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fqp6lko in DotA2 on 15 May 20 (1pts):
Dota is fuuuuuuull of match fixing (probably E-sports in general). It happens in every single region. There's nothing stopping these people from earning lots of money out of scum activities. I'm...
fqowgjw in DotA2 on 15 May 20 (-26pts):
How poor is SEA actually, that most can't afford some decent PC's? Dota doesn't have high requirements at all. And that's one of the reasons they're being so incredibly toxic probably, along with...
fqmi1jg in DotA2 on 14 May 20 (1pts):
Wow, I did googled and read that Beesa guy story. That's some serious fucked up shit right there. He could've went to the police tbh, I'm sure that ritsu cunt could've been investigated at least. NA...
fqf50tm in DotA2 on 12 May 20 (1pts):
I totally agree and can confirm it: at low behavior scores ( < 8500), people not only are extremely toxic and bring the worst out of anyone, but reports are also being made much more often. As soon...


glmd2q in FIFA on 17 May 20 (1pts):
Are high rating GK making your players shoot worse actually?
fg3dl0 in sportsbook on 09 Mar 20 (1pts):
Can someone explain me how the (acca) odds work in the real world?
dvvcii in SoccerBetting on 13 Nov 19 (8pts):
I've thought to share my short but risky acca for the following international days
dtvrrw in FIFA on 09 Nov 19 (0pts):
Why are people spamming "GG" on twitch chat?
drlrql in SoccerBetting on 04 Nov 19 (42pts):
Some mother f***er from my country won 173.000 € with a 2.5 € bet
dr2gr7 in SoccerBetting on 03 Nov 19 (0pts):
Genuine question: why are footballers paid so incredibly high?
ca65pw in DotA2 on 07 Jul 19 (11pts):
What are they doing with the money?
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Everything NOT in Ultimate

As we all know, Smash Bros. Ultimate is being billed as the biggest Smash yet. While that may be true, it’s missing a surprising amount of content compared to previous installments. Here’s everything that is NOT in Ultimate, because I’m a pessimist and I have way too much free time on my hands.


Nobody. Everyone is here!


Smash 64
Wii U/3DS


Barrel Cannon, Cloaking Device, Cracker Launcher, Fan (the biggest loss hands-down), Flipper, Parasol, Red Shell, Spring, Team Healer


Barbara the Bat, Dark Samus,* Elec Man, Excitebikes, Helirin, Infantry and Tanks, Isabelle,* Jill, Kat & Ana, Lakitu and Spinies, Little Mac,* Magnus, Mr. Resetti, Ray MK. III, Saki Amamiya, Tingle
*Dark Samus, Isabelle and Little Mac have all become fighters following their roles as Assists; Little Mac in Smash 4, and Isabelle and Dark Samus in Ultimate.


Articuno, Beedrill, Blastoise*, Bonsly, Celebi, Chansey, Charizard,* Chikorita, Clefairy, Cyndaquil, Groudon, Gulpin, Hitmonlee, Ho-Oh,* Jirachi, Koffing, Manaphy,* Marill, Munchlax, Onix, Piplup*, Porygon2, Raikou, Staryu, Torchic, Unown, Venusaur, Weavile, Weezing, Wobbuffet and Zapdos.
*Charizard has become a fighter following its role as a Poké Ball Pokémon. Ho-Oh and Manaphy appear as stage hazards in Kalos Pokémon League, and Piplup and Blastoise appear in the background.



Other Missing Costumes
Headgear: Teddy Bear Hat, Beehive Wig, Cat Ears, Chef Hat, Chicken Hat, Chocobo Hat (Final Fantasy), Cowboy Hat, Cow Skull Hat, Dog Ears, Fancy Pirate Hat, Football Helmet, Frog Hat, Hibiscus, Lion Hat, Mage Robe, Master Gardener’s Crown, Mii Force Helmet, Mini Top Hat, Panda Hat, Red Ribbon, Red Shell Hat, Santa Hat, Spartan Helmet, Straw Hat, Swimming Cap, Wedding Veil
Outfits: Fancy Suit, Hoodie, Neon Suit, Plate Armor
Interestingly, every single third-party Mii costume has been cut in Ultimate for unknown reasons. Sorry, Geno fans. sniff


*There is a track in Ultimate called Jungle Level (Brawl), but it is actually the 2nd version of the song. The 1st version has been cut. Thanks Uielicious and NoshBosh






And worst of all...
Some thoughts of mine: I'm beyond grateful to Sakurai and his team for giving us this amazing game, but I'm quite bummed about all the cut content. Specifically, the absence of Home-run Contest and a proper All-Star mode just feels wrong to me. Due to the lack of trophies, there wouldn't really be an incentive to clear All-Star mode at all anyways, but there isn't really a good incentive to clear Classic Mode in Ultimate either due to the fact that you can buy all of the glorified PNGs Fighter Spirits in the shop anyways. Perhaps a way to clear a potential future All-Star mode with a "team" of characters would work to significantly reduce the time it takes to clear it with everyone? Home-run Contest holds a special place in my heart too, so seeing it absent stings quite a bit. It just boggles my mind that Multi-man Smash, a mode that has been disliked since it was introduced, got in over HRC. The concept of Spirits is really cool too, but to me they'll never quite replace the fun of collecting trophies. Yes, cutting trophies was a necessary evil, but it still doesn't feel like a true Smash game without them.
The gameplay is as fun as ever though, and at the end of the day, that's what really matters.
EDIT: Formatting
EDIT: If I forgot anything, let me know!
EDIT: Added some stuff.
EDIT: Holy shit, my first platinum! Thank you, stranger!
EDIT: Added some music I missed.
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Removed comments/submissions for /u/thisisnotdiretide

Hi thisisnotdiretide, you're not shadowbanned, but 14 of your most recent 200 comments/submissions were removed (either automatically or by human moderators).


fns3k0h in DotA2 on 18 Apr 20 (1pts):
You seem like the type of toxic cunt that this guy is talking about.
fn7z6yf in DotA2 on 12 Apr 20 (1pts):
| Who is GrandGrant?
| a retard who works for walmart and lives his miserable life by sucking dicks of some thrash NA pros.
Lol imagine saying this ^ now (even if he...
fn51gw6 in DotA2 on 12 Apr 20 (0pts):
Hey, fucktard, tell me what grammar mistakes I have in that comment. C'mon, tell me. I'm not a native english speaker, but I'm pretty sure you're talking out of your ass again, and I haven't did any...
fn4fvry in DotA2 on 11 Apr 20 (1pts):
Yeah, I get what you mean, I had tons of games where I preferred to lose rather than try hard for some toxic annoying low skilled cunts. I didn't gave up, fed or anything, but I just didn't tried...
fmifom4 in DotA2 on 05 Apr 20 (1pts):
I love how you were instantly downvoted by some idiotic piece of shit around here, even though this is Dota related and even though game ruiners represent a big issue.
While I don't agree that Dota...
fmf3b73 in DotA2 on 04 Apr 20 (1pts):
It is one of the worst report systems out there I believe. As you said, for example I reported lots of VERY toxic cunts for communication abuse or w/e is called. Guess what, I haven't seen any...


g3mew9 in DotA2 on 18 Apr 20 (1pts):
A silly rap I made about the know-it-all /rDotA2 lurkers
fg3dl0 in sportsbook on 09 Mar 20 (1pts):
Can someone explain me how the (acca) odds work in the real world?
dvvcii in SoccerBetting on 13 Nov 19 (7pts):
I've thought to share my short but risky acca for the following international days
dtvrrw in FIFA on 09 Nov 19 (0pts):
Why are people spamming "GG" on twitch chat?
drlrql in SoccerBetting on 04 Nov 19 (42pts):
Some mother f***er from my country won 173.000 € with a 2.5 € bet
dr2gr7 in SoccerBetting on 03 Nov 19 (0pts):
Genuine question: why are footballers paid so incredibly high?
ca65pw in DotA2 on 07 Jul 19 (12pts):
What are they doing with the money?
c9ur8m in DotA2 on 06 Jul 19 (1pts):
Patch the points cap and the naix abuse already?
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Removed comments/submissions for /u/bigdaddybetting

Hi bigdaddybetting, you're not shadowbanned, but 27 of your most recent 44 comments/submissions were removed (either automatically or by human moderators).


fcje546 in nfl on 30 Dec 19 (1pts):
Historically? Come on man, they played the Big Ben Steelers, Bills (playoffs), Browns (preseason super bowl favorites) ravens (no more to say) eagles (playoff winning record) chiefs (playoff, former...
fcjdbc2 in nfl on 30 Dec 19 (1pts):
I feel like every 3 weeks there is a post about how the AFC East actually isn’t a bad division. They actually have a better record or something. So it’s not arguably the worst, it arguably had the...
fc7mo23 in sportsbook on 28 Dec 19 (1pts):
So I bet philly 1st half spread - missed it by 1 full point
Heat spread - lost Suns and Warriors over 224.5 - lost
Not very often 1 thing doesn’t hit. Diversification at its finest.
fbwoww1 in nfl on 24 Dec 19 (1pts):
Harry had way more green too
fbm0rr5 in nfl on 22 Dec 19 (1pts):
I don’t this it’s meant towards bills, true pat fans like myself were truly scared and thought it would be close. I think it was mainly directed to all the “everyone is a (whoever is playing the...
fb6n174 in nfl on 17 Dec 19 (1pts):
In the Super Bowl? Brees would need a ridiculous amount to catch Brady in ALL TIME passing touchdowns. When they say all time I think of all the things including playoffs. Poor wording nfl
fb67i7n in nfl on 17 Dec 19 (1pts):
Nothing against bills being a pats fan. Really love the attitude they have - care free.
famo6wk in nfl on 13 Dec 19 (1pts):
This is guaranteed tonight
fafpc63 in sportsbook on 11 Dec 19 (1pts):
Philly is trash whole city
fa8qf2q in nfl on 09 Dec 19 (1pts):
Refs not the players
fa8ohqp in nfl on 09 Dec 19 (1pts):
They won the challenge, lost a timeout...
f9djnzc in nfl on 01 Dec 19 (1pts):
Not the browns! Respect the orange!
f8sldff in Patriots on 26 Nov 19 (1pts):
I don’t like the fact that the QB is getting reads from the sideline in general I believe when you exit the huddle you should be on your own. No huddle? No communication. Show me how good you are...
f892tu6 in Patriots on 21 Nov 19 (1pts):
Just do it already
f88rns4 in Patriots on 21 Nov 19 (1pts):
“We want the ball”
f7f3nqs in nfl on 13 Nov 19 (1pts):
Would have been way better off having two centers and two running backs with two balls. Half the defense has one side the other has the other side. Coaches can make them take down both or can call...
f6hy6zm in nfl on 04 Nov 19 (1pts):
I can’t explain why teams show up one week and not the next week. I follow football every week hence why I said it’s a week to week league. The colts “backup” QB had them in winning position they...
f5zk4wp in sportsbook on 01 Nov 19 (1pts):
Slim would be nice but slim
f5zj2oq in sportsbook on 01 Nov 19 (1pts):
Nothing like some crap team covering the spread my goodness
f5xzaqp in sportsbook on 31 Oct 19 (1pts):
Calm down...yesterday we were up 20 in the 3rd and it dwindled to a close one. Wait till the end
f5xx5vy in sportsbook on 31 Oct 19 (1pts):
Trust in Russ....lots of ball left
f5vmkfs in sportsbook on 31 Oct 19 (1pts):
Woohoo over hit
f5t2k05 in sportsbook on 30 Oct 19 (1pts):
Thanks for the win yesterday. Tailing LFG
f5t1mvk in sportsbook on 30 Oct 19 (1pts):
Good pick also check out the first half spread for the 9ers. I like the first half play to avoid any garbage time covers
f5t0q5v in sportsbook on 30 Oct 19 (1pts):
That’s the right play. DVOA isn’t even close and Vegas is considering this a neutral field. If this I was packers at home it maybe even as high as 7
f5szsuk in sportsbook on 30 Oct 19 (1pts):
Current NFL Record 0-0-0 Decided to start posting my best picks of the weeks.
Goal will be to have a bet for every day of play.
Sunday Slate
1 unit = $10 TNF Picks:
49ers 1H -4 @ -139...


drcuzs in nfl on 04 Nov 19 (0pts):
Odd Betting Day
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The Stock Market Report for future Head Coaches

News regarding the real life stock market may be depressing, so let's stick to the reason we're here. Good ol' escapism. Football deep dives.
And with that in mind, I wanted to check in on the stock report regarding assistants who may rise up to become head coaches next year. Note: outside of the top three, these are not listed in order of their stock but rather lumped into general categories that track their current momentum.
(1) Dave Toub, Kansas City, special teams coordinator
Arguably the best special teams coordinator of all time, Dave Toub has been long overdue for a head coaching job. The fact that the Kansas City Chiefs have enjoyed so much success so far will keep his name on the national radar.
If I ran a team, I'd rank Dave Toub as the top candidate overall. Now, that comes with a caveat. Most teams who actually need a new coach have a specific problem area (usually the offense) and may want a specialist who can "fix" that problem. Special teams is usually not at the top of their list. However, Toub has a lot of leadership qualities that should be able to rise all tides and help make his team better across the board.
(2) John DeFilippo, Minnesota, offensive coordinator
Unlike Dave Toub, John DeFilippo fits the mold of what every NFL franchise wants. The "hot new thing!" offensive coordinator. Although he's in his first year on the job in Minnesota, DeFilippo was ticketed for a head coach job before Week 1 even started.
Has he lived up to the billing? More or less. Kirk Cousins has hit the ground running and produced solid stats (having Adam Thielen doesn't hurt). While the running game hasn't taken a step up, there's not a huge amount of talent up front either.
It's not a start that would "WOW!" you, but DeFilippo is still on track to land a head coaching job. Expect QB coach Kevin Stefanski to take over in his place, and be ticketed for his own job in 2020.
(3) Jim Schwartz, Philadelphia, defensive coordinator
The Philadelphia Eagles haven't had a signature season like they did last year, but Jim Schwartz's defense is still playing pretty well (by the standards of the high-scoring NFL.)
He may have ultimately flamed out in Detroit, but Schwartz still has the right mix of experience and "eye of the tiger" to be on the top of the list of viable candidates. He'd be best cast on a 4-3 defense where he wouldn't need major personnel changes to install his wide-nine. The Cleveland Browns jump out as a possibility given that.
Jim Bob Cooter (DET-OC) and Steve Sarkisian (ATL-OC)
We're linking these two together for several reasons. Both coordinators have checkered pasts (J.B. Cooter had been arrested prior for climbing into a stranger's bed, and Steve Sarkisian had his well-documented alcohol issues.) Both coordinators came into this season on the hot seat. And both coordinators had "stinkers" in Week 1.
But since then? Things are looking up. Cooter's passing game always worked, but his runners looked like they were slogging in mud. Thanks to Kerryon Johnson and some new pieces up front, that's finally gotten unleashed. The team is averaging 4.9 yards per carry, with 6.4 for Johnson himself. With Cooter, you still worry about his past, and his youth (still only 34), but you can't argue or nitpick his offense anymore. His Lions are clicking on all cylinders right now.
As for Sarkisian, you have to give the devil his due. The running game has sagged without Devonta Freeman, but the passing game has taken a step up. Matt Ryan has snapped back to form and verged closer to his MVP season (which happened in Kyle Shanahan's second year, remember). Right now, Ryan is zipping it for 71.7% completion, 15 TDs, 2 int, and a QB rating of 114.2. The fact that Sark has head coaching experience (7+ years in college) is also a feather in his cap.
For Sark, the big question will be about his "demons" and whether he's actually trustworthy to run a franchise. It's unlikely. But at the very least, we can't write him off as a potential candidate any more. Offensive coaches are simply that much in demand.
Eric Bienemy, Kansas City, offensive coordinator
The most common name you'll hear on lists like this is Eric Bienemy, a coordinator in his first year on the job. The Chiefs are having banner success right now, with Patrick Mahomes taking the league by storm. Certainly, Bienemy could follow in the footsteps of previous coordinators Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy before him.
Personally, I'm a little skeptical on that front. Peterson and Nagy were former QBs and former QB coaches. Alternatively, Bienemy had previously been a RB coach. It's hard to credit him for Mahomes' success, especially since Andy Reid is still the one calling plays. Still, there's no doubt that Bienemy's stock is on the rise and his name is on the radar.
Zac Taylor (LAR-QB) and Aaron Kromer (LAR-OL)
NFL teams want some of that Chiefs' magic, but they really want some of that Rams' magic even more. Given that, everyone associated with the franchise is going to get some shine, including assistants Zac Taylor and Aaron Kromer.
Among the two of them, Kromer feels more "ready" for an actual head coaching opportunity. He's been successful in several stops prior, including New Orleans, Chicago, and Buffalo. If not for his own arrest (apparently for fighting with teenagers at the beach), he may already have landed a job. While owners will have to dig deep into his background and personality the same way they will with Cooter and Sark, he's a hard man to rule out right now.
Mike Munchak, Pittsburgh, offensive line coach
We move from an OL coach with a checkered past to one with a golden reputation. Mike Munchak is probably the best OL coach in the game, as he's illustrated again with the Steelers' this year. Big Ben Roethlisberger has only gotten sacked 9 times in his 249 pass attempts, and the running game has soldiered on despite the loss of Le'Veon Bell. Munchak also earns raves for his leadership and character, suggesting head coach material.
You may remember that Munchak was already a head coach before, albeit in a forgettable run in Tennessee (going 22-26). It's not easy for OL coaches to vault to head coach, especially when they've tried and (essentially) failed before. Certainly, he'd need the right "fit" to actually land another job. Like Dave Toub, he'd improve his one specific trademark (OL in his case) and provide leadership elsewhere, but would need strong coordinators to rely on otherwise.
Chris Hewitt, Baltimore, DB coach
Right now, the Baltimore Ravens have the best defense in the NFL, which should bring a lot of attention to their defensive staff.
While the Ravens promoted LB coach Don "Wink" Martindale to be their DC in the offseason over DB coach Chris Hewitt, I actually like Hewitt's prospects as a head coach more. He's younger (in his 40s as opposed to 50s) and projects more of a modern leadership vibe. He's an unlikely head coach hire right now, but he's among the hottest names for defensive coordinator openings next year.
Jeff Brohm, Purdue, head coach
When fans look over to the college ranks, they usually aim high. But sorry to say, it's very unlikely that someone like Lincoln Riley (Oklahoma) is heading to the NFL. His job is too lucrative and too cushy. He's riding a moving train and isn't about to leap off to build from scratch.
Given that, we need to look for college coaches who are more "gettable." And in that regard, I'd eye Purdue's Jeff Brohm as an interesting name to monitor. Purdue is usually a middling football program; in fact, they didn't even have a 10-win season when Drew Brees played there. However, the offensive-minded Brohm has arrived on campus in 2017 and started to put them on the map again. After a 0-3 start this year, he's rattled off 4 straight wins, none bigger than the 49-20 beatdown over #2 Ohio State this past weekend. He's milked a strong season out of an unheralded senior QB in David Blough (66.5% passing, 13 TDs, 2 int), suggesting the type of attacking offense that NFL teams want to see.
Brohm also has some connection to the NFL. In fact, he played there. He was a journeyman QB who floated on 6 different teams between 1994-2000. (His younger brother Brian Brohm was a more well-known commodity and a noted "bust.") He has the style that the NFL wants, and perhaps he has some inkling of joining their ranks.
Realistically, Brohm is almost certainly going to stick in college himself and may be ticketed for a big job there (with Louisville looming as a strong possibility). Still, he's the type of coach that an NFL team can reasonably target and consider.
Mike Pettine, Green Bay, defensive coordinator
Although he had a short run in Cleveland (who doesn't?), Mike Pettine was poised for a bounce-back and second chance if he could turn the Green Bay Packers' defense into a top 10 unit.
Perhaps we inflated expectations too high. The defense has been solid, but nothing to write home about (92.5 QB rating, 4.5 yards per carry). Pettine will either need to get them to step it up a notch, or wait until Year 2 to really drive his name back into the conversation.
Todd Haley, Cleveland, offensive coordinator
Another former head coach with a new home as a coordinator, Todd Haley had a good chance to re-establish his reputation with Cleveland. So far, so good(ish?) The running game looks strong. Baker Mayfield looks okay.
But like Pettine, we need to see more to move the needle for 2019. Otherwise, he's likely going to return to the same role (presuming there's no shakeup otherwise.)
James Bettcher, N.Y. Giants, defensive coordinator
Like our prior two coordinators mentioned, James Bettcher took on a new role and therein an opportunity to jump out from the pack.
Bettcher's job may have been the hardest of the three; he had to transform a team with middling talent into a force while changing schemes at the same time. That's very hard to do. I've been impressed with Bettcher myself, but the stats don't jump off the page. He may have to "wow" people in interviews (which he might) to land a gig right now.
Vic Fangio, Chicago, defensive coordinator
After a scorching hot start, Vic Fangio's Bears have come back down to Earth. And with it, Fangio's stock is probably in the same place it was to start the season. That is: as an ace coordinator, but an unlikely head coach.
Pete Carmichael, New Orleans, offensive coordinator
In theory, Sean Payton’s longtime lieutenant should have a head coaching job by now. That said, he continues to fight the stigma of being in Payton’s shadow. Non playcalling OCs can land jobs (Frank Reich just did it with Indy), but it’s harder to do. Reich has more of a “leader of men” vibe than the bookish Carmichael, which may be what’s holding him back.
Eric Washington, Carolina, defensive coordinator
The previous two Panthers defensive coordinators (Sean McDermott, Steve Wilks) landed head coaching jobs in back-to-back years, giving replacement Eric Washington a chance for the rare three-peat.
Right now, there's not much momentum for that to happen. The Panthers' defense has OK talent. And OK production (94.6 QB rating, 4.2 yards per carry.) It's hard to drum up much excitement about that. The struggles of McDermott and Wilkes certainly hurt as well.
That said, I wouldn't rule out Washington as a head-coaching candidate in the future (albeit more likely in 2020 than 2019). He comes across as a strong and intelligent leader who should impress in interviews.
Josh McDaniels (NE-OC) and Brian Flores (NE quasi-DC)
Even more so than Eric Washington, the stocks of the Patriots' coordinators depended on the success of former coordinator Matt Patricia. The stigma of the "Belichick assistant" looms large.
Right now, it's hard to gauge Patricia either way. He stumbled to start, but the team is starting to turn the corner. That said, the defensive stats are still poor. I'd call his stock (and thus the Pats' coordinators) about "steady" as a result.
Certainly, McDaniels runaway bride act in the offseason hurt his chances of landing another job. But in terms of his performance since the season started and his corresponding stock, I can't say much has changed.
Matt LaFleur, Tennessee, offensive coordinator
Along with John DeFilippo, Matt LaFleur was the man that I would have bet on to land a head coaching job before the season started. He had exactly the type of resume you'd want: he’s a young coach (under 40) who had worked with Matt Ryan during his MVP season and then the Rams during their breakout last year.
Better yet (and in contrast to DeFilippo), LaFleur had a prime opportunity to make his own turnaround with the Titans' disappointing offense. Oddly, that hasn't happened. Marcus Mariota is still underachieving to a curious degree. If that doesn't change soon, it's going to be hard for LaFleur to land a job. Of course, there's still time. The Titans are within sniffing distance of the playoffs, so if they can start turning on the jets (or at least building some momentum) then LaFleur will be able to recapture his hot stock.
Teryl Austin, Cincinnati, defensive coordinator
Teryl Austin has always looked and sounded like a head coach, but he could never land an opportunity after several solid years with Detroit. He landed in Cincinnati, with a talented squad up front. Given that, I thought he'd take advantage of that chance and springboard to his first job, either with another franchise or by claiming a spot as Marvin Lewis' official "heir."
After the first few weeks, that looked likely. The Bengals appeared sleeker and fresher, and more dangerous than ever. Unfortunately, the defense has started to sag and revert to old habits since then. The problem of relying on slow linebackers hasn't gone away, and teams are taking advantage to the tune of 5.0 yards per carry.
Now, Austin finds himself in a strange position. If the team bounces back and makes the playoffs (quite possible), then he can become a contender again. But if the team slips, then there's an equally strong chance that he's fired (along with Marv Lewis.)
Todd Monken, Tampa Bay, offensive coordinator
If we ended the season after Week 2, Todd Monken would be a head coach by now. He's a former college coach at Southern Miss (and a successful one at that) who took over playcalling for his buddy Dirk Koetter this season. The early returns were awesome. He revved up the gas and the Bucs thrived as a result.
But since then, the Bucs have regressed, mostly because they've been saddled with the task of overcoming their porous defense. Even if the offense plays well down the stretch, it's hard to see Monken landing a job if that doesn't translate into "wins" again. Is that fair to him? Not really. But it's just reality; it's hard to land a head coaching job if you're on a losing team.
Greg Roman, Baltimore, TE coach
I've been a long-time defender of Greg Roman. Despite his flak, he's established himself as the premiere running game guru in the NFL. I thought that he may become a darkhorse head coaching candidate if that continued in 2018.
Oddly, it hasn't. The Ravens must miss centecrazyman Ryan Jensen more than they expected, as they've dropped all the way down to 3.4 yards per carry. Roman needed a DOMINANT run game (4.5+) to generate interest, but he's lacking that right now.
Todd Wash, Jacksonville, defensive coordinator
A no-name who became a breakout star last season, Todd Wash's unit has regressed to some degree. Don't get me wrong -- the Jags' defense is still good, but he needed them to be great to keep his stock rising. That hasn't happened so far.
Marquand Manuel (ATL-DC) and Jerome Henderson (ATL-DB)
Two bright young assistants, both Marquand Manuel and Jerome Henderson have the makeup to become head coaches down the road. Chances are: it won't happen in 2019. That's not their fault, really, because injuries have sapped Atlanta's defense and left them as a limp unit. Both coaches will most likely have to regroup and bounce back with a strong 2019 to establish themselves as candidates.
the bottom line
These coaches are all ones that may finish strong and land head coaching interviews at the end of the season. (I'm sure I forgot a name or two, but did you really want this post to be any longer...?)
Overall, it's hard to say that it's a deep or stacked class of coaching candidates right now, which is something to consider for all those franchises/fans debating a coaching change.
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General and Helpful Guide to Soccerbetting

Hey everyone, with the new reddit format, all the sidebar information and accessibility has become difficult. This post should allow the new format to coincide with the old in allowing the sidebar to be fully visible or accessible anyway.
The post below will include the basic rules, guides, score services, odds comparison, statistics and tools that can aid your betting experience.
If there is anything that can be added that can make this specific post beneficial, then leave a comment and they will be considered. As some of the posts linked below are getting dated, if there is any out of date posts that require urgent updating, again, let us know in the comments and we will work on creating a revised post for that specific thread.

About /Soccerbetting

Rules & the Daily Picks Thread

About the [LIVE] Thread

Guide to Betting on SocceFootball

Score Services

Odds Comparison


Tools & Resources

Gambling Problems

Gambling problems? Get help
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Effective cricket betting strategy

While thinking about a wager on a particular player, for example, batsman, consider their general structure and past scores against the group he/she is playing against and furthermore at the ground which is facilitating the match. It isn’t exceptional for a player to have a most loved setting, where they perform reliably well.
Live cricket betting, as recently examined, can add incredible fervor to any cricket coordinate and in the event that you take a gander at the vast majority in a football arena they aren’t checking their facebook status when they’re on the telephone, they’re wagering live, on their telephone. In any case, it is insightful to avoid a portion of the business sectors being offered, for example, “technique for rejection” or “keeps running from next conveyance”. This is on the grounds that, other than in extremely excellent conditions when a pattern has created over the span of an innings, these wagers are exceptionally hard to anticipate and there is no information accessible on which to base them.
Locate the Best Line or Don’t Bet
Moreover, have a cost at the top of the priority list in regards to a particular result amid a cricket coordinate before putting down a wager and set aside the effort to look online for chances that are intelligent of this. A wagering trade, for example, bettor can be a decent spot to locate a decent cost for a wager, before looking somewhere else to check whether these chances can be beaten. Sites, for example, Odds checker can demonstrate profitable when looking at chances on a specific market. In case you’re in a nation where there are not many online sports books, for example, India or Asian regions will be your principle alternative.
One tip that is key if all else fails about what wager to put… dependably pursue structure. In cricket, home groups for the most part progress nicely and on the off chance that they don’t, the signs are for the most part there this will occur. Once more, contemplate the abundance of measurements that are accessible, they are there to help and the time taken to consider them will be justified, despite all the trouble.
An Online Bookmaker Specifically for Cricket
With such huge numbers of online bookmakers out there, it’s obvious that it tends to be hard to pick which to utilize while putting that extremely essential cricket wager. It’s a given that every single individual putting down a wager on cricket needs to get the most ideal cost. Sites, for example, our own, offer an administration whereby it is conceivable to think about the chances of numerous bookmakers in a single spot, we don’t cover cricket right now however it is coming. This can remove the time and strain from seeking a wide range of bookmakers in the desire for discovering better chances.
Having said that, opening up records at an assortment of bookmakers can be a long way from perfect and numerous individuals like to stay no sweat of utilization and to spare time. In this occasion, there are three bookmakers out there who offer the best administration for wagering on cricket. We not just offer the biggest choice of wagering markets and incredible cash back specials on cricket occasions extraordinary yet in addition a live spilling administration, demonstrating live cricket matches from around the globe. These three things meet up to make the main bookmaker for cricket wagering aficionados. We offer unique wagers for an assortment of enormous cricket coordinates that different bookmakers.
The three previously mentioned bookmakers will cover most of business sectors and by essentially perusing their site and choosing a match, it will end up obvious that the majority of the cricket wagering markets are secured. In any case, this ought not hinder anybody from examining different bookmakers, Each online cricket bettors is winding up progressively imaginative with their business sectors and it is constantly conceivable to observe new and engaging approaches to be wagered on cricket matches.
Last Word
Cricket is effectively a standout amongst the most noticeable games on the planet today, only not in America. With numerous new nations taking up the amusement and beginning to go up against the outstanding countries, cricket is just winding up progressively mainstream as time passes by. To stay aware of this, online bookmakers are putting forth new and energizing approaches to wager on cricket and making new innovation with which to do this. From the absolute initially wager, put, thinking back to the 1600’s to the live in-play wagering accessible on the web today, cricket and wagering have gone connected at the hip for quite a long time.
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Champions League Week 16 - Predictions, Poll and Pre-Discussion thread

With the Champions League coming back tomorrow (finally) I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread to get ready for it all.


First of all lets see where the odds stand on this sub. Click here to take a simple poll to vote for the winner in each match.


Results update live.


ignore the 473 responses as the result page's title. I used someone else template and they had 473 responses to questions which have been removed.

Fixtures & Preview

Full list and Preview of all matches here :




Betting odds

Odds checker

Latest news

  • Simon Rolfes, Bayer 04 Leverkusen captain: We are the challengers but want to go to our absolute limits. It is about getting ahead since only one can only win. There will be a great atmosphere again. Many of us have grown up with this melody [the UEFA Champions League anthem]. It is just still something very special.
  • Yaya Touré, Manchester City FC midfielder: We are very focused on this game. We have to compete hard to and be 100% because Barcelona are the top level in the world and if we want to be one of the top clubs in the world then we have to compete with those teams.
  • Jérôme Boateng, FC Bayern München defender: Mesut Özil is [Arsenal's] key player. We must be wide awake because the fans will push them forward. We have to show on the pitch that we are better.
  • The #FCBayern captain Lahm via Twitter added: "We won't be playing for a 0-0. We want to win in London."
  • Manuel Pellegrini, Manchester City FC manager: It is difficult [to stop Lionel Messi], without doubt, very difficult, because he is a top player in the world. He has a lot of different things – he has good speed, good technique, good finishing. He is a very important player but I do not think Barcelona is Messi, other players will also decide the game, so it is important to play as a team in defending and attacking.
  • Frank Ribery & Shaqiri have been ruled out for Arsenal trip.

Stats on the teams competing this week

  • Zlatan Ibrahimović (PSG)top scorer out of week-16 teams [8]
  • Samir Nasri (MCI) with the most assists out of week-16 teams [4]
  • Olivier Giroud (AFC) with most offsides out of week-16 teams [12]
  • Hulk (ZEN) with most attempts on target out all competing teams [23]
  • Gabi (ATL) with most fouls committed out of week-16 teams [19]

Subreddit Previews thanks to brocccoli

/mcfc - /barca
/bayer04 - /psg
/acmilan - /atletico
/gunners,/gooners - /bayern
/zenit - /borussiadortmund
Lets discuss below.
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Weekly 0xgame update - 10.12.2018

Weekly 0xgame update

Date: 10.12.2018


Slight issue with some matches
By the end of the previous week, there were some small problems with a few matches which was caused by insufficient funds in our resolver. This has been since resolved and we introduced an automatic checker just to ensure such an issue does not happen again.
New match fixtures for the upcoming week
A new set of match fixtures for the week of December 11th to December 17th, 2018 is set and all matches will be deployed promptly.
You can check out the entire schedule here.
Verity x 0xgame achievements week 9
A new set of achievements, in cooperation with our partner Verity, have been announced. The list features similar achievements as last weeks' ones, with slight modifications.
You can check out the achievements on Verity's subreddit, here.
Please claim your rewards on legacy
If you still have not claimed rewards for your previous bets, please do so through the legacy page of 0xgame: https://legacy.0xgame.io/bets.
This page will not be available forever, so do it as soon as possible.
Several big product updates
In case you missed some of our bigger product updates, here's a brief overview:
We made it on Verity's top 8 dApps list
Last week, we were featured in Verity's list of their top 8 favorite dapps and decentralized projects. In case you haven't seen the blog post yet, make sure to check it out, here.
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Croatoan, Earth : Tattooed Horizon : Part 5

Croatoan, Earth : Tattooed Horizon : Part 5

Leia's face was a twisted mask of indecision. She counted out her money again. She checked her cards. I couldn't help but smile. This game was her one weakness and her opponent was the closest thing she had to a nemesis.
"This is frustrating." Leia declared. "How does she keep doing it? How do you keep doing it?"
Cynthia looked back across the table. Her money was in thick stacks. Her cards carefully arrayed. She gave the lady knight a smug smile. Xi watched, trying to determine Cynthia's technique. He'd lost to her six times already. He believed that there had to be a trick to it all. There was no way Cynthia was that good; not all the time. No matter how hard they tried or how many knights sat across from her, Cynthia bested them all. Even Daniel had been beat a few times. The one time he did win, everyone claimed he cheated. This established the no telepathy rule.
"Is this one of those trolling things, Daniel?" Jo asked. She had her arms crossed and resting on the back of Xi's chair. "Is there some trick to this game that you're not telling us?" Eight other knights sat around the table and they were all nodding their head in response to Jo's question. I shrugged and shook my head. I'd lost early on. I had no head for the game, not like Cynthia did. She beat the knights and kept beating the knights game after a game. She only grew more smug with each victory.
"No. It's not a trolling thing, Jo. The girl, she's . . just good. She has a head for numbers." I confessed. The knights snorted derisively, clearly not believing a word I said. They might have been right. It seemed odd that the little girl could beat them every time. The odds say at least one of them should have won by now. I was just impressed that they refused to give up.
Since coming to Earth, the knights and soldiers aboard the ships had really become enthralled with the various games the people of Earth played. Gorjjen, as Mozzie preferred to be called, had really taken to the game of chess. He and Baggam played it on the ship during evening rotation. Baggam had shown a considerable aptitude for the game which had frustrated Gorjjen to no end.
Soldiers aboard the ships had taken to the game of basketball and football. There was a petition going around aboard the ships trying to compel the various Divisions of Development into transforming a few of the arboretums into facilities that would allow the game to be played aboard ship. So far, they had been met with frowns and unenthusiastic replies of, We'll think about it.
I'm getting tired of losing to her. Leia complained, throwing her thought into my mind.
You're breaking the rules. I said, reminding her of the rule.
I just can't take it. Do you have any idea how freaking infuriating it is to lose to a child. If she smiles that smug . . . smirky . . . cocky smile one more time I swear I'm going to--
Shoot her in the face with your halo? I guessed. She gave me a withering look.
Don't be ridiculous. She's only eight. The decorated knight replied.
"Ah-ha!" Cynthia called out suddenly, coming to her feet. She leveled an arm at Leia and pointed a crooked finger at her nose. "Cheating." The little Chinese girl declared. "She cheats? I see the look she gives you. She cheating, yes?"
"No. But, she did break the rules." I replied, jokingly. The little girl assumed a very serious expression and wagged her finger imperiously.
"Lady knight no cheat. You being bad. You play nice. You no cheat." She told Leia. The knights surrounding the table broke down laughing. "No mind talking, lady knight. Okay?" The eight year old declared strenuously. When Leia didn't respond, the little girl marched around the table and grabbed Leia's face, one cheek in each hand. "Okay? Okay?" Leia gave her friends and fellow knights irritated looks. She narrowed her eyes at me, a warning that there would be repercussions for my betrayal. To the little girl, she scrunched up her nose and nodded.
"Okay. No more mind talking." Leia conceded. The little girl fixed her with a stern eye and nodded, pointing her crooked finger at the knight as she walked back to her seat. Cynthia was still berating Leia in Chinese. It was one of the many languages the knights hadn't been pressed with yet. That was how I relearned the language of the Cojokaru. As psychics, the knights have the ability to press their language into other people's heads if that person has a modicum of psychic ability themselves.
Leia had taught me how to do it, and after three attempts I finally managed to press my knowledge of English and Pig Latin into her head. Leia could speak English for the most part. I say for the most part because I pressed my knowledge of the language into her head. I was not a well read man. Her fellow knights couldn't speak the language yet. They could understand it for the most part, but they couldn't speak it. Since I didn't speak Chinese, Leia couldn't speak Chinese. So, none of us understood a word the little girl was spouting which made her rant all the more amusing.
The little girl suddenly stopped complaining, smiled beautifully, and retook her seat. She gestured for Leia to proceed and take her turn. Leia smirked, enjoying the moment. She rarely got to interact with children.
"You are just so cute. I just want to grab you up and--" Leia began.
"Wroll alwready!" The little girl demanded in frustration, cutting Leia off. The other knights roared with laughter. Leia's brow creased with what I hoped was mock irritation. She picked up the dice and threw them on the board. The dice showed two fives. She moved her iron ten spaces and groaned with despair when she realized who owned the property. The rest of the knights hooted and jeered at Leia, speaking in their own language so the little girl could not hear the good natured profanity. She gave them a two fingered salute, as she called it. I wasn't sure what perverse act it was supposed to represent, but it made the men howl even louder.
"No." Leia groaned pitifully, falling back.
Cynthia threw her hands in the air and crowed with delight. "Pawrk Place. Two hotels. You owe me--"
"You win. You freaking win again." Leia told the girl, tossing the kid her last twelve hundred dollars. "I swear you've rigged this game somehow."
"I no cheat." The little girl protested, scooping up her money. She gestured toward me. "Big belly boy cheat. Lady knight no need to be bad baby losewr. She no know how to play well is all. You need more practice."
"No. You're up to something." Leia countered. "And, I've got my eye on you. I'll figure it out eventually."
"Come on now. Come on, bad baby knight. You lose faiwr and squawre." Cynthia said, putting up the money and property cards. "I'm so sorry, lady knight, but you have to pay now, okay?" The little girl announced, holding out her hand. Leia smacked her palm gently with her own just as an alarm sounded on Leia's NID. A moment later, the NIDs of the other knights sounded as well.
"Oh, look at that." Leia sang. "We've gotta go to work now. I guess I'll have to owe you."
"Nooo. No! You lose faiwr and squawre. You have to pay. You pay now." The girl declared indignantly. Leia's serious face held a moment longer the broke into a grin. She came around the table and swept the little girl up in her arms, kissing both cheek noisily. Cynthia giggled and squealed with delight. Her mother watched from the window, a tired--but not disapproving--smile upon her face.
"You can pay her." Leia said, flicking my elbow. I smiled wryly and pulled three carmel-apple lollipops from my pocket. I passed them over to Cynthia and the little girl snatched them away quick. She smiled then, turned the full effect of her dimples upon Leia, and gave the knight's neck a huge hug.
This was probably the most beautiful thing I'd seen since Sheila McDonald blew the whistle on the secret Summit that took place between Earth and the Cojokaru. The governments had been terrified of the alien ships after the Summit, fearing them, and seeing them as an invading force. Two psychics had killed dozens of dignitaries and staff while surrounded by armed men. I was pretty sure they thought that was what awaited them aboard the ships. As far as Summits go, I was willing to bet this was probably the worst both worlds had ever witnessed. It'd only been two months since the Summit, but a lot of things had changed and a lot of things hadn't.
The governments had no interest in leaving with the ships, but that didn't mean they weren't interested in them still. They desperately wanted to trade with the armada. The first thing they wanted to trade was announcement of the harvest in exchange for Cojokaruan weapon technology. This was of course foolish, since it didn't really matter if anyone on Earth boarded the ships or not. The ships were here to thin the colonies and prevent over population first and save them from the infected second. Once Earth realized this wouldn't work, the governments who lost world leaders tried to demand compensation in the form of alien technology for the deaths of the people at the Summit. The Cojakaru responded by sending ships loaded with re-printers to the surface.
The world leaders that Palasa had killed were reprinted in a matter of days and their minds restored. The governments naturally didn't trust these newly revitalized leaders though, and they were set aside and ostracized, but it erased the idea of there being a debt owed to the people of Earth. The governments were still looking for pressure points they could leverage. When Sheila broke the news to the general public, analysts had predicted that a modest nine percent of the population would choose to leave. They underestimated the curiosity of man.
The people of Earth had an entirely different reaction to the Cojokaru's invitation to leave Earth than had the governments of the world. Curiosity is a powerful thing, and mankind has always been curious. The Earth has been explored and mapped and technological leaps have been made, and only because mankind’s curiosity is insatiable. When the environment no longer offers new discoveries or learning experiences, the eyes and the mind search elsewhere. There's no joy in studying a leaf eight thousand other people have already studied. When the Cojokaru offered to take the people of Earth out among the stars, their tired eyes and weary minds looked up with a curiosity they hadn't felt in years.
They seized the opportunity without hesitation. Population pressures had crammed people into close contact, the people wanted space to move and room to breathe. And there were mysteries beyond Earth. The people craved new mysteries. They wanted to see new worlds and meet new people. At the very core of man, discovery of the unknown is what really drives us. When it was all said and done, over sixty percent of the Earth chose to leave; almost all of Africa chose to go.
"Will you come again, Leia?" Cynthia asked. Leia ran her fingers through the little girl's silky black shoulder-length hair and smoothed the pink and white checkered collar of her sleeveless dress.
"If I have time." Leia hedged, setting the girl down.
She couldn't promise to come back. Her life was the life of a knight and that life belonged to her battle commander. Leia's NID beeped again. The other knights were already leaving. She waved her goodbye to Cynthia's mother and checked her NID. My cell-phone rang a moment later. It made me smile to see the contact name of the person calling. He hadn't called me in almost a week.
"I have to catch a shuttle back." She advised. "There's a general security alert being broadcast. I need to see what's up."
"Percher attack?" I guessed, answering my phone. I listened to the man on the other end, and my mood soured. I must have looked concerned for Leia took notice and gestured what.
"I don't know." She replied. "They're recalling all the knights on the surface back to the ships. They . . ." She studied my face, noticing that my look of consternation had not passed. "What is it?"
"I think I'm the security alert." I blurted, turning my phone so she could see the name of the person who'd just called me.
Start Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
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Stalk-June 18, 2012

I return to consciousness and realize that everything is wrong. Forget going to Hell, the situation is already there and I have the illegal parking ticket to prove it. It’s completely dark; by some stroke of absolutely septic luck I slept straight through my alarm. My dogs are nowhere to be seen, but I guess they could still be close. After all, it’s the dead of night, I can’t see outside for shit, and they’re about as black as ink on sin. I blot that stumbling block out of my mind and decide to tackle problem three: I can definitely hear the rumble of an engine and, of course, it’s headed this way. Hey, at least I’m not the last man on Earth anymore.
I scramble to my feet and drag the pack up the stairs to the bedroom that takes up the whole second floor, completely disregarding how sad your life would suddenly seem when you had to tell someone that you lived in the convenience store you owned. As I climb I pray there will be a window up there that will look out over the back of the store, but judging by the cosmic joke that I’ve apparently become over the past few days I assume there’s going to be a shit-breathing dragon behind the door I’m rapidly approaching. Shit-dragon or not, I don’t hesitate when I get there; I slam my shoulder into the door and stumble as I actually run right through it. Against all the screaming in my brain, I turn around and look at the door with the roughly man-shaped hole punched through it with a measure of incredulity.
Pretty soon the screaming regains control and I look to the left and lo and behold, there’s a window. Take that, universe. I wrench the window open and punch a hole through the screen. I drop my pack to the ground from the second story and am halfway out of the window myself when I see the lights from a vehicle sweep to the right and wash over the store, continuing on until they are pointed back in the direction they came from and the vehicle comes to a stop. They stay that way for a few seconds while the vehicle remains on so I take the opportunity and jump from the window, hoping the sound of the idling engine will cover the sound of me hitting the ground. The landing is stiff. There’s a good possibility that a piano would have made less noise in the same situation. I put my back against the wall and slide to the corner, then poke my head around when I don’t hear any approaching footsteps. All clear.
I go back to my bag and pull the bow out, nock an arrow, and slip the bag onto my back before creeping along the rear of the store until I get to the opposite end. I would rather shoot from a position that will cover the left side of my body, leaving only part of my head, hand, and elbow exposed to return fire, if there is any to be had; plus now I’m approaching from behind the headlights. Sun Tzu would shed a single tear if he could see me right now. I cautiously move up to the front corner and peer around and I’m momentarily taken aback by what I see.
The vehicle is a police cruiser. It doesn’t take me long to shake it off and get back on track but it gave me pause for a couple heartbeats. In another situation that mistake could have left me bleeding. Upon closer inspection, I get a terrible feeling about this whole situation. Neither of the men I can see are wearing police uniforms, which is really no surprise. They’re standing behind the car and they’re both looking in the same direction, which happens to be away from me, while refueling the cruiser. They won’t get the chance to make that mistake twice. I can see that their shirts are covered in blood and what looks to be vomit. That’s a bit of a puzzler, honestly, but the chemical makeup of the mystery stains don’t matter very much at this point as I’m pretty sure these guys aren’t the neighborhood watch. I would guess these two are infected but they don’t appear to have any of the lesions or general psychosis that grips the people that get infected with The Plague.
Moments before I decide to move I detect the slightest bit of motion in the back of the cruiser. It’s extremely hard to see because of the tint and the angles involved but it looks like a head lolling loosely onto the top of the headrest. I assume whoever is back there isn’t riding along willingly and that they just kicked the bucket. That really didn’t look like a natural or healthy movement. That settles it; these unfortunate gentlemen are about to meet a rather savage end.
With a plan in mind I begin to pad silently across the parking lot, getting as close as possible before I launch my attack. It’s a pretty solid plan as it’s built on all three advantages that damn near guarantee victory: speed, surprise, and violence of action. I’m nearly in position when I cast my eyes left; scanning the inside of the store just in case there is a fourth person out for a drive. I swear I’m not surprised to see two more inside, peering into the cooler. Let’s double my money and make it five. It’s way too late to abort as I’d probably be caught on my way back to the corner so it’s time to sack up, cowboy.
This time my tactical mind and killer instinct are working together and firing on all cylinders. There’s no hesitation as I close to within five feet of the men at the back of the car. I draw the bow, thanking somebody somewhere for the silent draw a single cam compound bow is known for, and look down the arrow for a fraction of a second before sending the shaft whistling into the base of the skull of the guy on the left. Before the other one can process what happened to his friend I’m on him, the bow hanging loosely in my left hand, my right having already freed the tomahawk from its sheath. I slam my left foot into the bend of his left leg and keep driving forward and down until he’s on one knee and utterly disoriented. The blade is already in its downward arc by the time Shits McShirt begins to turn his head. I don’t think the axe blade ever slowed down as it sliced a diagonal chunk of skull, brain, and skin from the top of the poor guy’s dome, sending it careening off into the darkness, chased by a geyser of miscellaneous gore.
Once again, I’m already moving before the blood hits the ground. I sprint back to the store, dropping the bow in front of the door, not worrying about noise at this point. With a stroke of actual good luck the two targets remain enthralled by the beverages in the cooler until I’m almost upon them and it’s far past too late. I break stride as I get to a rack full of candy bars and chewing gum that is resting right behind them and slam my boot into the front lip of the middle shelf, delivering nearly all of my energy into the rack, which flies forward and slams both of them into the door of the cooler. While it’s not quite as devastating as an artillery barrage, that maneuver definitely qualifies for the Shock and Awe designator. The guy to the left is entirely pinned, for better or for worse, to the door and is immediately dispatched with a powerful blow from the spike of the tomahawk, which I leave in his skull for now.
The guy that was on the right didn’t catch as solid of a hit from the rack as his buddy and after face planting into the door he was sent careening off across the store, hitting pretty much everything in his path on his journey to the floor. A lot like a really big, dirty, stank-ass pinball.
He’s on his hands and knees by the time I get to him, probably trying to clear the cobwebs from his head and starbursts from his vision. Sorry, man, but the bright lights are just starting for you. I slam my right boot into his face with a kick that’s more at home on a football field than a battlefield, but the punt had the desired effect as he rolls over onto his back, his visage now a red ruin. Just like the bright lights, the face wrecking isn’t quite over yet. He’s somehow still awake with an inexplicably unbroken neck, and he hacks up a sickening pile of blood, bile, and whatever else he has brewing in his belly. His eyes meet mine moments before I serve him the boot buffet by sending my foot through his skull and all the way to the floor, and even more of his bodily fluids hit the eject button and are used to redecorate the rather drab interior of the convenience store.
Satisfied with my newfound skills as a waiter and a painter, I walk over and pull the tomahawk out of the decidedly dead head of my former enemy, then proceed to check the rest of the building just to make sure there weren’t any more of these super soldiers skulking around in the now-Stygian shadows that swallowed the store. Satisfied that I’m alone, I retrieve my bow and a few water bottles and sit down to eat an extraordinarily early breakfast. Beef jerky and water. This is going to get old pretty quickly. I get up and grab some salted peanuts for variety. I return to my seat and start downing a water bottle when I pick up some movement out of the corner of my eye. It’s inside the car. I guess that would have been worth checking on as apparently the person that is in there isn’t quite dead yet. I draw the knife and start walking toward the car. I like the instantaneous kill that the tomahawk is capable of achieving but there will be no room to swing it in the car if it comes to that, and it’s remarkably bad as a poking weapon.
I get to the car and try to look in but can’t really make out much of anything. I know better than to press my face against the window as that’s likely to get me a face full of glass and boot. I rap on the window with the knife and get no response whatsoever. I open the driver door and take a step back before crouching down to peer inside, completely unprepared to see a little girl in the back, bound and gagged. I stand back up with such haste that I almost overbalance and topple over backwards. I remain motionless for a few moments, then begin pinching the bridge of my nose, trying to concentrate. If I have a single nervous habit, it’s definitely that. Maybe it jumpstarts blood flow to my brain or something. I know I should try to help this girl but I really don’t know what I can do. Even if I can save her it’s not like I can take her with me but it would be just as bad to just leave her stranded here, as well. Well, I have four kills to my name so far; it’s about time I try to put up some points in the other column.
I unlock the back door and open it, still cautious for some reason. Everything about this just feels off, but then again I’m really going to have to adjust my standards for normal if I’m going to get very far now. I gently pull her out of the car and lay her down on the pavement, her clothes in tatters and her eyes glazed. I get a better look at her and quickly realize that her wounds are worse than I had expected and far outside my realm of expertise. Her face is swollen, discolored, and lacerated, her lips torn up and teeth broken; the back of her head has several large lumps that I assume are swelling from a brutal beating. Her throat has several finger sized bruises along the sides from being choked. Her right arm has a compound fracture, though it looks to be pretty old as the blood around the wound is dried, brown, and flaky. Her left shoulder looks weird, probably dislocated, but maybe just outright broken. She has lacerations and extensive bruising on her chest and abdomen and several ribs are clearly broken.
At this point I pause and refocus, and mentally talk myself through what is happening and force myself to accept that there was nothing I could do to help this girl. She is too far gone. Part of me is saying to finish the examination of the wounds but I just can’t will myself to look below her waist. I saw the aftermath of rape more times than any human ever should while I was deployed, especially to Africa. I know she’s been raped and I refuse to even verify it, somehow feeling like it would just be one last violation. It’s odd but, while fighting, while my life could have been extinguished at any moment, I felt no trace of anger. I was calm and collected. Now, I feel as if my blood is boiling. My heart is pounding and my whole body feels like it’s wreathed in flame. I struggle to contain it, to control it. This is a fight I’m not winning.
I stand up, return to the store, and open my bag. I pull out some morphine and return to the girl. I kneel down over her and, without a word, inject enough of it to stop a herd of elephants. Again I walk back to the store, this time going up the stairs. I tear the sheets off the bed and leave them in a pile on the floor. I open the nightstand and pull out the Bible I find there. I can’t say I’m a believer but most of the people around here are. Chances are good she believed in God, so I’ll send her off with his word. I grab the sheets and return to the girl. I check her pulse and am amazed to find that it’s still there. It’s incredibly weak and irregular, but she’s still alive. This was an extremely tough girl, a trait which proved particularly unmerciful near the end.
I wrap the sheet around her, covering her as best I can. Before the last wrap with the sheet, I place the Bible over her heart. I really have nothing to say, so I simply sit there, at least observing a moment of silence. Her chest stops moving, and I go ahead and check her pulse again. It’s gone, along with its owner. I finish the last wrap of the sheet, pick her up, and carry her onto the hill behind the store and place her body under the lone tree that has made its home up there. I turn and walk back to the store, reclaiming my seat; the food completely forgotten. My mind is racing, filled with so many questions that I’m actually forgetting some, and coming up with answers to none. My elbow rests on the table in front of me and my hand drifts up to my nose again. I’m midway through the first pinch when I hear a footfall outside, to the side of the building. I freeze, not daring to breathe. The footfall was unbelievably light. Someone who knows what they are doing is extremely close; someone who is rolling their feet as they hit the ground and exhaling at the same time to minimize the amount of noise produced. I suddenly feel like I’m being hunted. The feeling doesn’t last long.
I quietly slip the Ka-Bar out of its sheath and creep over to the wall next to the door in a low crouch. This is my best option as there’s some pretty deep shadow here and it’s almost entirely out of the field of view of anyone entering the store. If I remain motionless I’ll be nearly invisible here. Because of a single bad footstep the flow of the encounter has shifted entirely and I’ve regained control. I change my grip on the knife, using the blade-down ambush grip instead of the blade-flat fighting grip. I have no plans of fighting anymore, especially not with my unknown foe portraying skills that hint at them being extraordinarily lethal.
A few silent moments pass rather uneventfully, and then I hear a faint scrape of boots on the sidewalk right in front of the door. My target seems to be losing discipline as the anticipation builds. They know for a fact that I’m here somewhere, and they seem to know that I’m pretty damn lethal myself. My target appears in the doorway, moving slowly. I can’t see much detail but I can make out the silhouette of the head, rotating from right to left. That tells me something more about them; that’s a scout sniper trick for finding targets. Ex- or current military without a doubt, possibly special forces as well. Unfortunately for them, that whole service brotherhood thing jumped right the fuck out of the broken windows when they tried to turn me into prey. No quarter will be given.
Two more cautious steps and my target is right where I want them. I stand up silently and slide to the left without making a peep, trying to get directly behind them to minimize the chance of being caught. I look down at the right leg and give myself a mental pat on the back when I see a handgun resting in a holster on the thigh. No problem now, but if I hadn’t noticed that my brains would have been on the ceiling in a few seconds.
I step forward, my target still peering into the darkness, searching for any sign of movement. I’m within range and launch into motion, the initial motions a blur, executed with extreme speed; this is the type of thing you can do when you think multiple moves ahead of your target. My left hand reaches across my target’s back and down to the thigh holster where my middle finger hits the release button, freeing the handgun. I quickly grab it, still using my left hand, and give a quick kick with my left foot to the back of my opponent’s left knee, slightly buckling it, just to add to the confusion. I tear the gun free and whip my arm back to the left and fling the gun far into the darkness, stopping my arm directly behind their left shoulder in preparation for their move. I almost grin as their left elbow flies back at my face, only to be stopped short by left forearm digging in to their tricep before pushing forward. This asshole fights like a Ranger. I wrap my left arm around their neck, trying to get the point of my elbow directly below their chin to lock the choke in just in case something happens to the knife and the stab doesn’t work out as planned.
My plan goes tits up as soon as the choke fails. The target gets their chin down in time to keep my arm from snaking around their throat. I abandon the choke and plant my left hand on the right side of their head, wrenching it back to the left, desperately trying to expose the right side of their neck so I can get a clean stab with the knife. Flesh exposed, I lower the knife until the point is touching the skin right where I want it: between the inside edge of the collarbone and the base of the neck. Right before I slam my hand down and plunge the blade deep into the target’s chest, their right hand shoots up and latches onto mine. In one very fluid and well-planned chain of movement they twist my hand forward and to the right, completely nullifying the knife and threatening to break my wrist. I play right into their hand as I focus all of my attention on flexing my wrist back and maintaining my grip on the knife, easily overpowering my target; who I’m rapidly beginning to suspect is in all actuality a woman. Small hands, a relatively weak upper body, significantly shorter than me, and I think there was hair in my face a second ago.
Unfortunately, in my efforts to pull the knife back I overreach, causing one of my feet to nearly leave the ground, placing a good portion of my weight on her back. She makes me pay for that immediately by driving her thumb into my right wrist so far that it feels like it’s going to go through, making me drop the knife, then violently twisting her whole body to the left. I’m completely off balance now, barely on one foot. I twist my head to the left as I know what’s coming next and good lord when that head butt lands it hits me directly in the ear and makes me wonder if she has a sledge hammer for a head. I can’t hear anything over the ringing coming from inside my ears and I can feel some wetness on my right cheek below my ear. This fight is quickly getting out of hand. It’s pretty obvious by this point that I’m not going to outsmart or outmaneuver her in any noticeable way so I need to make this all about raw strength.
I get my footing back and release my hold on her, quickly putting my left hand on her left shoulder and yanking back with as much force as I can. She spins back toward me and has no time to dodge the punishing right hook that crashes into her eyebrow, immediately spinning her back to the left and into one of the few racks in the store that’s still standing. I can’t really say I’m surprised when she doesn’t stay down long; the punch landed way too high to leave her unconscious but it was pretty much all I had to work with. She stands up, but with much less speed and vigor than before. That shot clearly rang her bell. I press forward and am pleased to see that she retreats and starts circling. I have no intention of playing this game with her. I lunge into her path, stopping a couple feet away and slightly to her left, inviting her to try a roundhouse kick. She takes it hook, line, and sinker.
As soon as she plants her left foot and begins rotating her hips I drop into a crouch, scoot forward with my right foot first, and put both of my forearms up in front of my left side. The decreased distance allows my arms to make contact with her thigh and absorb the impact there instead of at the shin, which likely would have broken at least one of my arms. All goes according to plan and the kick is completely neutralized. No time to waste. I wrap my left arm around her right leg, completely trapping it. She fully understands the danger she’s in at this point and quickly tries to disengage herself by twisting forcefully but it’s too late; the trap is set. She punches me in the top of the head while I’m standing up but it has no effect whatsoever.
I return to full height and deliver a crunching right cross to her forehead that stuns her and makes her lean back, opening herself up for stage two by leaving her body undefended. I pull my hand back and deliver another sinister straight right to the stomach. That one did some serious damage and, most importantly, knocked the breath out of her. This fight is nearly over. I expect her to crumple and fall over but she somehow stays on her feet; it would have been smarter to have gone to the ground. Oh well, makes it easier for me. I lock my right hand around her throat and lift up with as much force as I can muster at such an odd angle while using my right leg to land a scimitar kick into her left leg, her last support. She begins to fall and I use my right hand to accelerate that process, effectively choke slamming her into the floor. She lands with a thud, crying out and arching her back. Again, she displays amazing toughness as that slam usually breaks a target’s spine.
The checkered flag in sight, I pull my body up and plant my knees on the insides of her elbows to keep her from returning punches or worse, going for a boot knife. I make my left hand into a fist and drive it into her a little below her sternum, making her work hard for her breath while I catch mine. I finish the pin by placing my right forearm on her left cheek and rolling her head to the side before pushing down with my weight. My brain is in overdrive right now. I don’t have a weapon within reach that I can use to finish this quickly and I don’t relish the idea of beating this girl’s face in until she dies in any way, shape, or form. I need time. I need to stall.
“What branch were you in?” I manage to gasp out, more gassed from the fight than I probably should have been.
Her eyes stare back into mine with more than a little bewilderment and anger before she decides to answer. “Army. What about you?”
“Bullshit. The Army doesn’t teach you to fight like that. Answer my question and I’ll answer yours.”
“They teach you to fight like that if you’re attached to a Ranger unit. I was an EOD. I worked support for them in Iraq.”
“Fair enough. I was Navy. DEVGRU, to be exact.”
“No shit? Well, if I’m going to lose a fight I guess it may as well be to a fucking SEAL. What are the odds?”
“Longshot would be an underestimate. You probably should have been betting on horse races. Why the hell were you hunting me?” She actually laughs at that one. Shit.
“I wasn’t hunting you. I was hunting the fuckers in the cop car. When I found one with an arrow sticking out of his face and the other with a hatchet haircut, I started looking for you, and believe me, after seeing that shit I had no intention of fighting you. I think the reasons should be obvious by this point.”
Understanding swells and breaks over me like the last wave of the day and I take my weight off of her and rock back into a sitting position on the floor. I can’t really think of what to say but I try to speak anyways. “The girl in the car.”
“Yeah. My sister. I found her under the tree. Your work, I assume?”
“Yes. Look, when I found her, she was-“
“Too far gone. I know. I was actually planning on saying thank you. You know, for the courtesy, and all.”
“I guess the thank you got nullified by the ass beating. Let’s chalk this up to a misunderstanding. I’m sorry about your sister, by the way. Nobody deserves that.”
“Don’t worry about it. It really doesn’t matter anymore.”
The conversation stalls there and I really don’t know how to get it going again. After a few moments of silence, I pop up onto my feet and brush myself off. I reach out my hand to help her up from the ruined floor. She takes it and quickly gets to her feet as well. Resiliency is apparently a family trait in these folks. “The name’s Titan. I would say it’s a pleasure to meet you, but saying we got off on the wrong foot doesn’t really cover it,” I say with a grin, trying to rub life back into my ear.
“Even titans have names, big man. I’m Jamie. Jamie Anders. Let’s see if we can get yours right this time.”
“Fine. It’s Mace.”
“Alright, Mace. What’s our next move?”
I have to admit, for someone I was trying to kill a few seconds ago, she’s really growing on me. She has a certain charm, and in a different life she was definitely a beautiful woman. Actually, in a weird sort of way, she still is. She has very dark brown hair, nearly black. Hell, it is black, a little past shoulder length and hanging in loose curls. Big green eyes with the faintest traces of bags under them; probably sleep related. Very fair skin, almost purely white. I kind of feel bad about hitting her, but I guess that was mostly necessary. I meet her eyes for a moment and raise my eyebrows, feigning surprise. “Our?”
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[Table] IAmA current phone sex operator for a high-volume, successful company. AMA

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Date: 2012-10-21
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Questions Answers
Ever get calls that make you want to burst out laughing? Often. I have great self-control now. One time I almost laughed when a guy told me he wanted to have sex with his toaster, another guy who wanted me to defile his sleeping bag, and another who wanted me to put on pantyhose, fill them with helium, and float around the room. There are a lot more...
ToasterRights will have a word with you. I meant no disrepect to the man and his toaster...You can't control who you love. lol.
Last one sounds fun. Oh yeah, and don't you know I have a helium tank on hand for those rare times when I need to fill up my panyhose?! ;)
Link to www.quickmeme.com. That is fucking awesome!
What's the most hilariously creepy call you've heard so far? It's a toss-up between three calls. One guy told he was a mortician/Satanist/necropheliac. (But he said it's ok, because he only likes the pretty corpses, not people's grandmas...like that makes it better...smh) Another guy got off to hearing me talk about high-profile serial killers, and another who basically wanted to stab me and cut me in half. I had to take a break after those ones.
Do you just play along with the people who want to commit violence on you? The call where the guy wanted to cut me in half...he didn't tell me he wanted to do it until the call was about to run out. If he had been violent in the beginning I would have given him a refund and directed him elsewhere.
Do you get calls from girls ever? Any interesting stories there? I do get calls from women every so often. After my first one...I was telling my friend that I was a "phone lesbian". The first caller was very dominant, and had a manly voice. She mostly called me names...lol A couple of the other girls sounded really girly and cute, and they just wanted "regular" stuff.
Kinkiest call so far? Hmmm. I guess it depends on what you define as kinky...It's different for everyone. I get calls from people who are into forced feminization, people who want to be human toilets, all the way to wanting to be hung and ejaculated on...I even had a toaster "f*cker" once who liked to hit himself in the junk with a hammer.
A toaster fucker? That's it, you win. He also liked to fuck his toilet seat, oscillating fan, and his palm tree. I could hear him violating the toaster...there were "springy" sounds. I couldn't eat toast for a while without laughing.
How do the forced feminization ones go? Like get in the fucking dress? No, more like, could you try this dress on so I can hem it?? Then I have special locks that trap him in it and it won't come off...or maybe slipping female hormones in his food. That sort of thing.
I thought coming from the internets, I'd not be surprised. Needless to say, I have no reply for that. Interesting though, as I knew someone who was part of LiveLinks(?) and they apparently had to do PSO duties, but no extremities just regular "ooh ahh" kinda stuff. Follow-up: how did you get into this? I got into it though a friend who has been managing a site for over 12 years. I needed a job right away, and she had a free spot, so I took it.
You say you get the good, bad, and ugly...what are the best of each you've ever had? Well, you can look at my answer for creepy, and that will explain the ugly...but the bad ones imo are guys who don't know what they want and are too vague...sometimes just wanting to give me a hard time. There are a lot of "good" ones. Some people are lonely and just want to talk about "normal" things. I had a guy the other night who entertained me by doing impersonations. I have others who want to please me, and are very gentle,loving, and kind. Hands down, the BEST was the guy who did impersonations...I laughed my ass off.
Who did he do impressions of? Elvis, and various voices/accents.
Hello and thanks for this interesting AMA. I worked in a call center while in college (trying to do fundraising for school events) and while on calls I would play solitaire, checkers, read the news, etc. What are YOU actually doing most the time while on calls? Mostly, I focus and listen to the callers. But I do sometimes play fb games or paint my nails. Some of my calls are demanding, and I can't always multi-task. Good question!
So baby, what are you wearing right now? Do you want to know what my pso character is wearing or the real me? ;)
TIL there is a difference :'( Either way, I'm TOTALLY HOT! There, there...don't cry.
This is what my pso character is wearing. That's HOT! lol.
I think it's interesting that you refer to it as your character. Is this something that actually gets fleshed out, like you have a short write-up of your character on hand so you can stay consistent, or do you just make it up as you go along? I put a lot of myself into the calls. I don't use a "helium" voice, and many times I do casually talk to my callers when there is time to do so.
This might be a weird thing to ask, but if you had to rate yourself from 1 to 10 in real life, what would you give yourself? Unlike some girls, I'm not a conceited b*tch, so I rate myself about a 7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I'm sure I would rate higher or lower depending on each guy's personal preference. My personality I rate as a solid 10...and that's what my callers like the most.
Anytime I see those ads all I can think about is my assumptions that 1) I'm not speaking to a woman that looks like the woman in the ad and 2) i may not even be speaking to a woman. That being said, are there males that have soothing feminine voices who also take calls at this successful company? I do not know of any men who pose as women where I work.
What is the one call that made you question your sanity? One call where I had to be a mom and her daughter...going back and forth between two different voices. I felt a little schizo after that. But it's not my sanity I question, it's the sanity of my callers.
Have you ever had a partner who was bothered by your job? Do you get a lot of prank callers? I don't currently have a partner, I was married, now divorced..but not because of my job. The ex was/is interested in my line of work. I started doing it after the divorce, and I think he was surprised I had it in me to do the PSO thing. As for prank callers, I think I had a kid once...I asked him what he was into, and he timidly said "football". lol I do wonder if I have ever been on radio shows though.
Do radio show hosts do that? Would definitely get more listeners I have heard radio shows, and seen pranks on youtube. I constantly wonder, and even check from time to time to see if I've been pranked.
How often do you work? Like, do you make your own hours? Or are you on call for certain times? Also is this your primary source of income? I try to work everyday, unless I have company, or go out. I DO make my own hours. Some other companies require set shifts, but mine don't. I do have a quota I have to meet, but it's mostly to keep operators from taking too much time off. It is currently my primary source of income. I do have a background in apartment management, and did that for many years before getting burnt out. I usually work 9pm to about 5am...but sometimes I switch it up to keep in touch with some of my daytime callers. But, EVERYTHING STOPS when Sons of Anarchy or Walking Dead come on! LOL.
Hello Lady ;), have you ever actually gotten turned on by one of your callers, and if so, what's the story? I have been turned on by a couple of callers. One was British, and had a very sexy accent...the other caller had a very sexy masculine voice as well. Both guys were very sweet and decent.
One was British, and had a very sexy accent. Kristina? LOL.
Not sure if that's a yes... I am not Kristina...
How much do you make? It's not anything close to what movies try to make it out to be. I've seen movies where girls say they make 50 bucks an hour. I WISH. It depends on the call, and actual talk time. It works out to be about 21 an hour...depending on the factors I stated. It always varies.
As someone who does what they love for a living, but at minimum wage, go you! Thank You! I can't complain... I set my own hours, I don't really have a "boss", I don't drive to work, and I don't have to wear a uniform!
I'll try to beat some other users to the punch and make the "I bet your clients prefer the 'not having to wear a uniform' part... nudge nudge, wink wink" joke. I actually do dress up IRL most of the time, and do my hair and makeup...I think it gets me in the zone for a good call. I do take what I do very seriously. ;)
So how did the cutting in half thing work, exactly? Was it like "Oh baby, yea, make sure you use force cutting through my spinal column," or was it more like you faking being cut in half, "help, no! Ahhh!" And afterwards were you silent...? Or like "Keep stroking my femur you sexy stud?" It was more like "Help, no...Ahhh!" but he did this at the end of the call.
There is still phone sex lines? i thought camgirls would have killed that industry already... Believe it or not, many of my callers prefer NO CAMS. Some are shy and prefer to use their imaginations.
Have you ever recognised someone in real life by their voice and realised they had called you? Or has anyone recognised you IRL by voice as the girl at the end of the line? I do think I have a few celebrity callers, but I really can't say by name. I do respect privacy on that level.
What effects do you use so your end of the call sounds realistic? For example I know someone who took sex line calls in her house, she always had a thick mix of flour and water on hand so she could make gloopy noises with it when she said she was fingering herself... she also had ways of making slap sounds etc. We thought it was hilarious... do callers REALLY think shes getting off on them? Yes...we do use things for sound effects at times. Sometimes it's for real too.
Do you ever get calls where people don't want sex? I get several calls where people just want to chit chat about their day. One guy calls during his long commute home to help pass the time when he's in traffic...nothing sexual.
Proof please? I would be happy to provide proof...I could give you my websites with my names I go by???
Write a small note on you website, to prove you have control of it. Something like hi rIAmA 21/10-12 will do. Not that I truly feel the need to prove anything, for those that are curious... I will post a little note about reddit on www.wickedlittleangels.com Some say their anti-virus software is alerting them to a malicious attack when going there. I do not know of any malicious content, and I run Norton on my computer. I will look into it further though.
Hi! What do you think of the people who call you? Does talking about sex so much impact your life outside of work? What's the weirdest thing someone has said to you in your job. I generally like my job and everyone who calls me. I am a little different than some other PSO's who just moan and don't give a rat's ass about the caller. I look at it like therapy or any other customer service type job. People want to be entertained, and it's primarily sexual topics, but I still care if they are pleased with the service. It impacts me in the sense that I wonder if people I meet IRL have weird fetishes/fantasies. The weirdest thing was probably the dude that wanted to cut me in half. :/
Did he want to cut you in half vertically or horizontally? Horizontally.
Have you ever had the urge to just break someone down right there on the phone and point out there issues point for point? Yes, I have had that urge, but I really don't judge people. My callers like me because I am open minded, and they feel safe revealing their fantasies and secrets. To each his own.
Since this for the 18+ crowd, can you give a sample of what you think is good dirty talk? I've tried to encourage my wife to be more verbal during sex, but she says she has no idea what to say that doesn't sound stupid or corny. The better question is this...How dirty do you want your wife to get, and does she generally have a dislike of off-color language. It's all about what you want, and where her comfort zone is. Maybe you can make a compromise. "F*ck me like a dirty little slut" might be a good one for her to try next time.
Was there a call that made you sad? Yes, I did have a suicidal caller. It was reported and he was ok. We have lost a couple of people due to that or natural causes. Believe it or not, we do care about our callers and check in on them if we don't hear from them for unusual amounts of time.
Do you ever slip in (Holocaust) subliminal messages (Vietnam) into your conversations to (Carrot Top) make your customers last longer? I don't, but maybe I should look into subliminal messages or hypnosis...lol.
Do you work in an office? I just have this mental image of like, 50 women sitting in cubicles looking at reddit while talking dirty to guys. Also, do you have "Regular" clients? I work from home and I do have many repeat callers.
After reading some of these stories about guys telling you that they want to cut you in half and hear about serial killers, do you feel that you have a responsibility to maybe tip off the police in case you get somebody all amped up and they go out and actually perform it on somebody? If I truly thought any of the callers were going to commit a crime, I would definitly alert the proper authorities. I do keep notes on anything odd that happens, and follow up.
How much do you make per call? What got you into this business? I got into it through a friend who manages an adult company. I needed a job in a hurry, and she had a spot available. The rest is history.
What kind of training is involved? There is no training. I was very nervous when I got my first call...everything after that was easy. Some people are good at thinking on their feet, being creative, and speaking well...others are not. Lucky for me, I like to talk, and I am pretty good a getting to know what my callers like.
What was the job interview process like? Sometimes girls are required to do a mock call with someone.
What would you say the average time for a phone call is? I have had calls of different length...some for a minute, others for several hours. Average is 15 to 30 minutes.
As a telephone relay for the deaf operator, I've relayed a few phone sex calls. Have you ever had a deaf or mute customer call through Relay? If so, how was it? I have never had a customer call through Relay.
Have you ever used your sexy-talking skills in person? Only by accident when I was talking to the butcher at the grocery store about his meat. Not joking. I was with my ex, and when we left the store he was laughing his ass off because I unknowingly used my phone sex voice. Something like "Oooh...nice meat, you knooow what I like..." It was a seriously good deal on beautiful ribeye!
What advice would you give to someone who would be interested in being a pso/how do you deal with taxes, etc? Email me at [email protected] and I will try answer your questions as best I can.
How can one get started in the business? Well, it's a lot of work to get regular callers. Many companies like NiteFlirt or Talk Sugar expect you to bring in your own callers, and they host/bill for you, then pay you after taking a cut. You can't just sign up on those sites and expect calls to come in with no effort. You have to advertise, and network. The other choice is to work for an established company that already has a strong customer base and a legitimate foothold in the business. Email me at [email protected] if you are looking to work for someone, rather than starting your own site.
Any nice calls you'd like to talk about? I have some callers who want to be romantic. They like to talk about taking me out to dinner or on a romantic tropical vacation. Some guys are all about cuddling and saying sweet things. Others ask me about my day, or how my pets are doing, etc. Those are nice calls.
What do you tell people when they ask what you do for a living? Most of my friends and family know exactly what I do for a living.
Is there work for males in your industry? There are, but I think it's mostly for gay lines.
Have you ever had an argument with someone who called or ended up yelling at them? I did politely reverse a call once with a drunk guy that just wanted to be rude.
Great AmA btw! Has been really interesting to read some of your replies! Can you see yourself getting another job after this? I can see other jobs being a lot more boring than this one! Thank you, and I do think I would be bored going back to a regular job. I may someday if I get tired of what I am doing, but I am still enjoying it.
Yeah i pushed more air out of my nose then usual when i read "this is intended for those 18 and older" Sorry. I just try to follow certain guidelines and I guess it carries over to other things I do. I am new, but everyone is being cool. FUCK! This is a tough crowd here! Is that better?
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