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A final response to the "Tell me why Trump is a terrible businessman"

Trump shows he doesn’t know how the economy works by thinking he can fix the debt by just printing more money.

Trump wants to go back to the Gold standard despite warning from economists.

Trump proposes tanking the economy so he could renegotiate the public debt and pay discounted prices to investors of US Treasury bonds.

Trump proposes plan that would shrink the economy by 2% according to experts.

Trumps Trade War with China would increase the price of everyday goods and products up to 40% or more.

Trumps current spending plan would bankrupt the country.

Trumps Tax cuts would add $24.5 trillion to the national debt

Trump wants a $3.2 trillion tax cut for millionaires.

Trump thinks unemployment is really 40% despite the fact that would put the unemployment rate at twice the height it was during the great depression.

Trump lowers his number and thinks unemployment is 20% which is still wrong.

Trump win would tank stock market according to billionaire financial guru.

Trump ranked on the same level as ISIS in terms of causing global economy instability by Economist Intelligence Analysts.

Trumps claim about trade deficit is $200 billion dollars off.

Trump promises to decrease taxes without increasing the national deficit despite the fact that is literally impossible.

Far Right Conservative Think Tanks and Republican professors acknowledge Trumps plan would not only create an economic collapse but a breakdown of basic everyday life.

Trump declares bankruptcy… Four, Six separate times.

Trump $3 billion dollars in debt in 1991.

Trumps Entertainment Resorts are forced to declare bankruptcy. Trump lies and claims “I have nothing to do with the company,”

Trumps Casinos were failures.

Trump refuses to pay back wages to his wife's personal assistant unless he signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Trump accused of illegally withholding checks from employees.

Trump hires illegal workers and pays them below minimum wage.

Trump accused of engaging in incidents of physical assault, verbal abuse, intimidation, and threats of physical harm towards workers to suppress unions.

British Human Rights Journalist says conditions for workers at Trumps Dubai Golf course are “The worst I have ever seen”

Trump tries to start his own Mortgage company right before the housing bubble crash and fails.

Trump tries to start his own airline and in three years never turns a profit.

Trump tries to make his own monopoly ripoff, twice. Predicted 2 million units sold. It gets no where near that and fails.

Trump tries to make his own Vodka line. He promises it will beat Grey Goose and it fails.

Trump tries to make his own steak line. It’s discontinued due to poor sales and he fails.

Trump tries to start his own magazine, it fails.

Trump tries to start his own travel site, it fails.

Trump tries to make a Tour De France rival called Tour de Trump that fails.

Trump tries to make his own football league it fails, he loses $30 million dollars. Then he tries to sue the NFL for $1.7 billion.

Trump starts his own line of vitamins, consumer watchdog groups and health experts label it as a scam. It also fails.

Trump somehow thinks ISIS has become competition against him in the real estate industry after falsely believing they started building their own Hotels.

Hundreds claim Trump refused to pay bills.

When asked about his companies regularly violating the Fair Labor Standards Act Trump says, “That’s the way it should be.”

Trump defrauds students through scam university.

Trump makes racist comments about Judge in the class action lawsuit involving said scam university.

Trump takes a $40 million dollar loan from Deutsche Bank and when they ask him to repay the loan he refuses and sues them for $3 billion dollars.

Trumps daughter recalls story during her childhood when Trump pointed at a homeless man saying he was 4 billion dollars richer than him because, “that’s how much debt I’m in.”

Trump Bribes corrupt government officials to seize elderly woman’s house using eminent domain to get more Limo Parking Space.

Trump tried to use eminent domain to steal the house of a Holocaust survivor.

Trump uses slumlord tactics of hiring thugs to physically intimidate tenants.

Trump retaliates against tenant for filing complaint by drilling holes in her ceiling and filling her apartment with construction dust. (Tenant later dies of lung cancer.)

Trump picked stock fraud felon as senior adviser.

Trump brand used to swindles buyers out of life savings through fraud in failed Condo project.

Trump named in over 3,500 lawsuits.

Trump uses bribery and secret financing to circumvent state law and stop competitors.

Trump is fined 200,000$ in 1992 by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement for not allowing blacks or women onto his casino floor while racist Mafia leader is gambling.

Trump tries to violate Antitrust regulations through purgery and identity theft to steal two separate companies.

Court case implicated Trump in fraud, money-laundering, conspiracy, perjury and the theft of trade secrets.

Trump violates federal gambling laws.

Trump outright commits tax evasion.

Trump commits felony and lies to the Securities and Exchange Commission about company earnings with the hope of cheating taxes.

Trump steals over $300,000 from worker pensions.

Trump hires Illegal Immigrants over U.S citizens.

Trump hires Illegal Immigrants again but this time defrauds them of pay.

Trumps makes majority of products in China.

Not even Trumps Make America Great Again Hats are made in America.

Trump violates immigration laws by sneaking Illegal Immigrants into the U.S for modeling jobs then refuses to pay them.

Trump hires a financial analyst to gauge his Taj Mahal Casino project, the analyst says that the project would fail by the end of that year. Trump sues the analyst demanding he says it will succeed. By the end of the year the Casino declares bankruptcy.

Trump sues small travel agency founded in 1985 for coincidentally sharing his name.

Trump sues small Georgia business for making “Trump Cards” in 1988 despite the fact they weren’t even referencing his name.

Trump sues a small Indian restaurant for sharing the name of one of his Casinos. That restaurants name? “The Taj Mahal”

Trump sues union when they reveal that Trump doesn’t even stay in his own hotels.

Trump tries to sell the Empire State Building despite not owning it. He then sues the real owner in retaliation.

Author Timothy O’Brien calls Trump a millionaire instead of a billionaire. Trump responds by suing him for $5 billion dollars. O’Brien gets to court and is able to prove Trump had been lying about his net worth and was in reality worth between $150 and $250 million.

Comedian, Bill Maher responds to Trumps demands for Obama to release his birth certificate to prove he was born in America saying Trump should release his to prove his mother had not mated with an orangutan. Trump responds by suing Bill Maher for 5 million dollars.

Later when asked if Trump knew Maher was joking and didn’t actually think Trump was the product of bestiality Trumps responds with “I don’t think he was joking. He said it with venom.”
(I just want everyone reading this to take a moment and wonder how people would react if Hillary tried to take away a comedians free speech and make them pay her millions over making a joke about her)

Trump sues employee for quitting.

Trump threatens to sue artist after his supporters find where she lives, stalks and attacks her because she made a painting of him with a small penis.

News outlet threatened with lawsuit over writing story about Trumps hair plugs.

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Butina Timeline [WIP]

Part I: Introductions


2010 Torshin pens a glossy gun rights pamphlet, illustrated by cartoon figures wielding guns to fend off masked robbers. The booklet cites U.S. statistics to argue for gun ownership, at one point echoing in Russian an old NRA slogan: “Guns don’t shoot — people shoot.”


2011-05-07 Torshin, then a Russian senator, is introduced to NRA President David Keene at the NRA conference in Pittsburgh by G. Kline Preston IV, a lawyer from Nashville, Tennessee, who had been doing business in Russia for years. Preston later tells the Washington Post, “The value system of Southern Christians and the value system of Russians are very much in line.”
Keene writes to Torshin:
As I indicated, you and your colleagues will receive a formal invitation to next year’s meeting in St. Louis. For planning purposes, you may wish to note that it will be held on April 12–17th, 2012.
In the interim, if there is anything any of us can do to help you in your endeavors, then, please don’t hesitate to let us know.
2011 Maria Butina, in her early 20s, creates Right to Bear Arms, aiming to seed a gun rights movement in Russia.
2011 US gun manufacturer Arsenal Inc. sells 100 limited-edition AK-74s signed by Mikhail Kalashnikov—a personal friend of Torshin’s—with the anticipated $100,000 or more in proceeds to go to the NRA-ILA, the organization’s political lobbying arm.
Dec. 2011 Preston serves as an international observer of Russia’s legislative elections, calling them free and fair, despite mass street protests and European observers reporting fraudulent activity.


2012 The FBI warns Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher—a cold warrior turned Russia apologist who claimed to have once lost a drunken arm-wrestling match to Putin in a Washington dive bar—that the Kremlin aims to recruit him as a source.
April 15, 2012 Torshin tweets about returning from the NRA annual convention to a rally in Moscow for the Right to Bear Arms, where he notes how “similar,” “good-looking,” and “confident” the supporters of both gun groups are.
July 24, 2012: Torshin and Butina lobby the Russian senate to expand gun rights.
November 2012: Torshin and Preston observe the US presidential elections in Nashville and allege improprieties took place on behalf of President Barack Obama.
Before 2013 NRA board member and past president David Keene hosts Torshin at NRA annual conventions.
Torshin attends every NRA annual conference from 2011/2012 to 2016.
? NRA leaders lavish Torshin with VIP treatment at multiple NRA gatherings.


May 2013 After attending the NRA annual convention in Houston, Torshin writes, “Kalashnikov couldn’t join me, though we have both been ‘life members’ of the NRA for years,” adding that “dozens of AK-47 clones” on display at the event represented one of “our country’s greatest accomplishments.”
Aug. 23, 2013 Spanish police mount an elaborate operation to arrest Torshin at the Mallorca airport when he is expected to fly in to attend the birthday party of an accused leader of a Russian organized crime syndicate, but fails to show, leading police to conclude he had likely been tipped off by Russian officials.
Spanish national police had wiretapped Romanov and recorded 33 telephone conversations he had with Torshin in which the accused mobster referred to the Russian banker as “el padrino,” or godfather.
Sept. 6, 2013 Kislyak meets with "reporters and other foreign policy experts" at the Center for the National Interest.
He warns that US attempts to uphold the prohibition against using chemical weapons in Syria may come:
at the expense of other norms of international law that [are] not only equally important but sometimes with greater consequences.
October 2013 Butina travels to Israel to meet with members of a relatively obscure gun rights group called the Association for the Promotion of Weapons Culture, who about Butina's visit in a Facebook post:
For those that weren’t at the meeting and didn’t hear the lecture of Maria Butina, Chair of the Russian non-profit organization, The Right to Bear Arms, here are a couple of figures at a glance:
Their non-profit was founded in 2010. It has 1,000 members, spread over 65 regional offices.
The public has 6,250,000 privately owned guns, most of them are rifles and hunting rifles. It’s prohibited to carry various types of pistols!
They hold internal meetings, but also go out to demonstrate and hold parades (an idea for the next Jerusalem Day…). They have signed cooperation agreements with neighboring countries and with the American NRA. We are probably next in line :)
November 2013 Torshin and Butina host Keene, then president of the NRA, and a delegation to Moscow for a Right to Bear Arms meeting that draws 200 people. Keene gives a speech offering to “work together” to advance common interests.
Erickson meets Butina for the first time.
Torshin and Butina take Alan Gottlieb and his wife to dinner while on the trip.
November 2013 John Bolton appears in a video in which he talks up gun rights in Russia. Bolton is a member of the NRA’s “international affairs subcommittee” at the time and recordes the address at Keene’s request for the Russian legislature. Right to Bear Arms later uses the video in its lobbying.


January 2014 Following the death of Kalashnikov at age 94, the Washington Times publishes an appreciation written by Torshin. Keene is the op-ed editor at the time.
2014 Putin sends in troops into Crimea and uses an illegal referendum to declare the territory part of the Russian Federation
March 1, 2014 Sergei Veselovsky, a leader of a pro-Russian separatist group called the Crimean Front, leads a “Cossack self-defense unit” to storm the offices of the independent Crimean Center for Investigative Journalism. The group of about two dozen men clad in camouflage uniforms and balaclavas march in formation to the building and demand entry. Two of the masked men then hurl a concrete block through a front window and the group forces its way inside.
The journalists flee to Kiev as the militia group denounces the influence of “American agents” and recasts the outlet as “News Front.” Funded by the Russian security services and since run by an editor who helped seize the offices, the outlet publishes stories attacking US sanctions and special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, among other anti-American content.
March 17, 2014 The US announces sanctions in response to the annexation, including against Dmitry Rogozin and entities operating in the Russian arms sector.
Butina posts a lengthy commentary online warning that the Obama sanctions will “bankrupt the Russian arms industry,” calling them “a direct threat to national security.” She soon announces plans to travel to Crimea the following week to establish offices for her group there and advise local citizens on arming themselves under Russian law. Butina states in the local press that “security problems” in Crimea would persist and that there was a need to develop civilian “self-defense units” to help uphold the new Russian order.
March 25, 2014 Butina holds a press conference in Crimea with Veselovsky at their newly seized media headquarters. During their talk, Butina touts her connections with Kremlin officials and mentions a civilian gun initiative by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin, who was among those recently sanctioned.
Butina speaks of her gun group’s plans to expand into Crimea. Veselovsky asks about arming local citizens in response to news of Ukrainian militants heading for the region:
The enemy is cunning [and] does not rest
Butina responds that Russian law is now “especially relevant” for arming locals:
And on our end, we will try to help maximally, of course, on the legal front. We’ll tell people how to do it absolutely right, and how to behave in a self-defense scenario.
April 24-27, 2014 Butina and Torshin travel to Indianapolis for the NRA annual convention, where NRA executives welcome Butina as a VIP. Over several days in Indianapolis, Butina is personally hosted by Keene and former NRA President Sandy Froman, attending events including leadership meetings and a fundraising dinner for the gun group’s elite “Golden Ring of Freedom” million-dollar donors.
Butina later explains the purpose: “We protect gun rights in Russia, and people who are gun owners and in a situation of self-defense.” She adds, “We would like to be friends with NRA.”
In a blog post she publishes while there, Butina includes photos of herself at an upscale hotel with Keene, Froman, and then-NRA President James Porter, to whom she gifted a Right to Bear Arms plaque. Other NRA figures she interacts with include CEO and executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, top donor Joe Gregory, and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke.
Butina attends the NRA Women’s Leadership Luncheon as a guest of Froman.
April 2014 After the NRA convention, Butina first visits South Dakota, accompanied by Erickson.
Butina opens a personal checking account with Wells Fargo from which Erickson frequently makes payments on her behalf and writes checks that she signs.
Following the April 2014 convention in Indianapolis Butina travels to NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, where she visited the NRA gun range and museum with Keene and others and poses for a casual photo with Keene in front of the group’s flagship glass office tower.
May 6, 2014 American right-wing disinformation site Townhall publishes an interview with Butina in Indianapolis where Butina explains that “the situation between [our] two countries is very difficult” and says, “We would like to be friends with NRA.”
Early June 2014 At a rally in Moscow, Butina gave a speech starkly different in style than how she comes across in stateside videos. In America, she enthused about gun rights and international friendship. But in Moscow, she used fervently nationalistic rhetoric to endorse the takeover in Crimea and called for backing Russian separatists fighting elsewhere in Ukraine. Ethnic Russians throughout the region, she said, were being culturally oppressed—a theme long pushed by Putin’s regime. “We can’t allow this,” she declared. “And that’s why, today, let’s support our guys, our citizens of Russia who today are helping, who are fighting for freedom.”
Eight days later Butina returned to Crimea, this time hosting events in partnership with a gun company based in Moscow, to promote the arming of locals under Russian law.
Early August 2014 Butina returns again for a similar event.
August 17, 2014 Butina announces an upcoming meeting at the Moscow headquarters of the Right to Bear Arms featuring Erickson as the main attraction:
An open meeting with a representative of the NRA where you can learn more and ask questions about the activities of the largest, oldest and most influential organization in the world community of gun-owners - the National Rifle Association of the USA.
The meeting will be held with Paul Erickson, a life member of the NRA and entrepreneur.
Paul was a member of a US delegation at the 2nd Congress of the Right to Arms movement in 2013. A Republican and gun-owner, he took his first shot at the age of 8. His collection includes more than 15 different types of weapon, including a modified Kalashnikov assault rifle. Since coming of age, he has been a member of the National Rifle Association of the United States.
In professional activities, he was a political consultant for 6 presidential campaigns, and also worked in the White House with President Ronald Reagan. His main business focus is urban construction in the United States and other countries (particularly in Afghanistan as part of the village reconstruction program). He also owns two film studios in Los Angeles and New York.
A Christian, he is fond of airplanes and skiing.
September 3, 2014 Butina hosts Erickson at the event in Moscow.
Nov. 2014 Butina and Erickson go hunting with Missouri River Outdoors, a local outdoor group who refer to her as “our guest hunter, Maria, from Moscow, Russia.”
November 18, 2014 Russia changes its laws to allow citizens to carry guns in public for self-defense.
December 2014 Butina sends a pair of wires from her Alfa Bank account to Erickson in the US totaling $8,000. Butina notes they are for “grant assistant.”
Shortly after the email suggesting that she would need money to get her “special project” off the ground Erickson sends a dozen wires to Butina's Russian bank account for more than $27,000 and an additional $30,000 to a US account.

Part II: Influences


2015 NRA leaders attend Butina's conference in Moscow.
2015 Butina is given a tour of the NRA’s Virginia headquarters.
2015 Butina helps arrange a meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia that includes Rohrabacher and Torshin.
Jan. 21, 2015 Torshin is appointed State Secretary, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia.
March 2015 Paul Saunders, executive director of the Center for the National Interest, writes to the Federal Reserve to set up meetings for Torshin:
I am writing to request an appointment for Mr. Alexander Torshin. Mr. Torshin is in the United States on a private visit. [...] He would like to discuss U.S.-Russia relations and international economic issues and can also share his perspective on Russia's financial situation and its impact on Russian politics.
March 24, 2015 Butina emails Erickson a project proposal with the subject line "The Second Pozner":
Google Translator text. Maybe I could translate it myself but it would take at least a day because the text is very specific. [...] will be happy to answer to any your questions and follow your recommendations before [I] finally send it.
The first line of the proposal reads "Project Description 'Diplomacy' ".
It goes on to state that the Republican Party would likely obtain control over the US government after the 2016 elections and that the GOP is:
traditionally associated with negative and aggressive foreign policy, particularly with regards to Russia. However, now with the right to negotiate seems best to build konstruktivnyh relations [...] Central place and influence in the Republican Party plays the NRA. The NRA [is] the largest sponsor of the elections to the US congress, as well as a sponsor of The CPAC conference and other events.
Butina highlights her and Torshin's relationships with NRA leadership and references instances when she was introduced to Republican Party leaders as a "representative of informal diplomacy" of Russia.
The resulting status needs to be strengthened is in the current time interval, before the presidential election in 2016.
The draft proposal requests a budget of $125,000 to participate in "all upcoming major conferences" of the GOP.
Later, Erickson responds with the subject line "Potential American Contacts":
Your challenge in your "special project" will be to balance two opposing imperatives: Your desire to communicate that you speak for Russian interests that will be ascendant (still around) in a post-Putin world while simultaneously doing nothing to criticize the President or speed the arrival of his successor.
This restriction is easily understood in private meetings with political and business leaders. It will SEVERELY limit your interactions with media.
Most of the potential "guest appearances" listed under media will only be possible if you're willing to be more candid (honest) than is politically prudent for you. But ALL of the media personalities listed would be interested in meeting you "off the record" — though your patrons / sponsors may not fully understand the power of such meetings if you do not appear on television, radio, or print as you do in Russia.
[T]here is NO limit as to how many American companies that you can meet—at the highest levels—if you are able to represent that you are a potential line of communication into future Russian Federation governments.
He includes a list of potential media, business, and political contacts, and closes:
Everyone on this list understands (to some degree) U.S. / Russian relations under President Obama and President Putin. Everyone on this list would like to better understand U.S. / Russian relations under new presidents for each country. YOU can provide commentary on both— if you're willing to take that risk.
Erickson then emails Butina with the subject line "Your Plan Forward":
If you were to sit down with your special friends and make a list of ALL the most important contacts you could find in America for a time when the political situation between the U.S. and Russia will change, you could NOT do better than the list that I just emailed you. NO one — certainly not the "official" Russian Federation public relations representative in New York — could build a better list. And for a variety of current political reasons, the current Russian ambassadors to the United States and United Nations do not even try.
YOU HAVE ALREADY MET ALL OF THE AMERICANS necessary to introduce you to EVERYONE on that list. . . .
If you had NOT spent the last year attending conferences in America, it would take you ANOTHER year to be able to meet the names on that list. What you have done is prepare all of the groundwork (necessary introductions) in order to be introduced to everyone on that list. All that is needed is for your friends to provide you with the financial resources to spend the time in America to TAKE ALL OF THESE MEETINGS. I and your friends in America can't make it any easier for you than that.
Your potential sponsors either understand this or they don't. The names of all of the people that impress your friends by listing them. All that your friends need to know is that meetings with the names on MY list would not be possible without the unknown names in your "business card" notebook. Keep them focused on who you are NOW able to meet, NOT the people you have ALREADY met.
Late March 2015 The version of Butina's and Erickson's proposal presented to Torshin and others is titled Description of the Diplomacy Project. In it, they downplay the effectiveness furthering Russia's interests through official channels and instead recommend using unofficial channels, including Butina herself. They say that it is a good time to build relations with the Republican Party, whose nominee would likely win the 2016 presidential election, and that the NRA has significant influence over the party.
As part of the proposal, they request $125,000 from a Russian billionaire to fund attendance at a series of Republican Party conferences as well as "separate meetings with interested parties" including Russian businessmen and people linked to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help "determine where the focus of Russian interests lies in cooperating with the US."
Torshin hires Butina as his special assistant.
Spring 2015 With Erickson’s help, Butina explores enrolling in a graduate program at American University in DC.
April 10-12, 2015 Butina and Torshin attend the NRA annual convention in Nashville. Butina is introduced to influential members of the Republican Party, including Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who she says greets her in Russian. Butina posts a photo with Walker and notes that he is a likely presidential nominee and that their meeting could be the “beginning of a new dialogue between Russia and the US.”
Butina invites senior leadership of the NRA to Moscow.
Donald Trump attends the convention, telling the crowd, “I promise you one thing, if I run for president and if I win, the Second Amendment will be totally protected, that I can tell you.” Torshin, also present, later tells Bloomberg that he had a “jovial exchange” with Trump.
April 2015 Butina and Torshin attend a fundraiser for a political group backing the presidential campaign of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, then viewed as a leading contender for the GOP nomination.
April 2015 Butina and Torshin meet in Washington with Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer and other US officials to discuss U.S.-Russian economic relations. An internal Treasury memo described the meeting:
Butina [...] served as translator during the meeting. She is Founding Chairman and Board Member of a Russian organization which promotes the right to bear arms. They are both life members of the National Rifle Association. They are in the United States to attend the NRA's annual meeting.
April 16, 2015 Butina speaks at the University of South Dakota, Erickson’s alma mater in his hometown of Vermillion. She says Right to Bear Arms now has 10,000 members and 76 offices “all over Russia.”
A flyer for the event featured a professional headshot of Butina and a biography that portrayed her as the face of Russia’s gun rights movement. She hit all the now-familiar points, according to an outline of her speech posted on her website, telling students that South Dakota reminded her of Siberia, praising US gun laws, and ending with a Bible verse.
April 25, 2015 Butina writes that it was only after NRA leaders had met with her in Moscow that she was able to secure a visa to come to the United States.
May 2015 According to Butina's calendar, she has a call with Kislyak.
June 12, 2015 Butina pens an article for a magazine published by the Center for the National Interest in which she emphasizes the similarities between Putin's party and Republicans:
The American Republican Party derives much of its support from social conservatives, businessmen and those that support an aggressive approach to the war against Islamic terrorism. These are values espoused by United Russia, the current ruling political party in Moscow. At the very least, it would appear that modern Russia has more to talk about with American Republicans than American Democrats.
She points to cooperation in oil exploration as a shared goal for Russia and Republicans that can bring the parties closer:
A second point of shared interest revolves around the global oil market. As long as America maintains its ban on selling its oil reserves to foreign markets, American oil companies seeking international markets will need international sources of oil. Russia has them. Huge proven reserves in the Arctic and huge proven reserves of oil shale within the Russian mainland. But Russian oil companies lack the technology to exploit these reserves. And the current economic sanctions have frozen cooperative agreements like that between Russian Rosneft and American ExxonMobil like an Arctic drilling rig.
Butina messages Torshin through Twitter asking him to look at the article. Torshin responds that it is very good.
June 16, 2015 Trump announces his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.
Summer 2015 Butina speaks to high school students at an “Academy of Finance” workshop in Sioux Falls about women and entrepreneurship, describing her experience running furniture stores in her hometown. The teacher later posted a thank-you note saying it was “priceless to have a leader like Maria Butina and Paul Erickson in our classroom to role model” for the students. This was arranged by Erickson.
July 9, 2015 Erickson contacts Trump campaign advisor Sam Nunberg, seeking to set up meet-and-greet between Trump and Butina two days later around a campaign event in Las Vegas. Though the campaign declined, Butina went to the event.
July 11, 2015 During an audience Q&A at the FreedomFest conference in Las Vegas, Trump calls on Butina to ask a question:
TRUMP: Okay, let's go. Yes, ma'am?
BUTINA: I'm visiting from Russia...
TRUMP: Aaaah, Putin, good friend of Obama, Putin. He likes Obama a lot. Go ahead.
BUTINA: My question will be about foreign politics.
TRUMP: Okay.
BUTINA: If you would be elected as a president, what would be your foreign politics, especially either in the relationships with my country and do you want to continue the politics of sanctions that are damaging on both economy or you have any other ideas?
TRUMP: Okay, Obama gets along with nobody. The whole world hates us. You know, it's an amazing thing, you look at Mexico, they hate us, they hate our leadership, and yet they're making a fortune.
China hates us. China is building ports in the South China Sea. We could never do a thing like that because we'd have to get environmental impact statements, okay? So we're... I jokingly said to a friend, 'you think they got an environmental impact statement when they did...?' So China hates us and yet they're making a... everybody hates us and yet they make money with us. With me, we're gonna make money on them and they're gonna like us.
I know Putin and I'll tell you what we get along with Putin. Putin has no respect for President Obama. Big problem, big problem. And Russia has been driven. You know I've always heard, for years I've heard, one of the worst things that can happen to our country is if Russia ever gets driven to China. We have driven them together with the big oil deals that are being made, we've driven them together. That's a horrible thing for this country. We have made them friends because of incompetent leadership.
I believe I would get along very nicely with Putin, okay? And, I mean, when we have the strength I don't think you'd need the sanctions. I think that we would get along very, very well. I really believe that. I think that we would get along with a lot of countries that we don't get along with today and we'll be a lot richer for it than we are today. We can make our country great again and get along with people.
July 13, 2015 Butina attends Scott Walker's presidential campaign kickoff in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
July 14, 2015 Butina writes to Torshin:
Judging from American polls – our bet on [Walker] is correct. What do they think in the RF about this? How are things with you?
TORSHIN: In the RF no one is even looking in that direction. You will be the creator of something sensational, God willing!
Torshin messages Butina through Twitter asking her to "write something brief" for him about the Walker event.
July 15, 2015 Butina responds and includes a description of a "short personal contact" with Walker on the night of the announcement and describes a contact with one of his three foreign policy advisors. She also describes her previous meeting with Walker at the NRA convention.
July 2015 Butina speaks to children at a summer camp for teenage Republicans. The organizer tweets a photo of Butina speaking with Erickson standing behind her holding a map:
Maria Butina was incredible. The kids *loved* her stories of working for freedom in Russia.
August 2015 Torshin meets with a US congressman during a Congressional Delegation trip to Moscow.
Aug. 26, 2015 Butina texts with "DK" (presumably David Keene):
DK: I don't know what you owe me for this insurance they put me through the wringer.
BUTINA: Thank you so much.
BUTINA: I have nothing else at all. Not a nickel to my name.
DK: Ugh...(
DK: The [car] is at the house, the insurance and documents are on the table at your house, winter tires are in the truck of the car!
BUTINA: [DK], thank you so much!!!!!
BUTINA: Ask for anything...
BUTINA: want.
BUTINA: That they hire you?
DK: Think of something! Sex with you does not interest me. Think!
August 29, 2015 Preston tweets a picture of Trump speaking to the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, posting in Russian:
Donald Trump today in Nashville. He is a friend of Russia.
September 25, 2015 A Right to Bear Arms post on Facebook features a Trump meme, attributing to him in Russian, “Nobody can encroach on the citizenry’s right to store and carry firearms. Period.”
October 2015 Trump is the star attraction at a private candidate forum held by the secretive Council for National Policy, held over a long weekend at the Ritz-Carlton in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. Also auditioning is Rand Paul, Ben Carson, Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham, and Jim Gilmore. Each is given 30 minutes to speak, plus a 30-minute Q&A session moderated by Tony Perkins.
Trump reads from a stack of annotated polling data he carries onto the stage. In particular, he notes his support among evangelicals and self-described tea partiers. He showers praise on Perkins and then draws multiple standing ovations during Perkins's Q&A.
Unnamed attendee:
His message was, ‘Your people are for me, and all you leaders ought to be for me too. You guys need to realize where your followers are, and get in line with them.’ And he did that by reading poll results, line by line. He is a genius when it comes to using the bandwagon effect.
Another attendee:
What I saw from him blew me away — not because he won over people in the room but because he disarmed people in the room. Conservatives who might have risen up to stop him, they no longer view him as an enemy. The conservative movement is much more antagonistic toward Jeb Bush than Donald Trump. Coming out of this weekend, I see a conservative movement that would be more comfortable with Donald Trump as the nominee than Jeb Bush.
Nov. 2015 Erickson emails (a currently unknown person) about the upcoming trip:
impressing the NRA’s Russian hosts is also the quickest way to secure a private interview with President Putin on behalf of David Keene and the Washington Times–a plum that was dangled in front of Keene by Torshin himself during a recent Torshin visit to Washington, DC. High stakes all around.
As we discussed over lunch in Iowa, Russia believes that high level contacts with the NRA might be the BEST means of neutral introduction to either the next American President OR to a meaningful re-set in relations with the Congress under a (God forbid) President Clinton. This simple good will trip would have enormous diplomatic consequences for a future U.S. / Russia bilateral relationship to the world.
As you know from your discussions with Maria Butina, she and Russian Central Bank Deputy Governor Alexander Torshin (but mostly Maria) have been slaving away for several months preparing a truly ‘Nixon goes to China’ itinerary for a senior NRA delegation to Moscow next month. This has been a dream and happy burden for David Keene for a couple of years. JUST as the agenda was being finalized this week, President Cors announces–VERY privately–to David that a chronic health issue must now force Cors to abandon the trip.
This has caught Keene totally off guard and could have disastrous consequences for the trip—and for our young Maria and the future of her ‘The Right to Bear Arms’ organization. Keene is so angry that he is close to ending his friendship with Cors over what Keene views as Cors’ duplicity in keeping this health information from the powers that be.
When asked later, Cors says he pulled out of the trip was because he was worried it would reflect poorly on the NRA.
Nov. 28-Dec. 8, 2015 NRA Ring of Freedom in Israel.
December 2015 Evangelist Franklin Graham meets privately with Putin for 45 minutes.
Dec. 8-13, 2015 NRA leadership travel to Moscow on Butina's invitation, where they speak with high-level Russian government officials in meetings arranged by Torshin.
[Erickson attends?]
Known delegates include Keene, Pete Brownell, Joe Gregory, David Clarke, Arnold and Hilary Goldschlager, and Jim Liberatore.
Erickson withdraws $14,000 in cash before the event and provides background information on the attendees to Butina.
Clarke later files an ethics report showing that Right to Bear Arms paid $6,000 for his meals, hotel, transportation and "excursions".
At one stop, the group meets with Torshin and Dmitry Rogozin the deputy prime minister in charge of defense, who had been sanctioned by the US government the previous year.
According to a trip itinerary reviewed by The Daily Beast, Butina and her assistant arranged for attendees to see Yuri Grigorovich’s ballet “A Legend of Love” at the Bolshoi Theatre. They also arranged for a trip to “Stalin’s Bunker,” a secret soviet facility that is now open to visitors; the Armory Chamber and Diamond Treasury of the Kremlin; and Red Square. Also on the agenda: a meeting with Evgeny Lukyanov, at the time a member of the Kremlin’s national security council. Months before the trip, he announced Russia’s sale of S-300 missile systems to Iran.
Michael Flynn is also in Moscow, attending a gala celebrating the Kremlin-controlled RT propaganda network on Dec. 10. Flynn sits next to Putin and across from future Green Party candidate Jill Stein. He gives a speech for which he is paid $45,000 by RT.
At some point (before or after?), Butina messages Torshin through Twitter, telling him he:
has the responsibility of a serious mission - restoration of relations between countries. [...] maybe, by inviting the NRA here, you have prevented a conflict between two great nations. [...] although, I think, this is the very beginning of the journey.
After the trip, Butina sends a message to Torshin referring to the NRA delegation:
We should let them express their gratitude now, we will put pressure on them quietly later.

(continued... 2016, 2017-2019)

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ANTM - Where Are They Now? (Cycle 3)

Hi guys! Here are the girls from Cycle 3. If you guys know any of the missing girls’ social media handles, please let me know so I can add it to this post!
  Name: Magdalena Rivas Placed: 14th Age: 36/37 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 0 (eliminated outside of panel) Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: 412 (@magdarivas) Magdalena Rivas on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Joining America’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 did not necessarily put Rivas’ modeling career into high gear as she was the first one eliminated from the 14 finalists. She did get a little taste of what professional models go through everyday when they were flown from New York to Jamaica to do their very first photo shoot. She was eliminated on the spot, the morning after the photo shoot.
  POST-TOP MODEL Magdalena has kept a low profile since the show. She’s done some modeling work, but is not currently being represented by an agency. Magdalena has done print work for Vibe Magazine, ELLEGirl, and The Lab Uptown. She currently (according to her facebook) works for Children’s Health, a Nonprofit Organization based in Dallas, Texas. She has 2 beautiful girls, Nyla and Fiona.
  Name: Leah Darrow Placed: 13th Age: 36/37 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 23.7k (@leahdarrow) Instagram Followers: 27.3k (@leah.darrow) Leah Darrow on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Although it’s clear that Leah possesses the physical attributes of a model, she was the second to be cut on America’s Next Top Model on Cycle 3. Her removal from the show was brought upon by Leah’s plain and unimpressive photo shoot. The photographer remarked that Leah did not make eye contact with the camera and Tyra Banks commented that she did not position herself well in the pictures. After being eliminated, she walked away from the room without bidding the others farewell, but vowed to keep on pursuing her dream to become a professional model.
  POST-TOP MODEL After appearing on the show, Leah appeared in FHM Magazine. Since then, she is now an advocate for the Roman Catholic Church and Catholic modeling, doing print work for publications for The St. Louis Review, The Catholic Weekly, Lighthouse Catholic Media,, as well as the cover and a spread in Family Foundation Magazine. Some of Leah’s speeches cover topics such as modesty, chastity, the pro-life message (including the death penalty), “catholic” fashion, conversion from sin, and living your life for Christ.
  Since the show, Leah has a regular podcast entitled Do Something Beautiful (now on it’s fourth season) where she regularly discusses a variety of topics. She has also come out with her own book, The Other Side of Beauty, based on the lies we are told about our worth being tied to our appearance and instead invites us to look again at the real meaning of beauty. She has also appeared in TV series such as The Journey Home and Beloved. In 2012, she married her boyfriend Ricky, who serves in the US Military. Leah has 3 beautiful children: Agnes (born 2013), Ambrose (born 2015), and Violet (born 2016). In May 2017, Leah graduated with Magna cum Laude honors with her Masters in Theology from the Augustine Institute.
  Name: Julie Titus Placed: 12th Age: 31/32 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 214 (@JustifiedJulie) Instagram Followers: 632 (@ninewestjewel) Julie Titus on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Julie seemed to have a promising start, but during the third photo shoot in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3, her performance fell short of being excellent to the judges. Furthermore, at the panel, Julie admitted that the reason why she joined the show was to gain more exposure as a clothes designer rather than a model. The revelation ultimately led to her elimination.
  POST-TOP MODEL Julie is another one of those girls has kept a low profile since the show. She doesn’t have a big online foot print, except for her twitter and her instagram. She has done print work for Republic of Brown, and has appeared the Ray Billion Look Book. Sometime after the show, she worked as a North American sales manager for the Thursday Island clothing line. She has also mentored models for The Model Experience. In July 2015 (I think), she married her boyfriend, Bill Clifford, in California.
  Name: Kristi Grommet Placed: 11th Age: 31/32 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: N/A Kristi Grommet on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Kristi was memorable for coming into initial auditions wearing her senior prom dress, which was made from an American Flag. The fourth week in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3 had the models posing for Lee Jeans ads with hair extensions braided into their hair. Kristi Grommet may have had the looks and the body, but her lack of confidence during the challenge was what made Tyra and her fellow judges cut Kristi from the competition.
  POST-TOP MODEL After her stint on America’s Next Top Model, Kristi went on to model for In Touch Magazine, where she portrayed Miranda from the HBO series Sex and the City. She has done some test shots, but hasn’t really pursued modelling. In 2014, she directed a freshman/sophomore production of Arabian Nights. She is not currently represented by an agency. She doesn’t have a big footprint on the internet, since there was very little about her online. In 2006, her boyfriend Gunther proposed to her in Times Square in New York City. She currently has 2 sons and 1 daughter. Aside from that, not much is known about what she’s up to these days.
  Name: Jennipher Uralcher, née Frost Placed: 10th Age: 35 First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: 1,420 (@Jennipherfrost) Instagram Followers: 945 (@j.urlacher) Jennipher Frost on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Her time on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3 didn’t last very long as she was the fourth contestant eliminated by the judges. During her short stay in the competition, Jennipher frequently had confrontations with Eva Pigford because of the latter’s attitude. She also did not mix well with Ann Markley, with whom she almost engaged in a fight. Part of the makeover that Jennipher received from the show was a haircut, which she did not enjoy, as she was even seen crying after the hairstylist gave her a shoulder-length hairstyle. The fifth challenge for the season was to pose with roller skates on for a Dooney & Bourke accessories ad. The photos that were taken of her did not impress the judges at all, cutting her journey to the top short.
  POST-TOP MODEL Jennipher has done some print work, but is currently not represented by an agency. She had modeled for Magic Power Boats, Sex Symbol Jeans, Hot Boat, and Fiu Fiu. Sometime after the show, Jennipher became the food and beverage director of the SLS Beverly Hills. In 2012, Jennipher was the marketing manager at Andrea's in Las Vegas. On March 2016, Jennipher married Brian Urlacher, a former NFL linebacker. Their wedding was featured on the cover of Sports Entertainment Today. She is a step-mom to 3 children (from Brian’s former relationship): 2 daughters (Pam and Riley) and a son (Kennedy). Aside from this, not much is known regarding what else she does.
  Name: Kelle Jacob Placed: 9th Age: 32/33 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 3 Twitter Followers: 190 (@KelleJ) Instagram Followers: 682 (@kellejacob) Kelle Jacob on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Kelle was sent to the bottom two with Ann Markley during the sixth week of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3. Although Tyra criticized them both for not bringing their great personalities into their pictures, the judges decided to take out Kelle, believing that she had less potential as a model. After being eliminated, Kelle remarked that she’ll try hard to build her career on her own, but did not seem overly optimistic. During the show, she won one challenge where the girls had to pose as mannequins in a La Perla store window.
  POST-TOP MODEL After her appearance on the show, Kelle Jacob was in Source Magazine and had a cover of Eminence Magazine. Kelle has modeled for designers and brands such as College Fashionista. After the show, she attended Hunter College in NYC where she pursued her bachelor’s degree in media (with a minor in english). She has been featured in a series of documentaries about undecided voters in the 2008 presidential democrat primaries for the NY Times. She is currently not represented by an agency. She is currently a member of the Global Marketing and Millennial Innovation Team at Estée Lauder.
  Name: Cassie James, née Grisham (Bottom left) Placed: 8th Age: 31/32 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: N/A Instagram Followers: 7 (@cassiegjames) Cassie Grisham on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 On America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3, it was revealed that Cassie was suffering from bulimia. Tyra offered to give her counseling, but she refused it, choosing to deal with the condition on her own. However, it was not Cassie’s condition that made her the sixth person to be eliminated from the competition. Rather it was the lack of “fierceness” in her photos and her apparent disinterest that drove the judges to send Cassie home.
  POST-TOP MODEL Since the show, Cassie has graduated college in Oklahoma and has done some modeling work including a bridal shot. She was married in February of 2009.Not much else is known about Cassie after Top Model. She has no twitter, her instagram is private and most likely unused, and her fan page on facebook hasn’t been updated in years. Luckily, I found her husband’s facebook and it looks like the couple has 2 children, a boy and a girl.
  Name: Toccara Jones Placed: 7th Age: 36 First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers:124k (@iamTOCCARA) Instagram Followers: 139k (@iamtoccarajones) Toccara Jones on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 She was the twelfth finalist selected for Cycle 3, she won "Covergirl of the Week" four consecutive times though was never placed above fourth and was the eighth contestant eliminated. She was voted as one of the most memorable contestants by AOL Entertainment.
  POST-TOP MODEL She has been on the covers of Be, Essence, The Next Level Magazine (November 2005), Black Men Magazine, Black Hair Magazine, Braids & Beauty Magazine, King Magazine (February/March 2006, March/April 2006, and May 2008), Queen Sized Magazine, the October 2011 issue of Plus Model Magazine, Evolve Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine, and Sheen Magazine. She also appeared in the December 2008 issue of Ebony Magazine, Jet Magazine, Fashizblack Magazine, Kontrol Magazine, PrimeTyme Magazine, and HypeHair Magazine. She was photographed by Steven Meisel for the July 2008, All black issue of Vogue Italia and had a 14-page spread in the Magazine. The “Black Issue” featured significant past and current black models in response to the “black out” of black models preventing them from getting hired for print and runway jobs.
  Toccara has modeled for Ashley Stewart, Star Collection, Avon, Torrid, New York and Company, JCPenny, Target, Essence Magazine, Vibe Magazine, Lady Hennessey, Traci Lynn Jewelry, Evans, Qristyl Frazier Designs, The First Impression Collection, Ashley Stewart's Urban Chic Collection Fall 2010, and Smooth Magazine. Her runway shows include Hot 97’s Third Annual Full Frontal Hip hop Fashion Show, Luxe & Romance Fall 2005, BET Presents: Rip The Runway 2, Elle Girl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Models 2005 and Alice & Olivia Fall 2006. She was also selected to be part of the 2007 Rocawear “I Will Not Lose” campaign, representing the Rocawear plus-size line for full-figured females.
  Like other ANTM alum, Toccara has ventured into both hosting and acting. She has co-hosted an episode of 106 & Park. She was a correspondent for The Black Carpet and a co-host on the game show Take the Cake, both for the BET network. In 2006, Jones appeared in another reality show for VH1, Celebrity Paranormal Project. In 2008, Jones was a competitor on the second season of the VH1 series Celebrity Fit Club. Jones later appeared on Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp, which pitted celebrities from past seasons up against new celebrities. She ended the show weighing in at 166 pounds, surpassing her weight-loss goal by 7 pounds. She has released her own workout DVD called Toccara's Fabulous Work-Out for Real Size Women. In 2011, Jones starred in the second season of the reality series The Ultimate Merger. She made an appearance in Trina's music video for the song "I Got a Thang for You". She participated in a 2009 national tour of The Vagina Monologues with an all-black cast. She also made an appearance in the 2012 movie Think Like A Man. Recently, Toccara has just launched her new lingerie line, Toccara Jones Intimate Apparel.
  Name: Nicole Borud Placed: 6th Age: 33/34 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 134 (@EcoBunny) Instagram Followers: 363 (@elocinjay) Nicole Borud on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 For the ninth week of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 3, the remaining girls, including Nicole, were flown to Tokyo in order to shoot a Japanese commercial for Campbell’s Soup. Although all the girls had a difficult time, most especially with learning their lines (which were in Japanese), it was Nicole whom the judges felt did not come through the commercial enough, thus making her the eight contestant to be sent home.
  POST-TOP MODEL Some time after being eliminated from the show, Nicole decided to relocate to San Clemente, California. Nicole did not pursue modeling; instead, she has pursued acting. However, I haven’t found anything from her (acting or modeling wise). Her instagram, which is her most active social media platform, doesn’t show us much about her. Her feed has a lot of selfies, her dog, and some of her other interests. It seems she has moved back home to North Dakota. A quick LinkedIn search shows that she works as an Assistant Manager for The Buckle Inc. Previous job experiences post-ANTM show that she worked for Victoria’s Secret as a Visual Merchandising Manager and Sears as Assistant Manager - Softlines.
  Name: Norelle Griffith, née Van Herk Placed: 5th Age: 33 (Estimate only; birthday isn’t online) First Call Outs: 0 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 36 (@NorelleGriffith) Instagram Followers: 509 (@norelle_griffith) Norelle Van Herk on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 As a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3, Norelle was the only competitor among the fourteen girls who came into the competition with braces on her teeth. Her braces were removed as a part of her makeover for the show. Although her overall performance was impressive, her blunders in the Tokyo photo shoot and her difficulty walking on the runway were what compelled the judges to make Norelle the ninth contestant to be eliminated. Her photo shoot for T-Mobile went well, but was not well enough to keep her on the show for another week. During her stint on ANTM, Norelle won a make-up challenge featured during the show’s third episode.
  POST-TOP MODEL Norelle was able to attain considerable success as a model after her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3. She received contracts from NOUS models and Dream Models in Asia, and working with these agencies were beneficial as she was able to book numerous advertisements. She has done print work for Sisters Magazine, Yes! Magazine, Sudden Weekly, and Goat Boutique. Norelle has also appeared on the TV show One on One. However, Norelle eventually decided to leave the fashion industry temporarily in order to pursue her education.
  Sometime after the show, Norelle got married to Dave Griffith and now has 2 beautiful kids; 2 sons and a daughter. Not much is know about what happened to her after she left the industry.
  Name: Ann Branca, née Markley Placed: 4th Age:34 First Call Outs: 1 Bottom 2: 4 Twitter Followers: 995 (@annalainamarks) Instagram Followers: 11.8k (@annalainamarks) Ann Markley on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Ann came close to making it to the Top 3 of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3, but was the tenth contestant eliminated from the show. During her stay in the competition, her athletic build prompted supermodel judge Janice Dickinson to bless her with the nickname, “Ann, The Man.” The judges finally gave in to Ann’s inability to produce strong and impressive photographs after the tenth photo shoot, despite Ann’s consistently strong performances on the runway.
  POST-TOP MODEL After her appearance on the show, Ann became highly successful as a model in the fashion industry. Going by the name Annalaina Marks, she was able to get a contract from three divisions of Elite Model Management, one of which is in Milan.
  She also obtained a contract from MC2, and has done extensive modeling work for Cover, Ford Fusion, ElleGirl Magazine, Gioia Magazine, Joie, Rojas, Heatherette, Nuala,, Glamour Italia Magazine, the October and November 2005 editions of GQ Magazine, Accessories Magazine, Knit ‘N Style, First Magazine, Fashion Washington, Eyecare Business, Manhattan Bride, InStyle, Health Magazine, Marie Claire U.K., Shape Magazine, O: The Oprah Magazine, I Am Water Polo, Charleston Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Women’s Health, Burt’s Bees, Clairol, Beyond Beyond Magazine, Jay Manuel Beauty, Charleston Weddings, Rafaella Fit Your Shape campaign, Vogue Knitting, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, Walgreens, Bravado Designs, Target, L’Oreal, Dutch Cosmopolitan Magazine, Free People Magazine, Ray Ban, People Tree, Jimmy Bruch, The John Frieda Collection, Athleta, Champion, Miraclebody, Jones New York, Red Hearts Yarn, Adrianna Papell, LIJA Style, Spring 2014 Collection, Land's End Holiday 2014 Catalogue, Thyme Maternity, Target Maternity, Old Navy Maternity, Capezio 2014 catalogue, Sophia Tolli 2011 Bridal Collection, Lafayette 148 New York, SiO Beauty, KN Karen Neuburger, Lord & Taylor, and Zink Magazine.
  Moreover, Ann has graced the covers of Philadelphia Style Magazine and Washington, D.C. Style Magazine, and has walked the runway at Ellegirl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Models 2005, Alice and Olivia Fall 2006, Kara Saun Fall/Winter 2005, Richard TyleDelta Fall/Winter 2005, Harmon Fall/Winter 2005, Marc Bouwer Fall/Winter 2005, Cynthia Rowley Fall/Winter 2005, and Nicole Miller Fall/Winter 2005. During The 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Ann and America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4 winner, Naima Mora, worked as the ceremony’s trophy girls.
  Since the show, Ann graced the cover of Bruce J. Nadler, M.D.’s novel, “The Nip Tuck Workout: Exercise through the Eyes of a Plastic Surgeon.” Like other ANTM alumni, Ann has branched into acting. Throughout the years, Ann has appeared in a number of acting projects including Project Runway, Sex, Love & Secrets, Made of Honor, Gossip Girl, Kings, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Bang, Choose, Lights Out, Blue Bloods, The Courier, Person of Interest, The Ones You Love, Delusions of Guinevere, The Good Wife, Club Life, and The Breaks.Ann has also appeared in a commercial for Wheat Thins and Travelocity. In 2016, she appeared in a short for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
  Ann has previously worked with Elite (New York), Elite Milano, Front Management (Miami), Images Management (New York), Model Management (Hamburg), and MC2 Model Management (Karin Models). Currently, Ann is signed with Wilhelmina New York (S Women’s Division), Wilhelmina Los Angeles (Women’s Division), Wilhelmina Miami (Fashion Women’s Division), Michael Howard Studios, and Nevs Model Agency (London) (Women Main Board).
  Ann got married in February 2013. Sometime in 2016, Ann gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
  Name: Amanda Swafford Placed: 3rd Age: 39 First Call Outs: 4 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 3 (@amanda_swafford) Instagram Followers: 2953 (@amandaswafford) Amanda Swafford on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 During Cycle 3, the judges were amazed by her photos, especially the un-retouched beauty shot that she took during the third week of the competition. When she went on her go sees in Japan, she was told that she was too old by one of the designers. She participated in the finale along with winner Eva Pigford and Yaya Da Costa, but Amanda was eliminated when she and Eva were in the bottom 2. The judges had a difficult time deciding whom to send home, as all three contestants had strong CoverGirl photos, and all 3 were considered strong contenders, but in the end, it was Amanda. One of the judges, Janice Dickinson, was a dissenting voice on the judging panel, saying, “I love you!” to Swafford when she was eliminated.
  POST-TOP MODEL Amanda has appeared on the covers of Felt It! Stitch It! Fabulous! Magazine, Bliss for Bride Magazine, and Access Magazine, and has modeled for Levi’s Jeans, Lacy Little Knits, The Austin Chronicle, Verve Magazine, ELLEmemoir, Shutterbug Magazine, Grove Arcade, Recyclone Designs, Royal Peasantry, Serenity + Scott 2013, The Beading Butterfly, Liz White Designs/Custom Couture, Serenity + Scott Spring 2015 collection, and WEBS. Amanda has walked the runway for ELLEgirl Presents: Dare To Be You. She has also appeared in shorts such as Worst-Case Scenario (which she co-wrote) and Lullaby.
  Since the show, Amanda has signed with Storm Model Management in New York City and Acclaim Talent Agency. Her FMD page lists Storm Models London as her current agency. According to a close friend, her retinitis pigmentosa has caused extreme difficulty to see in low lighting, contrary rumors that she has since gone completely blind. Amanda currently works as an aesthetic/style guru for Royal Peasantry. On the show, she was married but has since separate from the man. She has a son, Eli (who is a current high school freshman), with her previous husband. She is currently in a relationship with a new man. In October 25, she came out on her facebook to say she was drugged the night before, while she was attending one of her husband’s show.
  Name: Yaya DaCosta Placed: 2nd Age: 34 (will turn 35 on Nov 15th) First Call Outs: 2 Bottom 2: 1 Twitter Followers: 29.8k (@yayadacosta) Instagram Followers: 172k (@yayadacosta) Yaya DaCosta on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Yaya DaCosta was a contestant on Cycle 3 of America’s Next Top Model, where she came in second to Eva Pigford. On the show, Yaya showed insecurity regarding her skin, as she was still experiencing breakouts past puberty. While on the show, Yaya won 5 straight challenges (The race up the flight of stairs, the Go-Sees, The Red Carpet interview, The Acting challenge, and The Tea Ceremony. On the eigth episode (“The Girl Who Is Panic-Stricken”), the models were asked to choose a hat as part of their judging test. Yaya chose the cowboy hat, which surprised everyone since Yaya was the model who was proud of her african heritage. When asked why she did not choose the African hat, she claimed that she does not want to be a cliché. She claimed that the hat was made of a very artificial, very cheap kente. During the ninth episode (“The Girls Meet Taye Diggs”), during the judging session, the girls were set a test in which they had to read a commercial and eat umeboshi. Yaya chose to spit her umeboshi almost immediately after putting it in her mouth, which the judges said came across as very disrespectful to the client (if this were to happen in the real world).
  POST-TOP MODEL After finishing in second place in America’s Next Top Model, where she is considered one of the most memorable contestants, DaCosta went on to a successful career. She has modeled for Target, Olay, CharmaineLouise, DJU Clothing Company, Venus Clothing, Gap, Tom Ford’s A/W 2014 Collection, Isaac Mizrahi, Kohl’s, Seven Magazine, Interview Magazine, Essence Magazine, Hollywood Life Magazine, Jewel Magazine, COED Magazine, I Style Magazine, Elle Girl Presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Model, Marc Bouwer Fall 2005, Seda, Garnier Fructis, Lincoln Townhouse, Glamour Magazine, Glamour Magazine Italy, Radioshack, Dr. Scholl’s, Sally Beauty Supply Magazine, Vibe Magazine, Venus, Terrazine Magazine, Voice of Diversity, The New York Post, Style Rocks Fashion Show (2005), Vogue Australia, Hype Hair Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times Splash, New York Magazine, Malibu Magazine, and Sephora. In 2010, she appeared in American Vogue, Esquire, L'Officiel and on the cover of W.
  In addition to modeling, Yaya is also acting and has in appeared in commercials for Radioshack and Garnier Fructis. She recently appeared in the movie Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas. She has also did modeling for Target and appeared in a few rap music videos (Chingy’s Pullin’ Me Back, Jay-Z’s Roc Boys, Raphael Saadiq’s Good Man.
  DaCosta began acting in 2005 after having a small role in an episode of Eve where she portrayed a character named Miss Jenkins. Her television credits include Cassandra Foster on All My Children, Vanessa on Racing For Time, Nico Slater on Ugly Betty, Audrina on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Brooke Sullivan on Mercy, Amber on Army Wives, Holly Bennett on Body of Proof, Anita on House, Amy on Dark Horse, Princess Kemi of Nigeria on The Simpsons, and currently as April Sexton on Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. DaCosta exited the role on All My Children some time in August 2008, less than four months after joining the show, to join the cast of “The First Breeze of Summer” on Broadway.
  2006 saw Yaya’s film debut in the film Take the Lead as LaRhette. She has also appeared in 2007’s Honeydripper as China Doll and in 2009’s Messenger as Monica Washington. In 2010 DaCosta had supporting roles in the films The Kids Are All Right (as Tanya) and Tron: Legacy (as Siren). In 2013 she also appeared as Carol in the film The Butler, starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. Other movie credits include In Time, The Shanghai Hotel, Whole Lotta Sole, Mother of George, Big Words, And So It Goes, Bolden!, and The Nice Guys. In 2015, Yaya portrayed Whitney Houston in the self titled Biopic Whitney, directed by Angela Bassett.
  She is currently signed to Models 1 London and Ford Models New York. On June 26, 2012, DaCosta married independent movie producer and director Joshua Bee Alafia. She gave birth to the couple's first child, a son named Sankara, in September 2013. The couple parted ways in 2014.
  Name: Eva Marcille Placed: 1st Age: 33 First Call Outs: 2 Bottom 2: 2 Twitter Followers: 259k (@EvaMarcille) Instagram Followers: 1.7m (@evamarcille) Eva Marcille on IMDB
  ANTM CYCLE 3 Eva was the winner of the third cycle of America's Next Top Model, beating fellow contestants Yaya Da Costa and Amanda Swafford. Her prizes included a CoverGirl cosmetics contract, a spread in Elle, and a modeling contract with Ford Models. During the show, Eva won 2 challenges: The Heatherette runway show and the go-sees in Japan.
  POST-TOP MODEL Eva has appeared on the cover of Brides Noir, Women’s Health and Fitness (May 2005), King Magazine (June 2005), IONA (November 2005), Green Magazine, Obvious Magazine, Urban Lux Magazine, Kontrol Magazine, Sheen Magazine, HypeHair Magazine, and Essence Magazine. Her other modeling credits include CoverGirl, DKNY, Samsung, Red by Marc Ecko, Jewel magazine, In Touch Weekly magazine (June 2005), King magazine (November 2005), Black Girls Rule!, Vibe Vixen, Magazine, Today’s Black Woman Magazine, Magazine, UNleashed magazine, Star Magazine, Elle, Elle Girl,, Danskin, Active Imprints, Traci Lynn Jewelry, Koshie O Clothing, Ciroc Vodka, Phlaunt Hair, Applebottoms,Jasmine Ni'Cole Luxury Perucas, Shiekh Shoes, Lerner Catalog, UrbanSkinRx, Avon, and Rolling Out.
  Eva’s runway shows include the Marc Bouwer Fall 2005, Elle Girl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Model 2005, Gharani Strok Fall 2005, Deborah Lindquist Spring 2006, Naqada Spring 2006, 8th Annual ‘Models of Perfection’ Show 2006, and L.A. Fashion Week’s Monarchy Collection Fall 2007.
  Marcille has guest-starred on several series on UPN and The CW Network. Her guest-star credits include two episodes of Kevin Hill, one episode of Smallville, one episode of Everybody Hates Chris, and one episode of The Game as herself. Marcille has also appeared on Tyler Perry's House of Payne. In addition, Marcille hosted BET J's reality show My Model Looks Better Than Your Model, as well as Rip the Runway on BET. In 2005, Marcille appeared in a first-season episode of the MTV improv show Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out. In 2008 she joined the cast of The Young and the Restless as a young mother named Tyra Hamilton. After a few months, her character, who was planned to be temporary was made permanent. She appeared in a June 2009 episode of the BET prank show Played by Fame, where contestants have nightmarish dates with celebrities. She also appeared on The Assistants as Alicia James. In 2010, Eva hosted the first season of the Oxygen reality series Hair Battle Spectacular. In 2011, Eva joined the cast of the tv series Let’s Stay Together. 2013 saw Eva’s appearance on the reality show Real Husbands of Hollywood. In 2014, Eva has also appeared on For the Love of Lockwood and FNL’s Model Monday. In 2015, Marcille starred as Tara on the tv series Born Again Virgin, appeared on tv mini series For the Love of Lockwood Too. In February 2016 she stars in a reality series called About The Business. Currently, she is competing on the VH1’s Scared Famous and on the tv series Hip Hop Squares.
  Eva’s film credits include 24 Hour Love, The Walk, Crossover, The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down, Premium, Note To Self, If You Really Love Me, The Fright Night Files, Fear Files, Sister Code, and I Think I Love My Wife. In 2017, Eva also appeared in Busted and Miss Me This Christmas. Furthermore, she has appeared in several music videos, including "Baby" by Angie Stone (featuring Betty Wright), 50 Cent's "I Get Money" and Jamie Foxx's "DJ Play a Love Song". She is also mentioned in Lil' Kim's song, "I Know You See Me" and Missy Elliott's "On & On".In August 2013, Marcille appeared in the video clip "J'accélère (I accelerate)" by French rapper Rohff.
  Eva has been signed to L.A. Models, Uber-Warning Models, and now Slamm Management - Atlanta. She started her own eyewear company, First Ave Eyewear. In July 2006, Marcille started dating Tyler Perry's House of Payne star Lance Gross. They got engaged on December 24, 2008 and split up in March 2010. She also dated rapper Flo Rida from 2010 to 2012. Since January 2013, she has been dating singer-songwriter Kevin McCall. Marcille gave birth to her first child, and McCall's second daughter; Marley Rae McCall on January 31, 2014. They ended their relationship in early 2015.
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PELOSI to CHRIS WALLACE: ‘I am a master legislator’ -- CAN KELLY ‘TAME’ the White House zoo? -- SENIOR ADVISERS’ ‘casual access’ to Trump will continue -- JARROD AGEN promoted -- NEW NYT podcast -- B’DAY: Jim Rutenberg

PELOSI to CHRIS WALLACE: ‘I am a master legislator’ -- CAN KELLY ‘TAME’ the White House zoo? -- SENIOR ADVISERS’ ‘casual access’ to Trump will continue -- JARROD AGEN promoted -- NEW NYT podcast -- B’DAY: Jim Rutenberg
by [email protected] (Daniel Lippman) via POLITICO - TOP Stories
Happy Sunday. SPOTTED last night having dinner at one big table at BLT Prime at the Trump hotel: President Donald Trump, Gen. John Kelly, Dina Powell and David McCormick, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Louise Linton, and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Hilary Geary Ross.
FIRST IN PLAYBOOK – TRUMP’S WEEK -- Monday: President Trump is presenting the Medal of Honor. ... Tuesday: He holds a small business event at the White House. ... Friday: Trump visits FEMA headquarters to get a briefing on the hurricane season. This week’s theme is the “American dream.”
GROUNDHOG DAY -- “As Trump steams, Senate Republicans consider new repeal effort,” by Burgess Everett, Josh Dawsey and Rachael Bade: “Senate Republicans’ party-line attempts to repeal Obamacare aren’t dead just yet — at least not if President Donald Trump has anything to say about it. Trump, increasingly impatient with the long-stalled repeal effort, met with three Senate Republicans about a new plan to roll back the health care law on Friday, signaling some lawmakers -- as well as the president -- are not ready to ditch their seven-year campaign promise.
“The group is trying to write legislation that could get 50 Republican votes, according to multiple administration and Capitol Hill sources. The proposal from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) would block grant federal health care funding to the states and keep much of Obamacare’s tax regime. White House officials also met with House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) to brainstorm how to make the idea palatable to conservatives, according to two sources familiar with the meeting.”
-- ONE CONSERVATIVE said to us the other day that Obamacare is a tax bill -- even the Supreme Court said so. So keeping the taxes would be akin to keeping the entire law, for many conservatives.
ON THE PRESIDENT’S MIND -- yesterday at 12:19 p.m.: “After seven years of‘talking’ Repeal & Replace, the people of our great country are still being forced to live with imploding ObamaCare!” … at 12:27 p.m.: “If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!” … at 1:04 p.m.:“U.S. Stock Market up almost 20% since Election!” …
… at 4:36 p.m.: “Unless the Republican Senators are total quitters, Repeal & Replace is not dead! Demand another vote before voting on any other bill!” … at 7:15 p.m.: “I love reading about all of the ‘geniuses’ who were so instrumental in my election success. Problem is, most don’t exist. #Fake News! MAGA” … at 7:29 p.m.: “I am very disappointed in China. Our foolish past leaders have allowed them to make hundreds of billions of dollars a year in trade, yet…” … at 7:35 p.m.: “...they do NOTHING for us with North Korea, just talk. We will no longer allow this to continue. China could easily solve this problem!” … at 7:37 a.m.: “Don’t give up Republican Senators, the World is watching: Repeal & Replace...and go to 51 votes (nuke option), get Cross State Lines & more.”
KELLYANNE CONWAY on “FOX NEWS SUNDAY”: “He’s going to make that decision this week [whether to end cost sharing reduction payments], and that’s a decision that only he can make.”
-- A FEW QUICK NOTES: Every permutation of repeal and replace got fewer than 50 votes, so ancillary issues -- like being able to buy insurance across state lines -- is besides the point at this moment. IF TRUMP follows through on his threat to end the employer contribution for members of Congress, that would be a big deal, and could strip lawmakers of one of the only appealing benefits of their job. ALSO: Congress has to fund the government at the end of September and lift the debt ceiling shortly after that. Not passing anything until Obamacare is repealed and replaced is not necessarily a realistic position.
-- @burgessev: “Historically, conservatives use filibuster to block progressive legislation. Take this away and the next D Washington has few limits.”
… AND THIS: “Lawsuits could force feds to pay Obamacare insurers,” by Paul Demko: “A pending court decision could force the Trump administration to pump billions of dollars into Obamacare insurers, even as the president threatens to let the health care law ‘implode.’ Health insurers have filed nearly two dozen lawsuits claiming the government owes them payments from a program meant to blunt their losses in the Obamacare marketplaces. That raises the prospect that the Trump administration will have to bankroll a program the GOP has pilloried as an insurer bailout.”
NEW CBS NEWS NATION TRACKER POLL -- “Six months in, the latest CBS News Nation Tracker study shows President Donald Trump’s strongest backers like seeing him fight his chosen opponents: they want the President to call out those he believes disloyal, fight with the mainstream media, and they’re the only group among the segments in this study where a majority wants the President to do more tweeting. But what they applaud seems precisely what most others dislike, and that is costing the President potential support, even as many give him credit for an improving economy.”
PETER BAKER: “Trump Tries to Regroup as the West Wing Battles Itself”: “President Trump enters a new phase of his presidency on Monday with a new chief of staff but an old set of challenges as he seeks to get back on course after enduring one of the worst weeks that any modern occupant of the Oval Office has experienced in his inaugural year in power. With his poll numbers at historic lows, his legislative agenda stalled and his advisers busy plotting against one another, Mr. Trump hoped to regain momentum by pushing out his top aide, Reince Priebus, and installing a retired four-star Marine general, John F. Kelly, to take command. But it is far from certain that the move will be enough to tame a dysfunctional White House.
“The shake-up followed a week that saw the bombastic, with-me-or-against-me president defied as never before by Washington and its institutions, including Republicans in Congress, his own attorney general, the uniformed military leadership, police officers and even the Boy Scouts. No longer daunted by a president with a Twitter account that he uses like a Gatling gun, members of his own party made clear that they were increasingly willing to stand against him on issues like health care and Russia. The setbacks came against the backdrop of a West Wing at war with itself, egged on by a president who thrives on conflict and chaos. Mr. Kelly, who had been serving as secretary of homeland security, brings a career of decisive leadership to his new assignment as White House chief of staff. But he confronts multiple power centers among presidential aides, all with independent lines to the man in the Oval Office who resists the discipline and structure favored by generals.”
WAPO’S PHIL RUCKER, BOB COSTA and DAN BALZ: “Trump enlists Kelly to enforce order, but can the ‘zoo’ be tamed?”: “When Kelly made the rounds on Capitol Hill before his nomination hearings in January, he did not know Trump very well and asked people there to share stories about the president-elect. He wanted to know how Trump made decisions. Told that Trump relished competing power centers around him, Kelly grimaced and said nothing. ...
“Trump’s transition documents included a lengthy memo about White House structure, based on past administrations. ‘They didn’t follow the product at all,’ said a person with direct knowledge of what transpired as Trump was setting up his administration. ‘They did it instinctively … The president-elect didn’t want to say no to anybody.’ The result was the White House that now exists, populated by advisers with competing ideologies that reflect an administration that is an amalgam of populist nationalists, hard-line conservatives and establishment Republicans — and a few Democrats. …
“The environment is poised to change in the Kelly era. The new chief of staff is expected to have full control over the Oval Office and schedule, officials said. Trusted aides such as Hope Hicks, Dan Scavino and Keith Schiller -- as well as senior advisers such as Kushner, Bannon and Conway -- will continue to have casual access to the president.”
ANDREW RESTUCCIA, BRYAN BENDER and JOSH DAWSEY: “Kelly’s first task: Stabilize the West Wing: The no-nonsense retired Marine Corps general will soon be thrust into the center of the West Wing soap opera”: “When he officially becomes chief of staff on Monday, Kelly, a no-nonsense retired Marine Corps general, will be thrust into the center of the West Wing soap opera, where President Donald Trump’s policy agenda regularly gets preempted by feuding advisers and headline-grabbing scandals. ... ‘I think this is the best and last shot,’ said one person close to Kelly. ‘This is it.’ ...
“Kelly wants to have more of a pecking order among the staff and a more ‘traditional’ approach, one White House official said. But others in the White House said it’s too early to make predictions. ‘Everything is up in the air. Anyone who tells you they know anything is lying,’ a White House official said. ... Kelly has built relationships with several top White House aides in recent months, including chief strategist Steve Bannon and senior adviser Stephen Miller, who have played a central role in Trump’s immigration crackdown.
“Kelly has nonetheless expressed frustration about the White House to friends and associates, complaining about the slow pace of hiring and bristling at having to answer to lower-level aides, according to one person who has spoken to him and another person familiar with the tension. ... Asked to name any similarities between the two men, the person said, ‘They’re both Catholic, but that’s probably about it.’ ... Kelly is expected to make his first staff change at the White House on Monday, when he’ll bring in Kirstjen Nielsen, his chief of staff at DHS.”
THE NEVER ENDING CAMPAIGN -- “How 2018 became the new 2020,” by Gabe Debenedetti: “The 2020 Democratic presidential road show is already underway. And 2018 is beginning to look like the dress rehearsal. Top contenders are making endorsements, picking sides in party primaries and aggressively working the fundraising circuit on behalf of 2018 candidates, all the while building their own name recognition. With many of presidential prospects on the ballot themselves next year, potential challengers to Donald Trump are also stockpiling cash to help run up their re-election margins to burnish their stature for the big election on the horizon.
“The early focus on the midterms is a marked departure from previous practice, and a further acceleration of the presidential campaign cycle. Prior to the 2016 presidential primary season, for example, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders largely stayed off the campaign trail and out of elections until late 2014 — roughly six months before they officially announced their campaigns. But with a historically large presidential field taking shape, more than a dozen prominent Democrats — including governors like Terry McAuliffe and Steve Bullock, and senators like Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris — have recognized the need to distinguish themselves from the crowd. And they are already working hard to advance their brand while helping to reinvigorate the dilapidated party infrastructure in advance of the midterm elections.”
TRUMP is at his Virginia golf resort this morning, per the pool.
-- @markknoller: “By my count, it’s his 36th visit to one of his golf clubs, 15th time at the one in Sterling, VA - since taking office.”
VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE is in Tallinn, Estonia. Pence chief of staff Nick Ayers alerted staff and reporters on the trip that Jarrod Agen, communications director, had been promoted to deputy chief of staff, according to pooler Ashley Parker of the Washington Post.
IN MOSCOW … -- “The Kremlin is done betting on Trump and planning how to strike back against U.S. sanctions,” by WaPo’s Andrew Roth in Moscow: “Regardless of whether the Kremlin believes its own denials of interfering in the 2016 elections, there is one undeniable truth: Russia is now Washington’s greatest political foe. Understanding that President Trump is ‘tied hand and foot,’ as one foreign policy hawk here put it, Moscow is weighing options for retaliation.
“After a dalliance on the Trump train, Russia is once again channeling the ruthless realism that drives its political id, and embracing its role as antihero. ‘Okay, you think we’re bad guys, we’re going to be bad guys, and we’ll see whether you like it or not,’ said Konstantin Eggert, a television political commentator, describing the Kremlin thinking.”
RUSSIAN DEPUTY FOREIGN MINISTER SERGEI RYABKOV on potential retaliation as because of new U.S. sanctions to ABC’S MARTHA RADDATZ: “If the U.S. side decides to move further towards further deterioration we will answer, we will respond in kind. We will mirror this. … “I can assure you that different options are on the table and consideration is being given to all sorts of things, both symmetrical or asymmetrical to use a very popular word in the world of diplomacy.”
FOR YOUR RADAR -- AP: “U.S. bombers fly over South Korea after North’s 2nd ICBM test”: “The United States flew two supersonic bombers over the Korean Peninsula on Sunday in a show of force against North Korea following the country’s latest intercontinental ballistic missile test. The U.S. also said it conducted a successful test of a missile defense system located in Alaska. The B-1 bombers were escorted by South Korean fighter jets as they performed a low-pass over an air base near the South Korean capital of Seoul before returning to Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, the U.S. Pacific Air Forces said in a statement. …
“‘North Korea remains the most urgent threat to regional stability,’ said Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy, Pacific Air Forces commander. “Diplomacy remains the lead. However, we have a responsibility to our allies and our nation to showcase our unwavering commitment while planning for the worst-case scenario.’ ‘If called upon, we are ready to respond with rapid, lethal, and overwhelming force at a time and place of our choosing,’ O’Shaughnessy said.”
-- HOUSE MINORITY LEADER NANCY PELOSI defends her leadership to CHRIS WALLACE on “FOX NEWS SUNDAY” -- “I am a master legislator. I know the budget to the nth degree. I know the motivation of people I respect the people who are in Congress. I think this is a great moment for those of us who understand what is at stake with the Affordable Care Act – what our possibilities are in terms of working together with the Republicans as has been our experience in the past. So I feel very confident about the support I have in my caucus. I have never not been opposed within my caucus.”
--PELOSI ON JOHN KELLY: “I look forward to working with General Kelly. I’ve worked with him as Secretary Kelly at the Department of Homeland Security. So I will be speaking with him today. We look forward to working together. It’s a very important position – the President’s chief of staff to the President of the United States. And it has to be recognized that he is the chief of staff.”
-- HHS SECRETARY TOM PRICE talks with CHUCK TODD on NBC’S “MEET THE PRESS: TODD: “So if they come up with a fix that helps, essentially gives some certainty to the insurance companies to go into rural markets, are you then going to implement the Affordable Care Act as it was meant to be, including encouraging people to sign up, encouraging enrollment, encouraging Medicaid expansion?” PRICE: “Well, our, as I said, our responsibility is to follow the law and again we take that responsibility very seriously and we will continue to do so. But remember that the current law right now is failing the American people. As I mentioned, I think, we’ve got 40 counties across this – 40 counties that will no longer have any insurance company next year.
“That’s not a choice for anybody. You’ve got a third of the counties right now that only have one insurance company providing coverage. That’s not a choice for anybody. You’ve got premiums that are up, deductibles that are up, people having that insurance card and no care, got insurers fleeing the market. 83 insurance companies fled the health insurance market last year. That’s before this administration came in. This system is imploding upon itself and that's what we’re trying to care of. That’s what the president has said. That’s why we need repeal and replace.”
-- PRICE to ABC’S MARTHA RADDATZ on “THIS WEEK” -- TRUMP DOESN’T REALLY WANT TO LET OBAMACARE EXPLODE: RADDATZ: “But he says... -- let it -- let Obamacare implode, then deal. What does that mean?” PRICE: “Well, I -- again, I think what that does is punctuate the seriousness with which he understands the American people are having to deal with the current situation.”
-- OMB DIRECTOR MICK MULVANEY talks with CNN’S JAKE TAPPER on “STATE OF THE UNION” -- TAPPER: “When General Kelly is sworn in on Monday as White House chief of staff, will all staff members immediately begin reporting to him?” MULVANEY: “I don’t know. I answer to the chief of staff. And I will continue to do that. The Office of Management and Budget actually reports directly to the chief of staff. Obviously, we answer to the president, as everybody does in the West Wing. But, as far as I know, my reporting doesn’t change, nor do I have any reason for it to change. So, we will continue to do our business at OMB the same way we did last week. I think we’re doing some good work, and look forward to continuing that under General Kelly’s leadership.”
FUN -- NYT’s NEW PODCAST – Per The Times: “[W]e published the first episode of ‘The New Washington,’ a new limited-run politics podcast that takes you inside Trump’s Washington. Each episode of ‘The New Washington,’ which airs once a week and will run through the fall, features interviews with politicians and Washington insiders, along with insight, analysis and perspective from some of The Times’s most intrepid reporters. ... In the introductory episode, Michael Barbaro talks with Carl Hulse about the most interesting and important characters in Washington today and what he’s learned from his decades covering these figures -- and sharing a home, and in one case a barber, with them.”
WAPO’S ROXANNE ROBERTS in REHOBOTH BEACH, DEL. -- “Joe Biden still wants to be president. Can his family endure one last campaign?”
HOMESTATE POLITICS -- “Lisa Murkowski walked a tightrope in Alaska when she voted ‘no’ on Obamacare repeal,” by the L.A. Times’ Kyle Hopkins in Anchorage: “The chairman of the Alaska Republican Party says phones at the state GOP office have been ringing off the hook with Republicans angry or confused by Murkowski’s votes. To some moderates, independents and Democrats, she is a folk hero. Supporters planned a ‘Stay Strong Lisa’ rally on Saturday in Anchorage.”
ELECTION WATCH -- “Hackers descend on Las Vegas to expose voting machine flaws,” by Kevin Collier in Las Vegas: “Election officials and voting machine manufacturers insist that the rites of American democracy are safe from hackers. But people like Carten Schurman need just a few minutes to raise doubts about that claim. Schurman, a professor of computer science at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, used a laptop’s Wi-Fi connection Friday to gain access to the type of voting machine that Fairfax County, Virginia, used until just two years ago. Nearby, other would-be hackers took turns trying to poke into a simulated election computer network resembling the one used by Cook County, Illinois.
“Elsewhere, a gaggle of hackers went to work on a model still used in parts of seven states, as well as all of the state of Nevada. Though the device was supposedly wiped before it was sold by the government at auction, the hackers were able to uncover the results the machine tallied in 2002. They were among the hundreds of cybersecurity experts who descended on ‘Voting Village,’ one of the most talked-about features of the annual DEF CON hacker conference. In a cramped conference room, they took turns over three days cracking into 10 examples of voting machines and voter registration systems — a reminder, they say, of the risks awaiting upcoming U.S. elections.”
BONUS GREAT WEEKEND READS, curated by Daniel Lippman, filing from the Deutsche Bahn ICE train from Munich to Berlin, where he’s attending the American Council of Germany’s American-German Young Leaders Conference:
--“Scott Pruitt’s Crimes Against Nature,” by Jeff Goodell in Rolling Stone: “Trump’s EPA chief is gutting the agency, defunding science and serving the fossil-fuel industry.”
--“Patagonia’s Big Business of #Resist,” by Abe Streep in Outside Magazine: “The iconic brand has long been the conscience of the outdoor industry, forsaking hefty profits to do the right thing. Now the company is going to war against the Trump administration over protections for public land in a bid to become a serious political player—which happens to be very good for sales.” (h/t
--“Strippers, Insane Asylums, Assassination, and Termites: Inside the Insane History of the World’s Greatest White House Replica,” by The Daily Beast’s Will O’Connor in Baton Rouge: “Governor Huey Long was so anxious to get to the White House that he built his own in Baton Rouge. An assassin’s bullet cut short Long’s ambitions, but his gaudy knock-off survives.”
--“Slaves of Isis: the long walk of the Yazidi women,” by Cathy Otten in The Guardian: “When Isis rounded up Yazidi women and girls in Iraq to use as slaves, the captives drew on their collective memory of past oppressions – and a powerful will to survive.”
--“Kristin Beck: A Navy SEAL in Transition,” by Devin Friedman in the Nov. 2015 issue of GQ: “Back when she was a member of SEAL Team 6—Kristin Beck liked to grow her beard real long. But as disguises go, that was nothing compared with the life she lived as a man. What’s it take, and how does it feel, for a paragon of masculinity to travel so far to find her true self?” (h/t
--“Naked Truths: Who are we without our clothes?” by Jamie Lauren Keiles in Racked -- per Longreads’ description: “Keiles spends a week at a naturist camp to learn ‘why people get naked.’ As she exercises, sun tans, and square dances her way through a week garbed for the most part only in shoes, she gets stripped not only of inhibitions around her own body, but also of notions around naturist intent, learning that most enthusiasts take off their clothes not for sexual reasons, but simply to feel free.”
--“Instagram is Pushing Restaurants to be Kitschy, Colorful, and Irresistible to Photographers,” by The Verge’s Casey Newton: “[S]ome entrepreneurs are taking the idea a step further, designing their physical spaces in the hopes of inspiring the maximum number of photos. They’re commissioning neon signs bearing modestly sly double entendres, painting elaborate murals of tropical wildlife, and embedding floor tiles with branded greetings — all in the hopes that their guests will post them.”
--“Afghanistan’s Young Liberal Elites Challenge the Taliban,” by Susanne Koelbl in Der Spiegel: “A young, liberal elite has emerged in Kabul, including many women. It is taking a stand against the Taliban’s atrocities in the form of political and artistic initiatives and wants to put an end to Afghanistan’s culture of violence.”
--“Tough Talk,” by Steve Kolowich in the Chronicle of Higher Ed: “A black philosopher at Texas A&M thought forcing a public discussion about race and violence was his job. Turns out people didn’t want to hear it.” (h/t
SPOTTED: Ed Gillespie at gate 42 at Reagan airport Sunday morning. A “couple folks walked up to wish him well,” per our tipster.
HAPPY 28th ANNIVERSARY to Diane and Paul Begala.
WEEKEND WEDDINGS – “Deanna Howes, Peter Spiro” -- N.Y. Times: “Mrs. Spiro, 31, is the communications director at the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, which is in Washington. She graduated from Fordham and received a master’s degree in communication from Johns Hopkins. ... Mr. Spiro, 47, is the chief of staff to Representative Ro Khanna, a California Democrat. The groom graduated from Tulane and received an M.B.A. from Georgetown. ... The bride and groom first met at a political fund-raiser in 2013, and after an encounter at another fund-raiser, several emails and a much longer conversation at an awards dinner, they began dating in 2015.” With pic … Wedding pic
SPOTTED: Rep. Ro Khanna, Archbishop of Vilnius Gintaras Grusas, Rev. Michael J. Sheeran S.J., former Amb. to Malta Gary Matthews, former Rep. Tim Bishop (D-N.Y.), ret. Lt. Col. Jim Zumwalt, Heather Purcell, Geo Saba, Kevin Fox, Will McKelvey.
--Conrad Lucas, West Virginia GOP chairman and likely 2018 congressional candidate, last night married LeFlore Barbour, an RNC alum now a strategic partner at Direct Edge. The couple met in 2014 at an RNC meeting, and the wedding was in New Orleans. Pic
SPOTTED: former Miss. Gov. Haley Barbour, Rep. David McKinley (R-W.Va.), Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, RAGA political director Seth Wimer, RNC members Sharon Day, Christine Toretti, Henry Barbour, John Ryder, Vicki Drummond, Jonelle Fulmer, Doyle Webb, Jonathan Barnett, Jeannie Luckey, and Melody Potter, and Austin Barbour, Greg Thomas, Rob Cornelius, Jordan Burgess, Kayla Kessinger, Roger Hanshaw, Riley Moore, Brent Robertson, Katie Hirkman, former WV state Justice John McCuskey, Lane Flynn, Katie Leslie, and Jeppie Barbour.
--“Jamie Farnsworth, Andrew Finn”: “Mrs. Finn, 33, is a digital and operations manager for education initiatives at NBC News in New York. [She is also an alum of ‘Rock Center’ and CBS News.] She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. ... Mr. Finn, 34, is a special counsel in the litigation group at Sullivan & Cromwell, a New York law firm. He also graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, though the couple didn’t meet until after both had moved to New York. He received a law degree from New York Law School. ... The couple met in Manhattan in 2015 at a Memorial Day weekend party. They talked about their common background in Wisconsin, and laughed when they exchanged cellphone numbers, as each had retained a 608 area code from their time in Madison.” With pic
OBAMA ALUMNI -- “Casey Pallenik, Bradford Simmons”: “The bride, 30 ... is a director of business development for Atlantic Media in Washington. She is also studying for an M.B.A. at Johns Hopkins. Previously, she was a political appointee of the Obama administration, where she served as a staff assistant in the East Wing visitors office, facilitating public tours and large events at the White House. She graduated cum laude from American University. ... The groom, 31, is a foreign affairs officer at the State Department, where he advises on energy security matters in the Asia Pacific. He graduated from Emory University in Atlanta and received a master’s degree in international affairs from George Washington University. ... The couple met in 2007 while studying abroad in Prague.” With pic Wedding pics ...
--SPOTTED: Graham Brookie, Samantha Tubman, Jonny Dach, Leslie Dach, Chelsea Bollinger, Emily Boyle, Mike DelMoro, Will Jennings and Adrienne Watson, Tess Hetzel, Dana Rosensweig, Elizabeth Pan, Julia Duncan, Micah Fergenson, Andrea Richter, Thayer Surette, Josh Volz, Alex Kahl, Rachel Alben, Kelly McCoy and Sid Mahanta.
BIRTHDAYS: Jim Rutenberg ... WSJ’s Shane Harris ... Dave Kochel, Jeb and Mitt alum ... Chris Battle ... Carl Lavin ... Medicare is 52 ... Arnold Schwarzenegger is 7-0 … Anita Hill is 61 ... Trump WH alum Michael Short … Eleanor Smeal is 78 ... former Rep. Pat Schroeder (D-Colo.) is 77 ... Michelle Bernard ... Mario H. Lopez, president of Hispanic Leadership Fund (hat tip: Joseph Culotta) ... Rebecca Kutler, VP at CNN … former CFTC Chairman Tim Massad is 61 ... Chelsie Gosk, social media at Airbnb and a New Yorker alum … Freeman Klopott … Meredith Simpson … Megan Rodriguez ... Fran McCarthy (h/t Jon Haber) … Tony Maciulis is 41 ... Mark Beatty, 270 Strategies founding partner and 2012 Obama deputy battleground states director. “It’s his last bachelor birthday -- he marries the love of his life in less than a month!” (h/t Lynda Tran) ... Ben Marter, comms director for Sen. Durbin ... Candace Randle ... Robert Gottheim … Brad Jenkins of Funny or Die … Bill O’Leary, a partner at Heidrick & Struggles, celebrating by playing golf and having dinner with the kids (h/ts Ben Chang) ...
... Suzanne Nossel, executive director of PEN America ... Courtney Asbill ... former Rep. Quico Canseco (R-Tex.) is 68 ... former Rep. Wendell Bailey (R-Mo.) is 77 ... Furhawn Shah ... Kana Smith ... Ines de La Cuetara ... Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) is 51 ... Politico’s Tyler Weyant, Alexa Velickovich and Francesca Pigna ... MSNBC’s Isaac-Davy Aronson ... Garry Malphrus ... HuffPost’s Ashley Alman ... Maggie Easterlin Cutrell ... Kate Harris … Lindsay Butcher ... Colleen Murray … Glen Chambers … Salesforce’s Jim Green … Bonnie Eggers ... Nate Beeler ... Emily Sanders Elam ... Dave Koenig is 58 ... Robert Basmadjian ... Stephen Gallo is 33 ... Paul Dickson ... Wesley Boatwright is 53 ... George McDowell … Jonathan Spalter ... Asher Grady (h/ts Teresa Vilmain)
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BREAKING: TRUMP to delay UK trip -- FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: Aug. recess in jeopardy -- ISENSTADT: MITT shows signs of political revival -- SPOTTED at Mike Shields/Katie Walsh engagement party -- B’DAY: Greta van Susteren

BREAKING: TRUMP to delay UK trip -- FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: Aug. recess in jeopardy -- ISENSTADT: MITT shows signs of political revival -- SPOTTED at Mike Shields/Katie Walsh engagement party -- B’DAY: Greta van Susteren
by [email protected] (Daniel Lippman) via POLITICO - TOP Stories
FIRST IN PLAYBOOK -- WE HEAR … There is a chance Congress will stay in session for part of August. There has been political pressure from some members of the House and Senate to stay in town and try to get some things done instead of take a five-week recess. The pressure will only increase if the Obamacare repeal and replace isn’t done in the next few weeks. Congress has just 27 days in session until the summer break. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise: many lawmakers have had to face angry constituents on trips home.
STATEMENTS FROM PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP from Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey -- at 8:22 a.m.: “The #FakeNews MSM doesn’t report the great economic news since Election Day. #DOW up 16%. #NASDAQ up 19.5%. Drilling & energy sector......way up. Regulations way down. 600,000+ new jobs added. Unemployment down to 4.3%. Business and economic enthusiasm way up- record levels!” … at 8:29 a.m.: “I believe the James Comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. Totally illegal? Very ‘cowardly!’” … at 8:49 a.m.: “The Democrats have no message, not on economics, not on taxes, not on jobs, not on failing #Obamacare. They are only OBSTRUCTIONISTS!”
-- TWO QUICK THINGS: Many Democrats will privately agree with Trump that they oftentimes lack a coherent message. But Trump’s presidency has unified Democrats for the first time in a long time … Trump has majorities in the House and Senate, and he’s blaming Democrats for obstructing him.
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BREAKING OVERSEAS -- TRUMP PUTS OFF U.K. VISIT -- THE GUARDIAN: “Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain put on hold: U.S. president told Theresa May he did not want trip to go ahead if there were large-scale public protests”: “Donald Trump has told Theresa May in a phone call he does not want to go ahead with a state visit to Britain until the British public supports him coming. The U.S. president said he did not want to come if there were large-scale protests and his remarks in effect put the visit on hold for some time. The call was made in recent weeks, according to a Downing Street adviser who was in the room. The statement surprised May, according to those present.”
Good Sunday morning. Jake will be on Steve Hilton’s new Fox News show “The Next Revolution” live from Los Angeles tonight at 9 p.m. East Coast time.
TRUMP stopped by a wedding at his country club in New Jersey last night.
YOU’LL HEAR THIS QUOTE A LOT -- Donald Trump Jr. on Fox News, via the Washington Post: “‘When he tells you to do something, guess what? There’s no ambiguity in it, there’s no, ‘Hey, I’m hoping,'’ Trump said. ‘You and I are friends: ‘Hey, I hope this happens, but you’ve got to do your job.’ That’s what he told Comey. And for this guy as a politician to then go back and write a memo: ‘Oh, I felt threatened.’ He felt so threatened -- but he didn’t do anything.’ Trump also said that Comey’s testimony ‘vindicated’ the president and that everything in it was ‘basically ridiculous.’”
ALEX ISENSTADT in DEER VALLEY, UTAH -- “Romney stokes speculation he’s weighing another political run: The 2012 GOP nominee is plotting how to help Republicans in the midterms, and he’s being coy about his own political future”: “Mitt Romney is once again testing his political power — critiquing President Donald Trump, raising money and campaigning for fellow Republicans, and not ruling out another run for office for himself. The 2012 GOP nominee is returning to the spotlight, six months after Trump -- the man Romney once savaged as unfit for the presidency -- nearly picked him to be secretary of state. …
“Spencer Zwick, a longtime Romney adviser and political gatekeeper, said he’d been inundated with appeals from Republican candidates asking the former GOP nominee to help them. Last week, Romney held his first fundraiser for a 2018 hopeful, an event benefiting Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, a Republican who has been fiercely critical of the president. Over the coming days, Romney is also expected to release a robo-call boosting Georgia Republican Karen Handel, who has been losing ground in a high-stakes June 20 special House election she had once been favored to win.
“‘All I can tell you is that the number of requests that Mitt has gotten in the last month to come to a district or to come to a state for a sitting senator — it’s like he’s a presidential candidate again, which I was surprised by,’ said Zwick, who doubles as a top political aide to House Speaker Paul Ryan. ‘There are only so many people in the party that can headline these things.’”
-- THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE between Republicans wanting to take advantage of Romney’s fundraising prowess, and his running for office and garnering the support he needs to win.
SUNDAY BEST -- JOHN DICKERSON speaks with SEN. JAMES LANKFORD (R-OKLA.) on CBS’S “FACE THE NATION” -- DICKERSON: “On the question of influencing the investigation, again, thinking about the scale, on the one hand the president might have done something that was a little bit crossing a line but he’s a new guy to the job all the way to this question of obstruction of justice. Where do you put, knowing what you know about the president’s behavior, where do you put what he did on that scale?” LANKFORD: “I would say it’s very inappropriate. As Jim Comey said, it’s awkward to be able to have the president of the United States sitting down with someone in the F.B.I., the leadership of the F.B.I., to be able to have direct questions. And for the issue to come up about the Michael Flynn investigations, inappropriate. But the way that it was handled, with no follow-up, with no other press, with no other return to that topic, it looks like what I called a pretty light touch. If this is trying to interfere in a process of any investigation, it doesn’t seem like it was number one, very effective, and number two, came up more than once in a conversation. So this looks more like an inappropriate conversation than obstruction.”
-- SEN. JACK REED (D-R.I.) tells CHRIS WALLACE on “FOX NEWS SUNDAY” that Trump needs to be deposed on all Russia-related questions -- “[T]he deposition is not just about his conversations with Mr. Comey. There are issues with respect to his conversation with director of national intelligence Dan Coats, Admiral Rogers, the NSA director, his relationships with Manafort. By the time the special prosecutor Mr. Mueller is ready to depose or ask the president to speak under oath, there are a myriad of questions. So what I don’t want to see is simply, we’ll I just said I talk about Comey, I’m not talking about anything else. To resolve this situation he has to be prepared to speak on all these matters.”
-- PREET BHARARA speaks to GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS on ABC’S “THIS WEEK” -- STEPHANOPOULOS: “The president’s defenders, like Alan Dershowitz, say there’s no grounds for obstruction. You talked about that. And he, in fact, says that presidents have the constitutional right to fire FBI directors and investigations as much as they want. One of the president’s attorneys, Jay Sekulow, is coming up next. He says there’s no there there, no basis for obstruction. You’re a former prosecutor. Are -- is there evidence there ... to begin a case for obstruction?” BHARARA: “I think there’s absolutely evidence to begin a case. I think it’s very important for all sorts of armchair speculators in the law to be clear that no one knows right now whether there is a provable case of obstruction. It’s also true I think from based on what I see as a third party and out of government that there’s no basis to say there’s no obstruction.”
-- SEN. SUSAN COLLINS (R-Maine) talks to BRIANNA KEILAR on CNN’s “STATE OF THE UNION” -- KEILAR: “I want to ask you about something the president has been cagey about, and that is these tapes, of course. So, I wonder if you would support issuing a subpoena to the White House. Right now, it’s just a request coming from Congress. Would you support issuing a subpoena for the recordings or any documents that might come from that?” COLLINS: “This is an issue that the president should have cleared up in his press conference. He should give a straight yes or no to the answer -- to the question of whether or not the tapes exist. And he should voluntarily turn them over not only to the Senate Intelligence Committee, but to the special counsel. So, I don’t think a subpoena should be necessary. And I don’t understand why the president just doesn’t clear this matter up once and for all.”
THE NEXT MAIN EVENT -- “Sessions will testify before Senate in Russia investigation,” by Kyle Cheney and John Bresnahan: “In a letter to his former colleagues in the House and Senate, Sessions canceled a planned appearance before Congress’ appropriations committees. Sessions said he instead plans to appear on Tuesday before the Intelligence panel to respond to questions stemming from FBI director James Comey’s bombshell testimony last Thursday. …
“If this is an open session ... Sessions will likely face a barrage of questions over his role in Comey’s dismissal, his independence from President Donald Trump, and allegations of additional unreported meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Sessions has already recused himself from the Russia probe after failing to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation of two meetings with Kislyak, and there have been reports of additional sessions.”
-- SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN (D-CALIF.) told Brianna Keilar on “State of the Union” that she didn’t know if the hearing will be open.
INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW -- “What’s next for Comey? Maybe law, corporate work, politics,” by AP’s Eric Tucker: “So what’s next for James Comey? The former FBI director boldly challenged the president who fired him, accused the Trump administration of lying and supplied material that could be used to build a case against President Donald Trump. But after stepping away from the Capitol Hill spotlight, where he’s always seemed comfortable, the 56-year-old veteran lawman now confronts the same question long faced by Washington officials after their government service.
“His dry quip at a riveting Senate hearing that he was ‘between opportunities’ vastly understates the career prospects now available to him — not to mention potential benefits from the public’s fascination with a man who has commanded respect while drawing outrage from both political parties.”
EYE-POPPING NUMBERS FROM WAPO’S KAREN TUMULTY in SANDY SPRINGS, GEORGIA -- “Trump looms over Georgia special election, a proxy battle for 2018”: “It is an arms race of money and organization. The latest fundraising report, filed Thursday, showed Ossoff raising an additional $15 million in the past two months, nearly quadruple what Handel brought in. With outside groups weighing in, the race has thus far cost more than $40 million -- far outpacing the previous record for a congressional race of nearly $30 million for a Florida contest in 2012.
“Polls indicate there are few voters still undecided. ‘The next 10 days are about turning out the base. There are more of us than them in the district. The more people who vote, the better,’ said Corry Bliss, who heads the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC affiliated with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.). That organization alone plans to spend about $7 million in the race.”
FASCINATING READ -- “Palantir goes from Pentagon outsider to Mattis’ inner circle,” by Jacqueline Klimas and Bryan Bender: “The Trump era has brought a change of fortune for a Silicon Valley software company founded by presidential adviser Peter Thiel — turning it from a Pentagon outcast to a player with three allies in Defense Secretary Jim Mattis' inner circle. At least three Pentagon officials close to Mattis, including his deputy chief of staff and a longtime confidante, either worked, lobbied or consulted for Palantir Technologies, according to ethics disclosures obtained by POLITICO. That’s an unusually high number of people from one company to have such daily contact with the Pentagon leader, some analysts say.
“It also represents a sharp rise in prominence for the company, which just months ago could barely get a meeting in the Pentagon. Last year, Palantir even had to go to court to force its way into a competition for a lucrative Army contract. Thiel was one of the only Silicon Valley titans to openly support Trump during the campaign, a role that gave him a prime speaking slot at last summer’s Republican convention. He has since acted as a key adviser arranging meetings among the president and other tech executives. While there's no evidence he had a direct hand in these specific Pentagon hires, analysts say they absolutely show his growing influence in the administration, where he holds no formal role.”
DEMOCRATS’ NEW PLAYBOOK -- “Democrats bet on Trump in Virginia governor’s race,” by Kevin Robillard: “Virginia’s Democratic primary on Tuesday is shaping up to be the first real test of liberalism in the Trump era, with both candidates lurching for increasingly leftward policies to position themselves in contrast with President Donald Trump. …
“Virginia’s gubernatorial elections often develop into contrasts with a new president, but there’s a stark difference between now and how Republican candidate Bob McDonnell handled then-President Barack Obama in 2009. While critical of the Obama's economic record, the future governor also regularly praised Obama for supporting school choice, straddling the partisan divide. The Democrats have felt no need to do the same with the less popular Trump, whose approval rating was at 36 percent in a recent Washington Post-George Mason University poll of Virginia.”
THE LATEST ON HEALTH CARE -- “Fate of Planned Parenthood funding tied to Senate moderates,” by Jen Haberkorn: “Two female Senate Republicans could stop the anti-abortion movement from achieving its most significant win against Planned Parenthood in decades. Most Republicans want to eliminate the group’s $555 million in federal funding as part of their bill to repeal Obamacare. But as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tries to solve the legislative Rubik’s Cube of finding 50 votes for repeal, he may have to drop the Planned Parenthood cut to win the support of the two Republican moderates, Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.”
WHAT SILICON VALLEY IS READING -- “Uber Board to Discuss CEO Travis Kalanick’s Possible Leave of Absence: Board also set to vote on recommendations from a report of an investigation into workplace issues,” by WSJ’s Greg Bensinger: “Uber Technologies Inc. Chief Executive Travis Kalanick will discuss taking a possible leave of absence when the board of directors of the embattled ride-hailing company meets Sunday morning, according to a person familiar with the matter.
“Also on the agenda when the seven-person board convenes is a vote on a series of recommendations from a report prepared by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder regarding its workplace. It was uncertain whether Mr. Kalanick would ultimately take the leave or whether the board would approve of such a measure, which would require finding a temporary replacement in short order.”
-- SPOTTED at Mitt Romney’s E2 Summit in Deer Valley, Utah: New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, Spencer Zwick, Matt Waldrip, Corry Bliss, Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Kristen Soltis Anderson, Ron Kaufman, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), Anthony Scaramucci, Bianna Golodryga, Will Ritter, Mary Bono Mack, Lanhee Chen, Leah Malone and Andrew Liveris.
RIP -- @SecondLady: “Rest in peace Oreo. You touched a lot of hearts in your little life. Our family will miss you very much.”
‘WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT WEEK’ AT THE WHITE HOUSE -- “Donald and Ivanka Trump head to Wisconsin for jobs push,” by ABC News’ Jordyn Phelps: “President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump are set to travel to Wisconsin Tuesday to join Gov. Scott Walker to tour a technical college, as the administration puts a renewed focus on its goal of job creation. The trip is just one event in a week full of activities built around promoting technical skills training and apprenticeships. [They are d]ubbing it ‘workforce development week’ ...
“The president is expected to make what the administration is billing as a ‘major policy speech’ at the Department of Labor on Wednesday, in which he’ll lay out steps the administration will take to encourage workforce development and also call for Congressional action. Ivanka Trump will also lead a roundtable with some 15 CEOs. On Thursday, the president will also host a roundtable discussion, where he will welcome eight governors from states with successful workforce development programs to the White House.”
THE NEW U.K. POLITICAL REALITY -- “For Britain, Political Stability Is a Quaint Relic,” by NYT’s Steven Erlanger in London: “In a little more than two years, Britain has had two general elections and a nationwide referendum. Each time, the politicians, pollsters, betting markets, political scientists and commentators have got it wrong.
“Once considered one of the most politically stable countries in the world, regularly turning out majority governments, Britain is increasingly confusing and unpredictable, both to its allies and itself. Far from settling the fierce divisions exposed by last year’s referendum on Britain’s exit from the European Union, or Brexit, the election on Thursday only made them worse.”
-- THE POLITICO EUROPE TICK TOCK: “How Theresa May lost it: A reluctance to delegate, hubris and campaigning ineptitude ruined British prime minister’s grand plan to secure a mandate,” by Tom McTague, Charlie Cooper and Annabelle Dickson in London: “Halfway through Britain’s seven-week snap election campaign, some in Theresa May’s team came to the conclusion that they had a problem — the candidate. At a gathering of senior staff in Conservative campaign headquarters in central London, one of May’s top operatives told the sitting prime minister that she risked crashing and burning like Sarah Palin did in 2008. ... To the operative, May was overly controlling and her inexperience would tell during a short, intense campaign. May listened with good grace ... [but] changed nothing.”
ACTUAL FAKE NEWS – NYT A22, “A Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theorist, a False Tweet and a Runaway Story,” by Jeremy Peters: “A pro-Trump activist notorious for his amateur sleuthing into red herrings like the ‘Pizzagate’ hoax and a conspiracy theory involving the murder of a Democratic aide, Mr. Posobiec wrote on May 17 that Mr. Comey, the recently ousted F.B.I. director, had ‘said under oath that Trump did not ask him to halt any investigation.’ …
“But as the journey of that one tweet shows, misinformed, distorted and false stories are gaining traction far beyond the fringes of the internet. Just 14 words from Mr. Posobiec’s Twitter account would spread far enough to provide grist for a prime-time Fox News commentary and a Rush Limbaugh monologue that reached millions of listeners, forging an alternative first draft of history in corners of the conservative media where President Trump’s troubles are often explained away as fabrications by his journalist enemies.
“In this fragmented media environment, the spread of false information is accelerated and amplified by a web of allied activist-journalists with large online followings, a White House that grants them access and, occasionally, a president who validates their work. The right-wing media machine that President Bill Clinton’s aides once referred to as ‘conspiracy commerce’ is now far more mature, extensive and, in the internet age, tough to counter.”
DEEP DIVES -- NYT A1, “Opioid Dealers Embrace the Dark Web to Send Deadly Drugs by Mail: Anonymous online sales are surging, and people are dying. Despite dozens of arrests, new merchants — many based in Asia — quickly pop up,” by Nathaniel Popper (print headline: “Drug Trade Rises in Dark Corners of the Internet”): “As the nation’s opioid crisis worsens, the authorities are confronting a resurgent, unruly player in the illicit trade of the deadly drugs, one that threatens to be even more formidable than the cartels. The internet. In a growing number of arrests and overdoses, law enforcement officials say, the drugs are being bought online. Internet sales have allowed powerful synthetic opioids such as fentanyl — the fastest-growing cause of overdoses nationwide — to reach living rooms in nearly every region of the country, as they arrive in small packages in the mail.”
--“China’s New Bridges: Rising High, but Buried in Debt: China has built hundreds of dazzling new bridges, including the longest and highest, but many have fostered debt and corruption,” by NYT’s Chris Buckley: “The eye-popping structures have slashed travel times in some areas, made business easier and generated a sizable slice of the country’s economy, laying a foundation, in theory at least, for decades of future growth. But as the bridges and the expressways they span keep rising, critics say construction has become an end unto itself. Fueled by government-backed loans and urged on by the big construction companies and officials who profit from them, many of the projects are piling up debt and breeding corruption while producing questionable transportation benefits.”
BONUS GREAT WEEKEND READS, curated by Daniel Lippman:
--“Bob Dylan’s Nobel Lecture”: “Some of these same things have happened to you. You too have had drugs dropped into your wine. You too have shared a bed with the wrong woman. You too have been spellbound by sweet voices with strange melodies. You too have come so far and have been so far blown back.”
--“How the D-Day Invasion Was Planned” – in the August 1944 issue of Popular Mechanics: “Every one of the thousands of men landed in France required about 10 ship tons of overall equipment, and an additional ship ton every 30 days. The number of separate items needed was about a million. Some of these million items had to be accumulated in millions, resulting in astronomical totals.”
--“Eternal Champions,” by Sam Borden in ESPN: “Seven months ago, Brazilian underdogs Chapecoense boarded a plane to play in the game of their lives. Instead, their biggest moment turned into a tragedy no one can forget.” (h/t
--“Inside Trump’s secretive immigration court: far from scrutiny and legal aid,” by The Guardian’s Oliver Laughland in Jena, Louisiana: “[T]he remote LaSalle detention facility is part of Trump’s attempt to fast-track deportations. A visit reveals a hastily arranged setup beset by flaws.”
--“Rolling Stone at 50: How Hunter S. Thompson Became a Legend,” by Patrick Doyle in Rolling Stone – per The Browser’s description: “Sports Illustrated asked Hunter S. Thompson for 250 words about a Las Vegas motorbike race. He gave them 2,500 words — and when they spiked the piece he took it to Rolling Stone, which wanted more. The result was Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, published in 1971. Thompson’s coverage of the 1972 presidential campaign ‘reshaped what it meant to write about politics’. But ‘getting work out of him was becoming difficult”. Editing him ‘was a bit like being a cornerman for Ali.’”
--“Weddings of the 0.01 Percent,” by Julia Rubin in Racked: “Cristal! Caviar! Chris Martin! How the rich (and sometimes famous) get married.”
--“The truth about tarot,” by James McConnachie in Aeon Magazine: “Whether divining ancient wisdoms or elevating the art of cold reading, tarot is a form of therapy, much like psychoanalysis.” (h/t
--“The Worst Ever First Day on the Job -- Punching In: My Life as a Long Haul Trucker,” by Finn Murphy in Literary Hub: “Moving companies perform four categories of moving work: local, commercial, long-distance, and international. Callahan’s work was mostly local moving, loading up someone’s house in the morning and then unloading in the afternoon at the new house. It takes the greatest toll on the body because you are handling stuff every working day. It’s the local stuff that eventually kills you or drives you to drink; more commonly, both.”
--“There Were Once Jews Here,” by Lucette Lagnado, author of “The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit: A Jewish Family’s Exodus from Old Cairo to the New World,” in Tablet Magazine: “During the Six-Day War, some of the Arab countries at war with Israel -- Egypt, Tunisia, Libya -- treated their Jewish populations terribly, causing them to leave en masse.” ... $10.01 on Amazon
--“Dear Brazilian Government, Thanks for the Contracts,” by Michael Smith, Sabrina Valle, and Blake Schmidt on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek: “There’s graft, and then there’s the graft machine perfected by Odebrecht, one of the world's biggest construction companies.” … The cover
--“‘Kill them, kill them, kill them’: the volunteer army plotting to wipe out Britain’s grey squirrels,” by Patrick Barkham in The Guardian: “The red squirrel is under threat of extinction across Britain. Their supporters believe the only way to save them is to exterminate their enemy: the greys. But are they just prejudiced against non-native species?”
--“This County Switched From Backing Obama to Trump. Here’s What Happened,” by Josh Siegel in The Daily Signal: “In 1980, manufacturing jobs comprised 38 percent of all jobs in Coos [New Hampshire]. In 2014, only 7 percent of jobs in the county were in manufacturing. Payroll wages from manufacturing have dropped from 49 percent to 9 percent since the mid-1980s.”
SPOTTED: Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly enjoying “DHS Night” Friday night at the Nats game along with members of DHS’ workforce – pic Anson Kaye, partner at GMMB, in New Orleans last night, accepting a Gold ADDY award (and also a Mosaic Award) for the ad “Mirrors” ( he created for Hillary for America
SPOTTED at State Department senior White House adviser Matt Mowers’ birthday party at Wet Dog Tavern last night (which coincidentally also hosted RNC alum Anna Epstein’s birthday party at the same time): Cassie Spodak, Ryan Williams, Zeke Miller, Ben Sparks, Jill Barclay, Phil Elliott, Ethan Zorfas, Ben DeMarzo, Maren Kasper, Michael Kratsios, Kailani Koenig, Tom Dickens, Elise Dietsch Dickens, Eric Jones, Alan He, Andy Polesovsky, Corey Ershow, Kelly Klass, Britt Carter.
SHIELDS/WALSH ENGAGEMENT PARTY -- THE BRITISH EMBASSY hosted an engagement party last night for Mike Shields, former RNC chief of staff and founder and partner at Convergence Media and Katie Walsh, former WH deputy chief of staff and former RNC chief of staff who is now senior advisor at America First Policies. Amb. Kim Darroch toasted the pair and called them the “ultimate political couple” and told the crowd how the couple got engaged in the Cabinet Room at 10 Downing Street, where the prime minister has met with his or her cabinet every week for 250 years. He also needled Mike, who has a British mother and is a big soccer fan, for supporting Ipswich, who he cast as much inferior to Chelsea in the Premier League. The food at the party included: herb-crusted fillet of lamb, goat’s cheese and beetroot, terrine of pork, and chili shrimp while desserts included mini Bakewell tart, strawberry tartlet and passion fruit mousse. Pics of the couple … Reince Priebus taking a pic of the couple as they thanked friends for coming … The crowd
SPOTTED: Reince and Sally Priebus, Sean and Rebecca Spicer, Steven Mnuchin and his chief of staff Eli Miller chatting on a walk around the gardens of the embassy, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Rob and Cindy Simms, Cara Mason, Jessica Ditto, Sarah and Dave Armstrong, Tim Pataki, Richard Walters, Rob Jesmer chatting with Sean Cairncross (Sean and Rob have been friends since they were 5 years old growing up in Minnesota), Brian O. Walsh, Josh Pitcock, Mike’s 15-year-old son Aidan Shields-Eads, Molly Donlin, Steven Law, Sam Feist, Mike Allen, Andrew Bremberg, Lew Eisenberg, Madeleine Westerhout, Johnny DeStefano, Renee Hudson, Michael Hoare, Lindsay Walters, Vanessa Morrone and Mike Ambrosini, Zach and Mallory Hunter.
ENGAGED --Andrew Feldman, principal of the progressive communications firm Feldman Strategies, proposed to his longtime girlfriend Megan Salzman Saturday night during Country Music Fest in Nashville. Megan is a communications manager at the early education advocacy group The First Five Years Fund. “Andrew and Megan met on OKCupid nearly four and a half years ago. Andrew points out that the ring has extra significant because the center stone was Megan’s mother’s engagement stone and she is no longer with us.” Pics ... … The ring
-- Jessica Huff, social media director for McClatchy in Dallas and a Politico alum, and Spenser Walters, an area sales rep for Duvel USA, got engaged on Friday night in Austin, Texas. She emails us: “We met in college at UT-Austin after he came back from Afghanistan. He was serving in the Marines. We had the same group of friends but I hadn’t met him yet since he was overseas. Once he was back, one of our first dates was at a restaurant in the hill country in Texas overlooking the lake, and so while visiting Austin he took me back there and proposed during sunset. It’s a very special place to us so it was perfect!” Pics … The ring
WEEKEND WEDDINGS -- Travis Considine, communications manager at Uber Texas and a John McCain and Rick Perry alum, married Morgan Smith, a reporter with The Texas Tribune, on Saturday evening at the San Antonio Museum of Art. Guests enjoyed a bluegrass band and flawless weather at the outdoor ceremony and reception. Pic … Travis’ speech
SPOTTED: Tucker and Alexia Bounds, Brittany Bramell, Trevor Theunissen, Chris Miller, Allie Brandenburger and Ryan Mahoney, Kevin Benacci, Emily Ramshaw, Matt and Jen Hirsch, Evan Smith, Perrylanders Rob Johnson, Mark Miner, and Andy Hemming.
OBAMA ALUMNI – Meredith Carden, head of partnerships at Sidewire, got married this weekend to Micah Fergenson, law clerk at U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in a small ceremony at Four Follies Farm in Tiverton, Rhode Island. The couple first met in 2009 when they were working for President Obama. Micah worked in the WH Counsel’s Office, and Meredith worked for FLOTUS in the East Wing. They lost touch, but were reintroduced by a mutual friend in 2015. Pic
--“Lily Rothman, Elihu Dietz” – N.Y. Times: “Ms. Rothman, 31, is the history and archives editor at Time magazine, overseeing its history coverage, and the magazine’s digital archive. She also wrote ‘Everything You Need to Ace American History in One Big Fat Notebook.’ She graduated magna cum laude from Yale and received a master’s degree in journalism from the City University of New York. ... Mr. Dietz, 32, is a candidate for a master’s degree in environmental management at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke, where he studies the integration of renewable energy into the grid. He graduated from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, N.M. ... The groom is a great-great-grandson and a namesake of Elihu Root, who was President Theodore Roosevelt’s secretary of state and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1912. He is also a direct descendant of President Ulysses S. Grant. The couple met on a blind date arranged by friends in Brooklyn in 2011.” With pic
--“Alison Kenworthy, Michael Koenigs”: “The bride and groom work at ABC News in New York, where they met. She is a news producer for ‘Good Morning America.’ He is a senior coordinating producer, creating content that is used on-air and on the website. He was also the host of ‘Election Cycle,’ a series in 2016 that featured him bicycling through swing states and interviewing voters along the way. The bride, 33, graduated from Rutgers. ... Mr. Koenigs, 30, graduated cum laude from Harvard.” With pic
--“Julia Pudlin, David Wishnick”: “Ms. Pudlin, 32, worked until earlier this year at the United States Treasury Department as a deputy executive secretary in the chief of staff’s office and a senior adviser to the general counsel. On July 10 she is to begin working as the assistant deputy general counsel for government investigations at Comcast in Philadelphia. She graduated summa cum laude from Yale, and received a law degree magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania. ... Mr. Wishnick, also 32, was until recently an associate in the Washington office of Jenner & Block, a Chicago law firm. On July 12 he is to begin a fellowship, conducting research in contract law, at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He graduated magna cum laude from Brown, and received a law degree from Yale. ... The couple met in April 2013 through the dating app Hinge.” With pic
--“Victoria St. Martin, Richard G. Jones”: “The bride, 36, is a general assignment reporter on the local desk of The Washington Post. She graduated from Rutgers and received a master’s degree in journalism from American University. ... The groom, 46, is to become the director of the journalism program at Notre Dame. Until recently, he was an associate editor in news administration for The New York Times, as well as the director of the newspaper’s Student Journalism Institute. He graduated from the University of Delaware and has a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia. ... The couple were introduced in 2006 by a mutual friend in Yardley, Pa.” With pic
BIRTHDAYS: Greta Van Susteren, the pride of Appleton, Wisconsin (hat tip: Tammy Haddad) ... Tad Devine, the pride of Providence who lives on Block Island, is 62 ... Kim Oates of the House Radio/TV gallery … Carrie Budoff Brown’s older sister, Jennifer Budoff, budget director for the D.C. City Council ... former Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) is 87 … Lindsey Williams Drath ... Jennifer Rubin ... Michael Timmeny, SVP for government and community relations at Cisco ... Jeremy Ben-Ami, president at J Street (h/ts Jon Haber) ... POLITICO’s Reid Pillifant, Emily Dobler and Juliette Medina ... South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard is 64 ... Treasury alum David Cohen ... TJ Adams-Falconer, associate director of external affairs at Axios ... Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Tex.) is 69 ... Cesar Gonzalez, COS for Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart ... former Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.) is 59 ... DNC comms staffer and former HRC campaign media booker Lucas Acosta (h/t Crystal Carson) ...
... Will Rahn, managing editor for politics at CBS News digital, is 3-0 ... Jessica Franks, gov’t affairs representative for Halliburton ... Politico Europe’s Tanit Parada Tur ... Chris Campbell, Republican staff director at Senate Finance ... Kristina Edmunson ... Rachel Ruskin ... Obama alum Jonathan McBride, now a managing director at BlackRock … Mike Schoenfeld, the Blue Devils’ master of public affairs/Duke’s other Mike … Betsy Gotbaum, former NYC public advocate, is 79 ... Matt Chaban, policy director at Center for an Urban Future ... Mary Kate Cunningham ... Salesforce’s Tom Gavin, an Obama WH OMB alum … Michael Froehlich ... Caroline Barker ... Matthew Campbell ... Vanessa Chan, corporate comms. at Facebook ... Kelly Danielka Peirson ... Google’s Ramya Raghavan ... Tom Alexander, COO at 1871 Chicago and a Rahm alum ... Jacque Vilmain, the pride of Eagle Grove, Iowa(h/t Teresa) ... animal rights activist Ingrid Newkirk is 68 ... Power Playbooker Dr. Oz is 57 ... actor Hugh Laurie is 58 ... Shia LaBeouf is 31 (h/ts AP)
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At Skydive Las Vegas, you'll free fall at 120 + MPH and enjoy incredible views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Colorado River, the Las Vegas Strip, Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston. A media package is a must if you want to capture the amazing Vegas landscape, because you may not remember it if you don’t. Mitt Romney is shaking hands, posing for pictures and cracking jokes as he barnstorms Utah seeking votes for his Senate bid. What he isn’t doing is talking about his well-documented feuds with Wednesday, January 27, 2016. The PGA TOUR makes its annual stop in La Jolla, California, for the Farmers Insurance Open where players will take on the North and South courses at iconic Torrey Pines. The PGA TOUR makes its annual stop in La Jolla, California, for the Farmers Insurance Open where players will take on the North and South courses Regardless of your statement that non sporting betting is prohibited in LAS my favorite bet was made many years ago at the El Cortez. The sports book was taking action on where Skylab would land. The satellite was breaking up in the upper atmosphere--the book was offering 30-1 on any country in the world. There Kredell noted Las Vegas Sands Corporation chairman and billionaire Sheldon Adelson's support of Trump, as well as now vice president-elect Mike Pence's previous support of the Adelson-backed

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