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Amazon vs other affiliate programs, and how they work?

Hey guys. Just briefly, I'm going to be starting a youtube channel (Plus a blog/website) which mostly relates to photo and video, and I'd like to have some affiliate links in my descriptions.
Because of my intended Audience, the most logical affiliate links to use are Amazon, but also possibly BHphoto. But because occasionally I might want to link to a product that's NOT camera related, Amazon seems like a "smarter" option. But perhaps I could use both?
So my questions are:
  1. Is Amazon a good option in terms of fairness and how it works? Anything I need to know?
  2. Does it restrict me to any kind of exclusivity? (ie. If I wanted to link a product to Amazon AND BH, and possibly even a 3rd retailer), will Amazon or any of the others take issue with this?
  3. I'm based in Australia. If I link to Amazon.com.au, or Amazon.com , will the user who clicks it get redirected to the store appropriate for them? Will the affiliate link still work?
  4. What happens if someone clicks my link, then clicks around the site a bit, then buys a different product, OR, bookmarks the product and buys it later somehow?
Thanks in advance. :)
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Official Annual Photography Competition - Best of 2014! - Winners showcase

Hi /photography,
Thank you for putting up with my slow work. This has been our biggest and most ambitious photography competition yet. We're giving away more than $7000 USD worth of prizes - generously provided by our sponsors, SmugMug, Think Tank, B&H, ONA Bags, Photoflex and Backblaze. I originally announced this at the start of the year, and it's taken until May for me to wrap this competition up. It's taken sooooo long that one of our sponsors filed for bankruptcy during the competition. The slowness of this year's competition is mainly due to my insistence that I create various websites for announcing the competition, for collecting submissions, for tallying votes, and for displaying the winners. I really wanted to raise the bar this year to be fair to our generous sponsors providing us with so many prizes, and to make sure that people would not be able to cheat the system by manipulating votes - I also wanted to make sure that this year's websites would be reusable next year. Next year I hope to have the competition to be finished by early February, since I won't have to build websites from scratch for it!
Anyway, enough with the excuses! We're here now, and we have our winners!
They look much better on the website, but I'll post them here as well for posterity :)
Major Prizes - All Major Prize winners receive a one year Portfolio Subscription and gift bag from SmugMug, and the 1st place in each of the 4 categories will receive a one year Backblaze cloud backup subscription!
General Category - a $300 gift voucher, a $200 gift voucher and a $100 gift voucher.
This prize was sponsored by B&H. B&H was kind enough to help host our New York City meetup last year, and if you buy your gear from them using the /photography affiliate link, we get part of the proceedings and use it for awesome community activities such as this competition! Be sure to thank them on Instagram (@BHPhoto) or Twitter (@BHPhotoVideo).
Place Username Category Name Prize
1st nattfodd General Alex Buisse $300 B&H Voucher + 1 Year SmugMug + 1 Year Backblaze
2nd ba-io General Marco Germinario $200 B&H Voucher + 1 Year SmugMug
3rd davbear General David Behar $100 B&H Voucher + 1 Year SmugMug
Landscape Category - This prize was sponsored by Think Tank. There are 3 Think Tank bags up for grabs, and first place in this category gets first pick, second place gets second pick and third place gets the remaining bag. The prizes are: the Perception™ 15 Backpack, the Shape Shifter® Camera Backpack and the Retrospective® 20. Since we're an international forum, this prize will ship internationally! Be sure to thank our generous sponsor Think Tank via their twitter @thinkTANKphoto :)
Place Username Category Name Prize
1st megal0man1a Landscape Henry Stolz 1st Think Tank bag + 1 Year SmugMug + 1 Year Backblaze
2nd marshacl Landscape Cory Marshall 2nd Think Tank bag + 1 Year SmugMug
3rd the_ace Landscape Nick Depree 3rd Think Tank bag + 1 Year SmugMug
Street Category - The Street category prizes are being provided by ONA Bags. ONA Bags make very stylish and bags and accessories for photographers. You can find out more about their latest collection of bags on their website. The prizes up for grabs are: the Prince Street messenger bag, the Bowery bag and the Leather Presidio. First place gets first pick, second place gets second pick, third place gets the final prize! Be sure to thank our sponsors on their social media! ONA Bags is on Instagram (@ONABags) and Twitter (@ONABags).
Place Username Category Name Prize
1st bube7 Street Burak Seker 1st ONA Bags item + 1 Year SmugMug + 1 Year Backblaze
2nd severndamn Street Scott Hemenway 2nd ONA Bags item + 1 Year SmugMug
3rd mitthrawn Street Daniel Koehler 3rd ONA Bags item + 1 Year SmugMug
Portrait Category - Unfortunately, I took too long with this competition and Photoflex recently filed for bankruptcy. It is now operating under new owners and we're trying to reach out to them. However I do not want to delay the competition any longer so I'm announcing these winners now, before we know exactly what is happening with this prize... I will say that the winners of the portrait category are definitely getting something though. SmugMug has already stepped up and offered to provide a prize for this category (in addition to their current contributions!) if Photoflex is unable to continue as a sponsor.
Place Username Category Name Prize
1st cmarr Portrait Cory Marr + 1 Year SmugMug + 1 Year Backblaze
2nd robocobo Portrait Corey Boland + 1 Year SmugMug
3rd codyphoto Portrait Cody James + 1 Year SmugMug
Grand Prizes
These 3 photos were the overall favourites, with the highest scores. They will each receive a Metal Print from SmugMug (or a print of equal value, $200) as well as a $500, $250 or $100 B&H gift voucher, provided by the /photography slush fund - You can thank SmugMug on Twitter (@SmugMug) or Instagram (@SmugMug). And you can thank the /photography mod team and /photography community here on reddit :)
Place Username Category Name Prize
1st nattfodd General Alex Buisse $500 B&H Voucher + SmugMug Metal Print
2nd megal0man1a Landscape Henry Stolz $250 B&H Voucher + SmugMug Metal Print
3rd marshacl Landscape Cory Marshall $100 B&H Voucher + SmugMug Metal Print
Please visit the website for people's descriptions of their photos.
I'll be announcing the top 80 and everyone's rankings a little later (all of the top 80 are getting various amounts of reddit gold). This thread is all about our 12 winners!
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The B&H affiliate program review covers the advantages of making a connection with B&H Photo Video. B&H is an online store that deals with all things having to do with photography and video, from cameras to big screen TVs. Welcome to Michael's blog. Michael Andrew, (aka Michael The Maven) is a freelance producer, photography instructor, tech innovator, and when needed, disaster aid specialist. Disclaimer: Michael is a participant in Bhphoto & Amazon affiliate programs that provides an advertising commission if you purchase through links on this website. Enter your Affiliate Id Number and password to access your administration page. Forgot your password? Enter your ID number and click on the "Lost Password" button to have your password emailed to you. Shop Digital Cameras, 35MM Camera Equipment, Photography, Photo Printers, Computers, Home Theater, Authorized Dealer Canon, Sony, Nikon, Apple, Olympus, Panasonic B&H gives consumers access to the latest and greatest technology. Their website, bhphotovideo.com offers an extensive selection of photo cameras, video cameras, audio, lighting, entertainment systems, and more. In addition to their top of the line equipment, they provide professional accessories. B&H has a large presence in the electronic consumer marketplace since it sells the best quality

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