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Stock prices and game controller movements should be public broadcast using reversed secure-hash as a realtime replacement for digital-signatures

Example: SHA512 on the output of SHA512 on its own output... n levels deep, or any secureHash function that is not known how to reverse compute at reasonable speed.
Each stock price or mouse X and Y position would be streamPositive minus streamNegative, and each of those streams would be the linkedlist length of publicly know hashes that (when hash of hash of hash...) lead to the name of something in the world, an arbitrary hash that is the result of many such hashes.
At each fraction of a second, everyone broadcasts a previous hash value of 1 of 2 streams which they have precomputed both of. This is proven to the public by it hashing to what was already publicly known.
If any sum of streamPositive plus streamNegative for any such number (which moves on a dimension on the integers) exceeds the current time, then "double spending" has been detected and that dimension (stock symbol or game controller dimension etc) is invalidated, at least in those who notice this and tell others about it.
The main benefit is its so small a data and fast to compute that we could in realtime agree on much higher dimensional vectors, positions of 1 dimensional movement of many things. For example, we could play rock paper scissors between 7 billion people at once.
I find it more interesting to explore a game of odd number of many players which each choose 1 of 2 things (up or down, or maybe left or right), and in each continuous moment, a round of the game, whichever thing gets the least people gambling on it (in pretend money or numbers) wins that round.
There is no way to fake predicting which of 2 things will be least popular if there is motivation to be the least popular, if game rules are defined that way to move score between the players. Its another kind of rock paper scissors.
I dont much like pointless gambling, but life is a gamble in its many forms and contexts, and theres many ways to make it more gameful to hook things together to influence eachother and allow people and computers to trust what others message them about, such as reverse hashes which they only know how to compute forward.
Imagine if I encoded a bitcoin private key with lots of money in the timing of when I publish the inverse SHA256 (what SHA256s to what is publicly known) and kept doing that with other privatekeys I own, then people would become interested in finding SHA256s anywhere on the Internet, in a steganography way or out in the open or anywhere between, so that stream of reverse hashes (as far as I precomputed it and gave the last to publics first seen and went backward) would become valuable as people interpret it, and other things could be written in it. It could become more reliable than tor for anyone to get a message out from anywhere without any internet addresses involved, even if written on paper slowly or in snail mail.
To summarize, reverse computing can be a replacement for digital signatures because precomputing privately allows the practical effect of reverse computing what public knows.
Using reverse secure hashes, someone could broadcast potentially as fast as realtime audio, every up and down tiny change in the audio amplitude, thousands of times per second, revealing these faster or slower depending on the shape of the wave at the time, and only those streaming at the time would be able to find such a record-like curve.
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Purposechem: 10g MXE (clearnet)

_Vendor: PurposeChem
_Market: Direct/email
_Product: 10g MXE
_Shipped from: USA
_Shipped to: USA
_Required FE: Yes/direct
_Vacuum Sealed: YES
_Decoy: YES (visual barrier)
_Handwriting: NO
_Communication: [10] / 10
_Stealth: [9] / 10
_Shipping time: [7] / 10
_Price value: [11] / 10
_Aesthetics: [10] / 10
_Weight: [11] / 10
_Quality: [10] / 10
_Transaction: [10] / 10
_Vendor: [10] / 10
_Drug: [10] / 10
TOTAL SCORE: [98] / 100
Alright, there's few reviews in for this guy, so I'm happy to post up one. I'll be x-posting this between RCsources, and DarknetMarkets since he deals both clearnet (email + privnote or and through Agora/Nucleus.
This was NOT a free sample, and the vendor was NOT informed ahead of time that I would be doing a review, or reagent tests.
To start off, communication: probably the friendliest communicating vendor I've had to date. We communicated primarily over email, using privnote/ This was my first time using email with a vendor, and the email service I had initially used was fucking up and opening privnotes, it seemed. I told him to stand by while I worked on it and eventually switched providers and got it sorted out. He was very understanding.
My first inquiry was met telling me he was out of his current batch, but would be back in within a day or 2. The next day, I believe, he messaged me letting me know it was back in stock, and gave me an address to deposit bitcoin.
I deposited bitcoin on a saturday, and the package was shipped that day, and I was provided with tracking.
Now, regarding shipping. It took 8 business days, despite the fact that this was priority shipping, and 2 days was expected for my zone, with 3 days max typical. Looking at the tracking, my package took a very bizarre route to my address, and basically often spent 4 days at a time with no updates.
Purposechem was with me throughout this and communicating- he let me know that none of the other packages were experiencing anything strange, and that he'd not seen anything quite like this yet. He told me we'd discuss in case the package was never delivered, but that we'd wait and watch tracking.
Eventually the package arrived, delivered without signature (as expected) with no signs of tampering. I have no idea what happened, but it seems it's not normal for purpose chem, but since shipping was quite slow, I have no choice but to note it in the review.
The stealth wasnt much, but was something. There's a visual barrier, and a unlabeled mylar outside that you can't see through. Inside the mylar is a vacuum sealed baggie with the MXE powder.
Weight & Aesthetics
MXE is very shiny and crystalline. I weighed it out in 3 separate weigh boats (2 ~5g each, and one with all the spilled powder) and it weighed about 10.1+g total, so slightly overweight. It's worth noting that I got about 90mg just from spilled powder and scraping the bag, so be careful when you handle your powders! you can lose a lot this way.
Tests and product photos
Reagent testing for MXE is a mixed bag, in my research. My tests seem to be more or less in line with ecstacydata tests for lab-confirmed MXE, and definitely NOT a match on their tests for MXP, which is a good sign. I couldnt find and MXM reagent tests, so there's that.
Testing procedure:
This follows my previous procedure more or less, using gloves, respirator, lab scoops, milligram scale +/- 0.005g, white cleaned plate, dancesafe reagents tested in order of Marquis, Mecke, Mandelin. Procedure is more or less:
  1. Clear granite countertop
  2. Put on gloves
  3. Clean surface with detergent
  4. Dry
  5. Wipe down with 99% IPA (repeat this on the testing plate)
  6. Get all stuff in place (reagent tests, plate, storage containers, etc)
  7. Change gloves
  8. Open product
  9. Place a small bit of product on plate
  10. Test accordingly
  11. Pics
  12. Put product in long term storage while tests develop further
  13. More pics
In this round, theres 2 rows of tests. The lower row is the first test, which I did with as minimal material as possible. The top row is with a decent amount more material since I wasnt sure how much was needed for reactions.
Feel free to reference the tests with other tests you know. The mecke test seemed slightly off, and the late red reaction of marquis in the top row (more product) is slightly concerning (a STRONG red happens in MXP samples) but overall seems in line with MXE tests from what I've seen.
Bioassay Report
Previous experience: Lots of psychedelic experience (LSD, Mushrooms, 4-aco-DMT, 2c-b, 25i/25c-nBOME), a bit of dissociative experience (Ketamine, maybe 1.5g total across time, never K-holed, and generally don't desire to. Likely all K was racetamic, but cannot confirm). I HAVE NEVER DONE MXE (at least knowingly) before. So I cannot comment from experience the quality of this MXE.
Let me say first and foremost, MXE is DEFINITELY not Ketamine (duh) but it gets compared a lot, so I thought I'd weigh in: while I can understand how they are in the same class, MXE was a COMPLETELY different experience for me. I have more assays to do before I comment on whether I like it.
Second off, I don't know how it is for other people, but for me, the come up is DECEPTIVELY SLOW, especially compared to K.
First, I allergy tested ~1mg bucally and waited about an hour with no effect (as I expected).
I then moved forward with 20mg sub-lingually, as I don't really like intra-nasal, but its not an issue if I have to. I read that bioavailability sub-lingual is generally better and the taste isnt so bad, so I went with that.
I poured ~20mg from my weigh boat onto a peice of paper, then under my tongue, and set a timer on my phone for 10 minutes (time before swallow) while my GF (sober except weed) and I watched videos online. About 7-8 minutes in, the saliva got to be too much, and I swallowed. The taste was like electric salt, with a slight numbing sensation on my tongue. Taste was not even bad. Certainly not a snack either though.
I waited a bit more. Come up was supposedly about 10-20 minutes, but I wasnt feeling much. After maybe 25 minutes, I felt a little bit of a come up, and opted to lay on my bed.
I layed on the bed for maybe another 20 minutes and felt it come up a bit, but the effects seemed a bit weak. I thought maybe I messed up sub-lingually, and I should take another 20 mg intranasally (slight fuck up there, but I knew at the least I wouldn't be enroaching on M-Hole territory).
I laid back down on the bed, and slowly the MXE began to wave up on me. It was bizarre. I was cuddling with my GF, so my hands were viually separated from my body, and I felt like they were boulders, distant from its mother body. I was like a fallen statue on an old island, partially buried. Then I told my girlfriend I felt like a rust-colored/textured square (this was entirely an internal feeling, not cued from my vision).
Eventually, I felt the need to get up, and explore standing. I sat up, and it hit me: MXE is REALLY WEIRD. Oh man is it weird. Gravity and motion was all backwards it seemed. On K, things are more trippy visually, and internally I feel like my body is folding in on itsself. On MXE, my vision was fairly normal, just "jumbled", and the internal feeling fely like my body was expanding outward infinitely. But not in the same way that psychedelics cause me to lose the sense of personal boundary at peak moments. Rather it felt like parts of me were somehow moved across the room.
I found my curiosity INCREDIBLY piqued by the experience. I was at a loss of words to describe a lot of what I was feeling, wheras I think I have a pretty good grasp of how to describe my psychedelic experiences at this point. Gravity felt....not flipped, but just.... less reliable? Like it applied differently to different parts of my body. I experimented with movement a lot, and kept telling my girlfriend how weird and unique the feeling was.
Visually it felt like, instead of seeing things, things were constantly "coming into existence," and not only that, but they were "coming into existence at really odd angles." Make of that what you will but I haven't a better way to describe it.
My girlfriend drew a warm tub, and I ambled on over to the tub. I stepped in and mostly stood there, I don't think I was ready to go about the process of lwering myself into a tub. My girlfriend FREAKED me out because she entered on the opposite side of the curtain, which to me was like a whole different world that tripped me out (this is highly related to the whole "things coming into existance at odd angles" thinng I mentioned earlier)
I slowly entered the tub without particular incident. I told my girlfriend my legs felt like triangles. We chilled for a bit and I could feel myself coming down from what must have been a peak, onto a plateau. I lasted less long than usual in the tub because I felt too warm (this is usually why I get out of the tub eventually, but this time was earlier than usual).
I dried off and laid on the bed again. My girlfriend laughed at me and laughinly asked if I "had even dried off" (because I had quite neatly folded and re-placed the towel on the rack) and I told her I may be high up but I'm not totally fucked up.
I felt like my thought process seemed unusually clear in a sense, but my reality seemed unusually pliable. There's a part of my sense of self that psychedelics tend to obscure that MXE left completely untouched, but a part of my realty that psychedelics usually leave untouched that MXE seemed to jumble up repeatedly. This fascinated me because it seemed like entirely new territory for me.
I eventually decided to try and sleep, cause I wasnt entirely comfortable with the level of dissociation I was experiencing, and I had work in the morning. It wasn't terrible but a bit more than I'd planned for. I had dosed at 11pm-ish.
Throughout the night I'd wake up still jumbled in a similar way to how you wake up occasionally still spining after a night of heavy drinking. When I woke up in the morning, I was only slightly off baseline. A few hours after that, I feel pretty baseline with an afterglow.
Given the duration and quality of effects, I have NO idea how people binge on this shit. I feel like this 10g is going to last me a long time. After seeing the 20mg line of MXE, I realized that that's roughly how big my K lines are, so perhaps I prefer a smaller dosage of dissociatives in general.
TL;DR: Watch out for the MXE come up. MXE is quite a different beast than K although it shares similarities. PurposeChem is a friendly dude who seems to be putting out the correct product at the best prices I've seen lately. I hope this pushes other vendors to up their game cause cheap legit MXE is no joke.
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 Signing to verify I wrote this review of purposechem 10g MXE. Verify PGP key here: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAEBCgAGBQJVjbZaAAoJEHouxT7KSoE0oqEQAIfluhFccS1XzgdgrPe/hU/x Zl6Jgh55Q0D0kZ38O7vaRjttYialTwcTssUGc3ZAf5h4/afzMysDK1GS3iWmhbfe lVjJGenNBJv5HTNGgbi3oCdS5nbhi0D6jF5RD3TlZxIia4m2sb3aAVITMQVdrjY2 QNrYQuEeWB1aEW32e/d5/arUGc70wyGDW3U1bRE65BG6p2ItL1j9Mxrx3kD5PPXX ul6rmYLlBr6zHFQ7ZFI+H0ENxmLvzP1TbiEXTiLFCYU5TUx1BsY0k+acxawMzzAO TW7zpSxvJkFMCMvNi4c+6hzpRHUSV2wVUhE51z8qU2UdsRDnBeZ/pwN5te6KEWj6 h/cV+TSO3PPzFvCDiNXGbsiUy+NNIn2DdahpaJTFcPsqCNYtbJ/tPtZCNvYhC9Ci y3etMC0ncUxJcslmr8ev6qfBIKtqspgGvWCJz1H5tMllxuq4wSrFcK+GYs5KdQ4b JgApHIiX27mdE+jTvjJent8M8U5TIqoNnyb566vg8hBxBEA8m6j9SlkLynux+Xnp mpjDDIssnGkpFxXfoNz0oj1SEMv0gRzX9MzfTf+AFpN2pcUMASiR0GuMmA8eh98Q HZvMzgD0Yrsdj1s2MBZTWmv3IM+tj34Nm9sf/XmIz6zcIzEZTYRrRTngT8SCAtmM 66nA/DNPyQm30m51NRmm =EIo9 -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- 
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