How to Link URLs Within a YouTube Description | Your Business

YouTube Affiliate Marketing is the process of making money by creating videos that lead viewers to buy recommended products through affiliate links placed in either the videos themselves (via annotations) or below in the video descriptions. For YouTube videos, you should put your affiliate links in the description box so the viewers can access it. Some don’t read descriptions so you should consider making a note of that in the video itself. Furthermore, you can also earn additional profit in this platform by monetizing your videos. To apply for this, you must have: Youtube's TOS is truly vague and the best way to avoid any wrath from Youtube is to play safe. There is now a Youtube "associated website" feature and use that to your advantage. Link your website to your Youtube channel and have it approved. Once approved, make a post containing all your affiliate links. One of the first things to understand is that making affiliate money on YouTube is not the same as YouTube ads. Those are two completely different methods for making money via online videos. Using affiliate marketing involves the use of special links in the description or even in the video itself to drive sales you make a commission off of. Here is a video I made with affiliate links: When people click my MaxCDN affiliate link (either in the Youtube annotation or video description), I get a commission from the sale. Below you will find instructions to do this… Add Affiliate Links To YouTube Videos. Step 1 – Add Associated Website To Your Youtube Channel

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