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ArkDirectory now launched!

Hi, I’m Jorma, operator of the Ark.dog Ark Roadmap Tracker. Today, I’m launching a special website called ArkDirectory.com, a God’s-Eye-View of the Ark Ecosystem. Here you will find absolutely every Ark resource and link imaginable in one easy place! Here’s all the different types of resources listed on ArkDirectory.com:
Social - All the Ark social media channels and communities. Join the discussion!
Services - Things you can do with Ark or in the Ark Ecosystem. Buy stuff, use bridges, get your Ark project funded, and more!
Events - Ark happenings. See upcoming, current, and past Ark events, both Ark.io and Community. See Ark IRL!
Delegate - All delegate resources, how to vote and stake, see profit calculators and more! Make your voice heard!
Develop - Work on Ark and community projects. Caught by the code bug? Remedy here!
Network - See how the Ark network is doing. Check out the blockchain explorer, system health, vote report, and more!
Videos - Watch all videos Ark, both Ark.io and Community!
Articles - Read up on all things Ark. This just in, breaking news!
Blogs - Follow Arkies on their journey through the ecosystem!
Kits - Need tools to help you spread the Ark word to others? Need assets for your Ark content? Get everything you need here.
Ark.io - Ark.io resources are listed here for easy finding!
Apps - Mobile and Web apps can be located here!
Affiliates - Ark affiliates are Ark partner entities, projects that are using the Ark codebase, bridgechains, forks, or other entities and organizations working with Ark!
Add A Listing - Make ArkDirectory.com better by submitting any listings you find!
You can go to http://www.arkdirectory.com/add-a-link/ and submit listings of Ark resources that you don’t see on the site. You will receive a chance to win a free sticker pack! We want ArkDirectory.com to be the one and only place for links to every single Ark resource, both crew and community, both big and small. This free sticker lottery promo will be ongoing for the time being.
ArkDirectory.com was assisted a great deal by Doubled1c3 of ArkStickers and Delegate Jarunik. I appreciate their help! Hope you enjoy this new website, we guarantee you’ll find Ark resources you never even knew existed!
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Contests Ending This Week | Week of November 29, 2015

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