dugout Cafe Saturday, 09/27/14
Every Saturday Night LIVE at The Dugout Cafe at 9 pm, Boston's best comics and guest from around the country bring their a-game to the stage. Different lineups every week! FREE POPCORN!
featuring: Maylin Pavletic Ryan Staples Andrew Durso Sam J (Funny or Die's Road to Oddball) Mike Whitman (Boston Comedy Festival) Jono Zalay (Comedy Central's UpNext, Bridgetown Comedy Festival) **
722 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215 (right between the BU Central and BU East stops on the green line) 9PM, 21+, $5 for more info click here TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW
How It’s Done: a Standup Show at ImprovBoston Saturday, 09/27/14
featuring: Lamont Price Ryan Donahue Hosted by Al Park Flyer
ImprovBoston is located at 40 Prospect Street Cambridge, MA 02139 11pm, $10 To purchase tickets click here For more info click here or call 617-516-1253
Thought Bomb at Electric Haze Saturday, 09/27/14
Thought Bomb with Matthew Flynn is a monthly show where eccentric writers, stand-up comics, illustrators, etc. get the chance to perform a story & then do a karaoke song w/the aid of a band. Guest speakers are the first half of the show and the backing band for that night closes out the night w/a full set of their own songs.
featuring: Christine An Emily Ruskowski Nonye West-Brown Rachel Fogletto Matthew Flynn
Music from: Elephants Cuban Rebel Girls
Electric Haze is located at 26 Millbury St, Worcester, Massachusetts 01610 9pm For more info click here
Sunday Funnies hosted by Shaun Bedgood at The Comedy Studio in Cambridge Sunday, 09/28/14
Featuring: Louie Berceli Nate Johnson Cam McNeil Mike Mulloy Kenny Nardozza Jesse Nicholas Will Noonan Terrence Pennington Andrew Mayer and your monthly Comic in Residence Ryan Staples
The Comedy Studio is located at 1238 Massachusetts Avenue, on the third floor of the Hong Kong restaurant. All shows start at 8pm, doors open at 7:30pm.
8pm, Tickets are $10 & can be purchased by clicking here
For more info call 617-661-6507
Chocolate Sundays at Laugh Boston Sunday, 09/28/14
In case you have not already heard, Chocolate Sundays is a comedy show that brings some of the best comedians from around the country right here to the Boston area. We bring comedians that you may have seen on TV shows like BET Comic View, HBO Comedy Jam, Comedy Central, and Martin Lawrence’s 1st Amendment. Chocolate Sundays, one of the Best Damn Comedy Shows in Boston, happens the last Sunday of every month at Laugh Boston. We would be honored to host your birthday parties, bridal showers, girls night out, bachelor parties, family reunions or other group functions.
featuring: Tony Woods (Comedy Central Presents Tony Woods, Comedy Central USO Tour, and Last Comic Standing)
Laugh Boston is located at 425 Summer Street Boston, MA 02210 8pm, $20/$30 To purchase tickets click here For more info click here or call 617-72LAUGH (617-725-2844)
Johnny D's Comedy Presents: Storyteller Cafe Monday, 09/29/14
Get ready for the exciting and popular Storyteller Cafe, showcasing the best of Boston comedy with a personal spin. True stories, real funny. Come see a terrific roster of funny people telling you awesome stories.
Johnny D’s is located at 17 Holland Street Somerville, MA 02144 7pm, $4 For more info to come
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HongKong Syndicate - Too Much (1985) Ep: 26 - Pinnacle's Director of Trading Cops cripple drugs and online gambling syndicates Betting Book Review: A Man For All Markets - Overview Ep: 127 - Pinnacle's Director of Trading

The billionaires of Hong Kong live in mansions in secluded neighborhoods, bet big money on horse races, and dine at the city's 82 Michelin restaurants. Alan Woods. Alan Woods, was universally recognised as among the top three punters in the world. Woods, born and raised in New South Wales Australia was the pioneer of computer betting syndicates in Hong Kong and a key man in the development of computer analysis for betting. The Hong Kong Jockey Club now offers individual gamblers tools to help them mimic the betting patterns of the syndicates. Photographer: Xyza Bacani for Bloomberg Businessweek Benter has few regrets. Word spread about this new computer-based betting model, and syndicates backed mathematicians to refine the models further and make them perform even better. So many syndicates started to bet on the races at the HKJC that the market became “efficient” – in other words, the money bet reflected the true probabilities, and so there was no Betting In Hong Kong, totalisator (tote) betting opens the day before a race meeting at 12noon HKT. The majority of the dollars wagered is in the last 5 minutes. The pools are commingled with various international organisations and the combination of late betting from the public, major syndicates and illegal

[index] [14856] [4989] [651] [4720] [70] [4529] [3239] [5857] [4508] [12091]

HongKong Syndicate - Too Much (1985)

Betting Book Review: ... Stats PHD working with betting syndicates - Duration: 47:18. Business of Betting Podcast 164 views. ... Hong Kong 2 Win - Duration: 48:19. Penang police have crippled a syndicate distributing heroin and ecstasy pills with the seizure of drugs with a street value of RM718,700, as well as an online gambling ring. The drugs were seized ... Hong Kong Syndicat feat. Frankie - Too Much (HP Hoeger/M Lackmayer Mix) - s0171 - Duration: 4:09. Music For Dreams 20,430 views 50+ videos Play all Mix - Hong Kong Syndikat - Concrete and Clay YouTube Hong Kong Syndikat - Concrete and clay (radio edit) - 1986 - Duration: 3:14. TheManeliss 23,549 views Betfair operates a betting exchange and is licensed in the Northern Territory, Australia. ... Stats PHD working with betting syndicates - Duration: ... Hong Kong 2 Win - Duration: ...