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FOMoves Daily - MiLB - 07/23/18

International League AAA (total moves: 12)
Mexican League AAA (total moves: 4)
Pacific Coast League AAA (total moves: 17)
Eastern League AA (total moves: 13)
Southern League AA (total moves: 10)
Texas League AA (total moves: 13)
Midwest League A (Full) (total moves: 7)
South Atlantic League A (Full) (total moves: 12)
California League A (Adv) (total moves: 7)
Carolina League A (Adv) (total moves: 7)
Florida State League A (Adv) (total moves: 17)
New York-Penn League A (Short) (total moves: 8)
Northwest League A (Short) (total moves: 3)
Appalachian League Rookie (total moves: 7)
Arizona League Rookie (total moves: 11)
Dominican Summer League Rookie (total moves: 12)
Gulf Coast League Rookie (total moves: 6)
Pioneer League Rookie (total moves: 2)
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The Gamaliel Foundation: Alinsky-Inspired Group Uses Stealth Tactics to Manipulate Church Congregations . By David Hogberg (Foundation Watch, July 2010 PDF here). Summary: The radical left-wing Gamaliel Foundation worms its way into church congregations and uses the “in-your-face” tactics espoused by community organizing guru Saul Alinsky to incite church members to agitate for socialism. She currently serves as the president of Gamaliel's St. Louis Affiliate Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU) and is a member of the Cabinet of Interfaith Partnership of St. Louis. Deborah Krause Father Richard Creason was born and raised in the St. Louis, Missouri area and is pastor at Most Holy Trinity Parish in St. Louis, Missouri. Most Holy Trinity is a small, but mighty congregation with about 175 parishioners and is a part of Gamaliel Affiliate, Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU). How did your work with Gamaliel… As an affiliate of the Gamaliel Network, we have joined our partners around the country to work towards four structural shifts. 1. Build people’s control of government 2. Build community control of the economy 3. Expand the public sphere (for example, public transportation) 4. Create structural racial equity Criminal Justice: In St. Louis, Missouri, Gamaliel affiliate Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU) helped lead a movement focused on racial equity in the region’s schools, policing and juvenile court systems. At a 2016 community assembly, 27 metro-area school districts committed to stopping out-of-school suspensions in kindergarten through

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